Coronavirus: Is China Getting Better?

Is China recovering from the Coronavirus? The Chinese Communist Party is will hold two major political meetings, the Two Sessions, which had been ...


Catherine: Can we get Trump nuke the meeting room with the CCP inside?

Soo COOL: I'll say it short. Fucked china.

Connor Tan 4896: China is a great country, the sad thing is they have the communist party as their government

Guian Carlo Ablen: Xi looks like winnie the pooh


John Li: youtube is just a political tool of the US government

nitro express: Here we just have Google ring cams. At least Chinese people don't have to pay to spied on.

Ray Drouillard: Nigeria is suing China? When will I be getting my letter from Nigeria asking me to help them transfer some of that money to America via my bank account?

lily lee: 米家的门铃被黑得最惨的一次哈哈。我家还装了俩摄像头呢,这下我家有几只蟑螂都被邪恶的中共知道了,咋办啊?

Rafal Molak: CCP virus... Make em pay!

Yang Felix: A lock down China:

pigtailsboy: Yes, I wonder why our colleges have needed so much investment from outside the US or local foundations and wealthy donors. We help finance and subsidize our colleges, right?

... Right?!

IM Noodles: Chinaobyl.

Fish: I will start eating Chinese people.
One per day until Winnie starts giving us some honey.

action kamen: I was certain I subs this channel before. When he said YouTube unsub secretly, only then i noticed it was indeed unsubscribed. Seriously YouTube?

John C: He needed "talkies" to finish the "SCRIPT" acronym brother

Felix Buchheit: Would using Thor work ? Just like how they did it with gadaphi

AS Roma: The sad fact is, in the recent a few month, China is the only country in the world that earn a ton of dirty money by selling masks and ventilator all over the world...

Nick Name: meanwhile we're still waiting to see the answers:

A.- Dr. Fauci, were you the Director of the National Institute for Health also during the Obama Administration?

C.- Dr. Fauci, do you know Avril Haines (White House Deputy National Security Advisor, serving in Barack Obama's administration and former Deputy Director of the CIA)?

D.- Dr. Fauci, did you ever speak with Avril Haines

F.- Dr. Fauci, why did you fund a research, in 2015, together with the Science Foundation of China, to produce a lethal CoronaVirus, and two Scientists of the Wuhan Virology Lab were on that Team?

H.- Dr. Fauci, why did you secretly told Sen. Richard Burr that the CoronaVirus would be devastating, and that it would CRASH Wall St., so that Sen. Burr on Feb 13 was able to dump $1.5 Million of stocks?

J.- Dr. Fauci, how did you know, by Feb 13, that the CoronaVirus would crash Wall St.? at that time, the virus was only in China, there was nothing here in the US, and nothing in Europe, either...How did you know that?

Susan Long: Ummm Amazon?? In our home?

Matt Bloskey: Fuck the 50 cent army. We should do the same here. Hell why not just have a bunch of Indians do it for us

kloos 070: Whatever comes out of China's reports are lies. They can't be trusted, about anything. Commies who LIE, constantly. Made in China. You know it's cheap crap.

Bruce Schram: Quick answer to the title, NO!

Yc Yang: someone trying to put on camera on outside of our buding but we drive away them

Mark Zalde: China will bribe everyone, literally everyone who opposes their longterm plan for worldwide takeover.

爱国龙少: Then why you put chinese cities skyline on your background?

TheWorldWillBeOK: Since when Chinese is a race? Is German a race too?

li liulei: shit ,this video is lying just for more watching

Abra Kadabra: Thanks for the warning bro I was planning to check out on the Great Wall sometimes!

Bruce Kamma: Thank you for sharing. Very useful to all.

to do: Li Wenliang died of the "Coronavirus".

Tom Servo: yep, just checked, I was unsubscribed -- the odd thing, it had my 'bell notification' choice saved -- so, was I really unsubscribed or was it just a glitch ?

Tom Servo: I can't believe I agree with Ted Cruz about something

Tom Servo: Boris Johnson, Trump, Australia -- the list demanding compensation from China, keeps getting longer

ghazi kutbi: did that un-fit so called human living in the white house already announce the Pearl-Harbor?

Cameron Foles: Communist anime 😂

sseson1: Interesting...indeed

Ernie Inductivo: "BIG LIE" CHINA THE EVIL COUNTRY. Let's all act and stop china with there inhumane activities.

janis vogel: is China getting better?i dont want it to get better,i want it to die.

Robert Briggs: I can't believe that the virus is under control in China. The virus is highly contagious and they 1.4 billion people.

Danny Taylor: With 1.5 billion why should they care if they infected n killed millons buisness as inevitable they want to get under the billon mark

Zane Lei: don't wanna waste my time on this garbage brainwashing program, Disney reopens in Shanghai this month says everything.
Also, BBC says patient in Wuhan is not the first case

Rachel Abraham: They lie and cheat they treat their people like animals this is a evil regime

RonnieNolanRaharjo: This is why my favorite anime character is none other than Karl Marx's greatest nemesis...

Eren Jaeger

McNiggerGook: VPN + TOR + MTPROTO proxies for Telegram? or some mix of the 3 technologies?

Park Richard: Can not understand why you confuse virus with politics? China locked down the whole country for about 4 months. Almost everyone self isolated and kept staying at home to block the virus, what you have done in this long period ? At the time only 18 patients in US when China raised the alerts and announced this virus could be extremely dangerous , as I remembered.

tian se: the truth is that china controlled the virus. say bad words to attack china should have evidence.

Garry Thomas: 1337

MingFoster: China dies

China does nothing but lie so who really knows.

IslamoFascism: The only way China can 'get better' is by crushing the communist regime and dictatorship.