Could we see a coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2020?

Harvard Global Health Institute director Dr. Ashish Jha weighs in. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), ...


Jovani Olivares: A RUSHED vaccine without the time to see if its safe? Sure, what could go wrong?

María Martínez: So, refusing to get vaccinated became a Republican way of life? Democrats rejoice in that.

Jay Cayuca: No to VACCINES!

Tom: I wouldn't say we will have a vaccine by December. But I heard from Trump that bleach or Lysol can work wonders if injected into the bloodstream. Heck... even hydroxychloroquine is a miracle drug. Take it (says Trump and Fox News)... take it!!! He said even he would do it. Take it !!!!

J. Grady Field: Well im not going to take it.

Mickey Andres: No thanks Boss, I don’t trust Fauci, Gates or China....
You need to get rid of them

Birgir Ísfeld: Why don't you just use the f**** old vaccine because people are dying from regular cold, enough of this f**** scam already

Darrell: Big pharma pays millions of dollers in ad revenue to all of these news networks.... fox, cnn, msnbc.... none of them care about any of us it's all a show... and yes, trump is its on it.



Steve Bryant: getting a strange felling in my gut.

Judge jimbo Browntown: 🖕vaccines

Buff TerLily: Wait, so coronavirus is real?

Ted Turner: The vaccine IS getting over the virus. All the data supports this. Its herd immunity. The kids need to go back to school NOW!

maynunal: Theory: Trump is causing more deaths intentionally so he can cancel the elections!!....WATCH!!

Kelly Walls: Vaccine tracking testing tracking vaccines tracking testing tracking.. EVIL

NateDogMXtv: I dont want your stupid vaccine

Chas Burns: Bill Gates has had one patented since 2015 so im guessing yes.

Maya Legrand: What happened to September? They said it would be ready by September and now it's optimistic to have it by January?
And some say we may never have one.
Ironically, those same people said we would have one. Seems like these are mind games.

Motherbored: Love POTUS but feckoff wirh your vaccine!

Marilyn Woodall: Yeah well, if there’s a vaccine ready by then.... DONT take it... do your research

2020: You’d have to be crazy to take a Bill Gates vaccine that’s been rushed through. By the way, vaccines don’t need to be safe. If they injure you in some way, there is no legal recourse.

Bobby K: Unlikely but we'll see.

Tim Stevens: CDC and WHO are utter failures.


Mer Kin: Trump says what he "thinks"...only that this is assuming and not thinking...but Trump and his deplorables are too stupid to differ between assuming and thinking.

Idiots - such viruses are mutating a lot...and there is not even evidence that Covid-19 is not harder to crack than HIV...for which no solution has been found...until now.

Prepare to live with Covid-19 for decades you morons.

Hafiz Shn: End of the year , just end our life right now lel

Luv Provida: Go Fnck yourself Trumpo Fnck a vaccine!

REX 84Watch my C19 Playlists: #1 Bill Gates and ALL Vaccine makers have 200% FULL LEGAL IMMUNITY if you,your wife or children die or are damaged by their "Safe Vaccines",that means You CANNOT SUE them and have zero legal standing against Merck,or Gates,or Johnson and Johnson,etc,you've ZERO LEGAL Recourse,ask a Lawyer if you doubt me! #2 The test kits give FALSE Positives, that is widespread and fairly well known now, and Worse Some Test Kits are PRE INFECTED as has been shown in several broadcasts! Think Critically folks,stay in Christ Jesus always,get in and keep in Prayer to him. Your prayer closet to the Father through Christ is THE most powerful weapon you have. Research Bill Gates ID2020060606 PATENTS,they are evil. God bless you.

Fred Albrecht: Good luck with that. We'll fight and one of us will die before I take any vaccine.

Admiral Crunch: NO "TRACCINE"!

Cyou 44: Only an idiot would take a vaccine. This is truly the twilight zone.

Cristian Lopez: Blessings....

Bob & Ann: A rushed Vaccine for a mutating virus where the manufacture is indemnified from harm? Make it voluntary there is huge demand for a Mandatory Vaccine will be Greatly Resisted.

Hey Now: Fox News is a soap opera for stupid people

Chris B: Back in January Trump did say multiple countries were working on a solution to the problem. This was one month before the dems claimed he called the virus a hoax.

gatta salvatore: plasma best cost 0

charles mccormick: The sooner you get the vaccine approved , the sooner YOU and your vaccine pushing profiteers can take it , cause I'm not !

Zack: I for one will not be vaccinated under any circumstance.

Sennie White: James Comey got control of the CDC; another crime against America.

I'm gone: Might as well be inserted rectally.
That's where they've been sticking it to us lately.


Jodi: Maybe we'll see Jesus by the end of the year. He's coming back soon! Hallelujah! 🎺💕

JeffDahMoose776 _: Eat your cereal

LuluTheMetalhead: The Bill Gates comments are funny, these other anti vax ones are saddening though

All American Dream Chaser: Heat Biologics is working a vaccine. Things are looking promising.

Kevin Hoekman: This guy, just like a lot of DEMs, is starting to see the light. The CDC sucks

Dougie Fresh: I won't be taking it

alissabethla: I won’t take it! How much preventative baby medication will be in it?

Matt Ace: Trump squandered 3 PRECIOUS months calling Covid-19 a Democrats HOAX while ignoring Dr Fauci's urgent advice to mitigate, now desperate to wash blood off his hands, has no choice but to blame China according to the GOP memo that says Trump is INDEFENSIBLE. LOL

Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo: Let me guess that vaccine will cause dementia and extreme liberalism and transgenderism confusion on kids later on in life Right?!!

Bitter Qlinger: We don’t need a vaccine.