Cruz slams mainstream media: They are rooting for disaster

Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, weighs in on Joe Biden's gaffes and the media's portrayal of COVID-19. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle FOX News operates the FOX ...


9enius: He also ordered military to give Fed stockpile of PPE to his GOP donor buddies. One of them started 'Blue Flame Medical' 8 days ago who's hoarding and price gouging states. So incase you don't get a ventilator that will be why.

Mona Kohan: The mainstream media wants war. They want to play out what real life zombies like. Just send those reporters to wuhan

sledgehammer655: The people who MAKE the money are a private group thats above the govt their the ones you should be focused on. WAKE UP

allen kuester: Biden is a ill person, needs to back down and give up... he has no idea whats going on ....

charles mccormick: Urgency ? From someone HIDING there total short comings from the public , an reading insults an libel from a prepared sheet of paper ?

Mr Magoo Biden: Love the press conferences just outs the Democrat Media clowns.

stable genius: Trump will have caused a disaster by telling his FOX BASE that it's all going away very shortly (REMEMBER?) ,,,,Over by April (REMEMBER?) ,,,,praying together in Church on Easter Sunday. RE MEM BERRRR
He's the frigging virus in the White House. Good honorable republicans may die because of his stupidity. Dems know to ignore the orange maggot.

sledgehammer655: Yes china should be held accountable. But more the corruption and criminal activities of the banks should be held accountable.

Steven DiBlasio: say "NO TO DEMENTIA JOE"

max logic: Even Obama knows nobody can beat Trump, hence silence for his old wing man.

KEE LOE: Are they using this catastrophe to bash biden???

Jan Frackiewicz: The what? The Bernie Brothers? Are they named 'Bernard', 'Breadline', 'Bedridden' and 'Betrayed'?

Hank Mancil: Covid-19 controls the path forward, NOT the media or politicians, no matter the party affiliation.

Cool Hand Mark: Oh looky, Drumpf-bootlicker and sackless zeta bottomboy Rafael Cruz is gaslighting from his safe space again!

Jeff Birkmeyer: The media are nothing but traitors to the USA !! Never do they offer good news, hope, encouragement. Nothing but fear mongering gloom. They will stand before the lord one day and give account !!

sledgehammer655: Maybe everyone will realise finally how the everyday workers are the real economy. Its the scumbag banks screwing over everyday people once again and getting away with it

michael lynch: trump called it a hoax ,

Tinfoil hat stoner: They arw over exaggerating it

KEE LOE: Just grab biden by the kitty. He loves that

Pookie Mcdookie: Why do you always blame the media? Fox entertainment is the propaganda machine. You guys are so ridiculous. Republican fools.

Mysettings Mysettings: Hahaa the Supreme Court struck down Mail voting in Wisconsin.once one state goes down the rest follow.lmfao trump 2020

Dbrothers Production: So, I guess no one thinks it's weird they cut Senator Cruz answer off at the end? Followed by,"I shouldn't have asked that question.

Chris Monetti: His beard is tragic.

Kenneth Schauer: NEVER ever trust a lying demokkkrat NEVER!!!!!!!

sledgehammer655: I live in australia it's fine over here. But even i know cnn is a pathetic excuse for a news agency financed by the elites who are anti trump. Maybe the masses finally see how much of a scam ponzi scheme the financial system is.

Vernon Brown: Biden knew of the severity before Fox News did, You have to take this crisis seriously.

juan perez: pffffffffffffffffffff theres my gafffffuck

stable genius: Morons watch Fox.

Free online Money maker 2020: Trump by far the best president ever

Zachary Smiles: Biden is flat out laughable. Absolute comic.

Josephine Chandler: Senators please continue to stand by president Donald Trump.
Once this is over president Donald Trump each and every one who stood with him will be shining like the stars in heaven.
The democrats and demonic forces will be buried.

Andrew Mccann: What a disgusting guy and channel. Disgusting to say democrats want this pandemic to go on. America has become a cesspit.

Proteus Augustus: Just goes to show the dems put up a puppet and the party operatives pull the levers of government by group think. Our President is the sole executive by Constitutional Article. The dems want to rule like the CCP. They are no longer an American Constitutionist Party. They are the danger from within.

NahNah52: No doubt this was planned by some very sick, twisted, evil people. Not necessarily the flu, but the takeover of so many countries/people, etc. and it will more than likely result in massive war. My only solace is in God, and that God doesn't sleep; evil will be outed, destroyed in the end. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Eric Lewis: Shut the hell up, you a wholes are serving no practical purpose. People are dying, no one gives a damned about trump and the hate you have been peddling

Iam N.: Joe Behindthem is having a difficult time, distancing himself...Sniff-Sniff.

Eric W: I haven't watched MSM in over a decade.... not since I found out they're agenda driven! They would rather trash the POTUS than to show the people of this country they are on our side. Freedom of speech is one thing blatantly lying to people who you know trust what you report/say is NOT ethical and to me is borderline traitorous. Those media sources need to be shut down.

Rob P’Gallo: Please People, don’t listen to this Idiot, there is only one person we should be paying attention to right now, and that would be Dr. Trump !!

Mike McElligott: Historical Xenophobia......

Chris Hardy: The cause of confusion and catastrophe was because Trump denied the magnitude of the pandemic from the start. Cruz is the one rewriting history,good thing we have it all on tape.

Andrea Seluk: Yeah. NOW they are saying Trump didnt act in January after being given a warning. Uuug

Stu31041: I want to see Schiff show up at a presidential press conference and ask Trump this question: “How can I help?” What do you think the chance of that happening are?

D: At least fox admits they are not mainstream. That's good. Second Rate and proud.

Timothy Owens: I'm wondering if they are keeping correct track of the numbers of recovered in the U.S. It might be correct but it might not be and boosting the numbers of current cases. Since we caught the virus a little later than other countries and it spread while we were getting better tests made and less aware of the danger we may not have many recovering yet but the numbers of recovered should start growing soon judging from the stats in other places.

Mr.C H: FAUX NEWS are suited for Deplorable despicable idiots🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

sammyshott23: But isn't the virus going to go away in April?

M Whitelaw: Thank you senator
God bless Texas

Kenichi Sonoda: During WW1, the King of Belgium and the Crown Prince where fighting at the frontline.
The Queen of Belgium worked as a nurse in a field hospital at the frontline.
If all y'all dirty politicians want my vote, then get your greedy botts down to the frontline and impress me! XP

Luis Arciniega: I see Ted is looking for OD fatigues for that classic Fidel and Che look.

Jefe Anson: When will theses communist democrats shut up and stop using everything for power?