Crazy Insane Or Insane Crazy Lunch Box Sleepy Joe

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Cliff Thompson: Michael if creepy old Joe ever became our president this country would be done for. Personally I believe that it is impossible for him to become president. God bless you brother.

scott doran: "I got all the things to make LSD, I just need a place to go." -Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Alvy Hoksbergen: Perfect for sending to misguided friends

Big Steve: Joe is smoking his boys crack 😂 ! What’s even scarier he was the vice president of the United States!

BIG TD: This man is sick.

Dwayne Tempest: Our country is being run by a huge gang of insane thugs !

Warren Jackson: God let this man go away.

Joseph Bonislawsky: First law he would pass is separating immigrant children from their parents so he can play with them.

Joseph Bonislawsky: Why don't he just open up a child day care center. You get paid to be around tons of kids. Sure president pays more but you like kids and touching people.

Beverly Post: Wow! This gives me a real scary feeling about any Dem holding a political office. It seems to me Dems would be begging Biden to stay home!

Cynthia Drockton: Enough said. Sicko🤮🤢🤑

Charles DeLorenzo: CORNPOPPPPP!!!

Ian Wagner: The real question is how the hell did he become vice president

American girl: Oh My God ! Actually admits to being a predator ! Now tat Schiff has stepped down as head of Impeachment Hearing he can be subpeoned along with his bank documents along with Pelosi family and all other demoncraps involved.

Sharon Hutch: What are roaches he talking about?

joan gillen: WHAT???? Is wrong with him?!? His wife should put him on “house arrest!” He is crazy 😳😳😳

NorthShoreMoana: Watching a train wreck...

Julie Gloeckner: He is portraying himself as going insane so he wont be able to be prosecuted for what is going to come out about him.

ANDREW H: Not insane , and not crazy..
he is acting insane and not making sense because he knows the shit is about to hit the fan, and he is covering his ass Incase he is hauled off to court, to claim he’s insane, to skirt any jail time.

This guy isn’t insane, he’s trying to outwit the system, that he scammed for so many years.

He knows his time is limited, and he is playing the aggressive chess move. Don’t be fooled by his behavior.. it’s another scam.

Jeremiah Watts: "And I love kids jumping on my lap"... yes pedo sir I bet you do!!!

Apesitter: He has a fetish for little black kids. Biden is a PEDOPHILE creeper. PEOPLE, BE WARNED

Blitzie 123: What the Heck? ?And they criticize Trump?????

Basha Berl: He is such a CREEP

nits56: this pedo needs to be lynched for high crimes treason corruption

ruth lindemann: No wonder Obama tried to talk Biden out of running numerous times. Obummer is scared to death of Biden spilling the beans and revealing the 8 years of corruption. Biden can't keep his trap shut and his senility is kicking in.

Mary Murdock: He's not crazy or insane. He's setting up his defense 4 no prosecution! No 1 escapes. Esp creepy P e d o. Joe

judy vicinanza: Has anyone ever tried to play some of his speeches backwards to see if there are back masked messages???

Peggy Englebrake: Parents please don't expose your children to perversion. Why is Biden always surrounded by children that look horrified to be near him.

mskitty1941: And there are actually people that would vote for this guy? Give me a break!

Gail Johnston: What a sick pervert. His wife should intervene and get him out of the spotlight and put him in a facility for crazy perverts.

Brett Westley: He is asic pedophile

swampfuel20: Broke Back Biden is truly bordering on Coo Coo Nest material. Pressure is gettin to this demon....

Chris Witmer: Wacko doodle

nvsbl2: He was going to say, "That turn (kids on)." He then proceeds to describe kids rubbing his legs. He is going to out himself if they don't take him off stage. Brain cancer or red scarf coming?

H H: crazy uncle Joe, trying to prepare his insanity defense.

Polly Anderson: Put this senile old ped*philie fool in a home already !...
As long as that home
ISN’T the White House.

Robert Harden: This guy biden is a real loser WTF

S C: And he is running to be the leader of our country......that’s the scariest thing imaginable.

Bart Venable: Biden just needs to shut it already. Pure scum.

I Want Facts: oh good God!

DarlnDar: He classifies kids as * roaches?*** OBAMA... here's the one you **SHOULD ENDORSE!** Right up your a*-lley!! And to ***THINK** this clown was our VP along side of obummer... which obummer had selected to be such thinking he could manipulate this mindless thug in which case **HE DID!** This cat is a **DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE!**

Dena E: Wow. Why is anyone standing around him. I feel so sorry for extremely misinformed/asleep/borderline comatose ppl. One thing not to follow the news or lack thereof, another thing not to even listen to the rally you went out to see and put 2 and 2 together. He's clearly not well on every level.

amy grace: Time to change this Biden clone for a new one !!!

Nancy Walraven: All these kooks are suffering with kuru disease. Look it up. Hillary has it Pelosi Slick Willy etc etc

Bowie Waters: Creepy Pedo Joe !

Truth is Forever: OMG....LOCK HIM UP.... TOO!

xVSupremacy: Dirty Old sod

Yotsuba Koiwai: You guys mad because he's a poet. JK, this guy has completely lost his mind 🤪

ez4me2c2: Creepy Uncle Joe should be the opening act for the "Insane Clown Posse" ! 👌

LYTXN: And crazies out there will vote for him. Smh...