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Dale D: What is Nancy doing abroad again 🤔🤔

völgyes ístvan: You're starting to sound alot like the 17th letter of the alphabet

mike oren: Mittens “Piere Delecturd” Romney! He’s not running again because he cut his own throat? Good riddance to RINO Romney.

Amanda Erno: That was awesome! Thank you BCP! #POTUS45

Delores Busher-Miller: CNN SUCKS !!!! FAKE FAKE !!!! No evidence to impeachment, President Trump....

curlybrownk9: BCP don't trust the Canadian news they are all just like CNN, they are making it look like Trudeau and his liberals have a tighter race than it really is. PPC

Mister Bojangles: Looking sharp buddy.

Tammy Smith: so, how did they get the pictures during the meeting {when she snapped}

Lynette Dunn: Please BCP pass on your sources, because the people I can’t reach want more proof, but can sit and watch the reports from you. God Bless You and keep you safe, with ❤️Lynette Dunn from Southern California!!! 🇺🇸⚖️🇺🇸⚖️🇺🇸

Dave vonAnderseck: We are in a major major trade agreement. And paloski is sitting on it

Mac #FEOffensive Macflatearth: Thank you BP.!

Melanie Dargie: Sending big virtual hugs back to you BCP. 🙏🙏🇦🇺🇦🇺🇺🇸🇺🇸

Stan Sanders: ...when do the republicans fight back? Probably never. Most are bought and paid to sit on their hands until the DS takes him out. I hope I am wrong, but that scenario seems more likely than republicans 'fighting back'. - God bless and protect our President - because that's the only hope we seem to have.

Groovyflee: Lol Trudeau sounds like a mini Bernie

u2mister1: You know they're Communist because they have no worry about Eternity.

Zach Gullufsen: The questions about the democrats doing nothing are “WHY and WHAT FOR? Why are they not doing the people’s work. What is they motivation for impeachment? What “IS REALLY” their motive for not doing anything and focusing on impeachment?

Leslie Paul Kovacs: Time to record those Meetings, methinks. After all, "Documentation beats Discussion"😉

Kevin Naranek: @16:00 Pure Clinton speak. "There isn't one word. . ." True. There are volumes of words.

mint cream: BCP, it’s what they do all the time. You would think that anybody with half a brain would see that this is the Way they always work.

Dale D: There wasn’t no money on the table for her and chuckie’ s pockets they are use making corrupt deals for themselves this always throughs them for a loop

D S: Hey hey B.C.P.!

Nerina De Waal: What I see from afar: Pelosi does not want Trump to be successful. Therefore they are doing the following.: they act as if they are in charge while doing nothing con- structive in terms of governance.
There media partner are damaging themselves with all the expose by Veritas. The last one is about sexual harassment. Amazing polly's last two videos very interesting. She reveals that Zuckers wife are best friends with Ghisleign Maxwell. We psteins procurer. Maxwell istersaredeeply connected with It developers with deep connections with the deepstate.

Freedom Flyer: The old America is never coming back. We are to far down this road of self destruction but ya know who is coming back !?! That's right Jesus so get your spiritual house in order >>> >>>>

MAGA Magic: The entire DNC, Clinton's and their Cronies are Going Down!!!!
Hussein 4 Treason!!!


Lucyanne Lundberg: You called it....Treason.

eighth ocean: Whose dime did Pelosi fly on?


Darenda Anastazi: RINO’s are worse than Dems. They need to be hung on the courthouse lawn.....
Big hug back!!!!!

Shagnasty: Why did AG Barr deep six the Huber investigation into Hillary Robbem Clinton that Sessions started?

no i am gunner: I'd like to see Mike Tyson jack up Pelosi and Schiff and a few other people

Sandra Sandra: down with Trudeau! Hi ! BCP how are you and your family doing, good I hope God bless!

DeckApe Don: "Airport News Network", Hahaha, I love it.

Astrafire1: BP do you have any info on a rumor about a new state in our union.

patricia Lear: Ur the best. Big hugs

FIRE ANGEL: Pelosi is not a leader she's a temper tantrum waiting to happen...then her incoherent half whacked speeches are laughable & sounds like a drunk.

whitebeard1957: Kevin McCarthy, Defense industry a big donor. He should explain.

Kathy Fiser: What constitutes testimony??? just sayin' this is how they twist everything.

Charlotte Gillespie: Hey there, BCP. Lookin' sharp today with the white jacket and striped pocket handkerchief. And, OF COURSE, your message and insights are perfect, too. :-)

Paul Revere: Speaking of Jimmy Carter's fair appraisal of the establishment's bias against the President, wasn't he and his wife the only ones who did not get an 'envelope' at Bush Sr.'s funeral?

Jonathan Tullin: The video is still running on YouTube. Look it up.

Alaska Woods: "I demand a deposition."
🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
👍 👍 👍 Get 'er done! Sue Adam Schitt for slander (depicting our beloved President as a mobster)! 🤪😬 Schitt later tried to downplay it as a "parody". Schitt is a joke, granted, but he's not a comedian. This is disgusting! Inexcusable! Mentally ill behavior on display, at best. Haul Schitt's ass out of there!

Giovanni P.: If this was happening in 'my' business I would review their contracts and ask a legal team to see if they are acting within their contract. If not - follow through with appropriate contract breach proceedings. What is a congress persons job? What are they supposed to do? Are they doing it? If not go through appropriate contract breach proceedings...

Valkyrie: Mitt....you are busted!!!! We in Utah are watching.

Russ Gallagher: The GOP won't "fight back" because the Stinkin' RINO's are part of the uniparty - aka the Deep State or The Swamp.

The Joker: This fake impeachment inquiry has the smell of the famous nasty Pelosi wrap-up smear all over it

Deplorable Dave: Isn't to Knowingly Willfully Conspire with Malicious intent to Report and disseminate misinformation to the American people in an effort to overturn a duly elected Presidential election a CRIME...
IT SHOULD BE.........👎👍

Billy Chesler: USMCA is a BAD bill! It has things that give away America's sovereignty!..... I don't think Trump knows about it. We do not want it to pass the way it is!

gascitydan: BCP - good post. "There is not one word of testimony written or spoken which contradicts the notion that the president..." whatever, whatever. Which in fact is technically correct in that there are MANY, not just one. Obama said, "...there was not one smidgen of scandal..." which was correct in that there was a whole bunch. "I didn't spend one dime on that..." whatever, whatever. It was a whole bunch of dimes (millions and billions of dollars worth).

Maria Silmaro: WOW! I've been praying for the day that Pres Trump sues the FAKE News, CNN first, MSNBC 2nd, NBC 3rd, ABC, NYT, WP, etc