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johoney54: to BCP just saying that all other reports I have seen made the clear distinction between spying and prying into phone records and putting the phone numbers in their report but I have not heard of any actual spying invasively by recording the actual phone calls. at one point at least it seems that you were saying that in your report. please be careful because I look forward to your reporting and I don't want you taken off or anything. I also like Mrs. BCP's announcements. Be safe and have a blessed day. Trump 2020 and beyond. lol

Samuel Inayat-Chisti: WATCHING JOE BIDEN, it slowly dawned on me. We really need to exercise more sensitivity and restraint toward the Democrats, we should be less cruel. For after all: that defensive triggered resistance when confronted or overly challenged with facts and information, is standard DEMENTIA. That is actually WHY they are CALLED "Dems".

And, coming back to that Poster Boy of nursing care, Geriatric Joe: having observed him before all the cameras there, sinking his teeth into his wife's hand as she merely gestured to introduce him to the crowd as next Presidential Reject - shouldn't we be calling him Joe Bitin'? But I'm being cruel again.

Yeah, the Dems can sure pick 'em - but then, like I said...


Vettesweetnos: Arrest pelosi now

Ms12345678ab: Republicans are pussies let’s elect some independents in to office and get rid of these goddamn Democrats and a fucking Republican pussies

Ms12345678ab: My son said to me!
dad how do I know what is bull crap and what is not.
They do not know how to get to the truth and it’s because they are to lazy to look for the information!
We have to take down the CEOs of the news agencies and I don’t mean tomorrow and I don’t mean wait on somebody else

Kenny Gardner: The Dems will LOSE their efforts! Trump should declare Marshall Law and investigate ALL of CONGRESS!!!!! Traitors!!

Sharon Neumann: So right now, Pelosi is guilty of the Logan Act, this month, Dec. 2019. It's a new crime. Is she going to be held accountable for her actions... Mrs. 'no one is above the law ' Pelosi!?

Sharon Neumann: I keep asking, 'when did the House and Senate become unindictable just because they are presently serving'?
Nancy says that no one is above the law. But they started this knowing that nothing can be done against them, but any President is impeachable for whatever reason they dream up? This is a dangerous president.
We must have the control of both the House and Senate in order to change that. They are all accountable to the American people who pay their salaries with our taxes. They don't see us that way because they have enriched themselves through criminal activity. We need to rise up and get the seats to stop them or they will continue this circus through the next term when Trump is reelected. O. is said to have exonerated them before he left office. Can that be legal?... before a crime is found out or investigated? All this fuss and nothing will happen to either. Because Trump is being railroaded and no indictments will be allowed. The next election must have both houses or all this is a waste of time and money. Pray God helps us to have victory over all these mobsters and Communists.

Julie Chaffins: Education in America is substandard, no question, yet Americans are blessed with common cents.

Pj Sneeringer: This ENTIRE COUP is annoying/exhausting

Game for: Or a custody battle, your honor this lady beats my child and throw him on a daily basis! What no I don’t, your honor she does. And I like your blue robe. It’s black. No it’s blue. ?

Karen Carr: nancy, you will NEVER be president. I Love Our President !!! So Very Proud !!! Love BCP

Karen Carr: The left never helped when we were invaded at the border, they broke their oath of office !!! TREASON ! Lies Lies Liars every one !!!

marge carbuncle: Talk about abuse of power. Nancy is a psycho. Impeach her.

Kari Eckert: BS Schitty

johngregoryhouse: If there were any Patriots in the FBI and CIA these people would have been left in a shallow grave a long time ago.

Mi Schermer: It concerns me greatly that you title your channel. "Black Conservative Patriot". it is like declaring a racist bias and precedence similar to "Black Lives Matter" group. In truth, "Conservative Patriot" and "All Lives Matter" is more aptly efficient.
As for 'secret' behind closed doors hearings, this further indicates the conspiracy and deceptive practices of those involved. A practice which is not necessary in a transparent law-abiding government. After all there is nothing they should be discussing which is a matter of National Security except maybe their collusion or conspiracy to commit treasonous behavior.

Littlemoon 222: This video of Naddie just shows all of us how MUCH FOOD means to him and how little manners or upbringing this hobbit has. Also how much of a Demoncrat he is as they all have absolutely NO PRIDE. Talking to the NEWS with FOOD IN HIS MOUTH and continues to eat on an interview that HE MUST KNOW WILL BE VIEWED BY THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!! I mean SERIOUSLY....

Gonzalo Azocar.: Pelosi to jail....soon

Melanie Austin: I think Epstein is the mystery witness

Dana Waer: Arrest, Fine $$$ Millions, Imprison And EXECUTE ALL DEMTURDS For TREASON Against WE the PEOPLE, Our Great CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC And Our Duly Elected Beloved President TRUMP NOW!!!

Believe Land 2019: You're as sick as your secrets.

DaveNettles Music: I'm going to post this again, because we're back to working in secret, that's how it will be done, in secret.

I believe the Holy Ghost revealed to me what the actual plot against Trump is.

A few weeks ago, I was watching a YouTube video in which, I believe it was, one of the Republican congressmen, was detailing all the ways Trump's rights, and the rule of law had been violated, as compared to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. With that it came into my mind that if the Left had ignored the Constitution and the rule of law in all of this, why would they follow it in anything else? Their intent is to draw up Articles of Impeachment, vote on them (A trial), convict Trump & order his arrest, right there in their little "Star Chamber - Kangaroo Court", without ever sending the Impeachment to the Senate, where it would surely fail, all done in secret.

Once Trump is in custody, they would then sentence him to death for treason, & have him executed. At the same time ordering the arrest & executions of all other conservatives in the House & Senate, including Mike Pence, paving the way for the Speaker to become president, with her naming Hillary as House speaker, I'm not sure that's the exact Constitutional order, but completely undoing the 2016 election, & thus taking over the Government by fiat, finally with Hillary as President. All that is going on is to give this plot the appearance of being legitimate. I believe they have no intention of letting this go to the Senate.

I believe it has a scriptural basis,
Daniel, Chapter 7:
1: In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed: then he wrote the dream, and told the sum of the matters.
2: Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea.
3: And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another.
4: The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it.

I hope I'm wrong, but I think the time could be now, if that proves to be the case there is much murder & mayhem ahead. If it happens like that, Donald Trump will be the last man standing when the smoke clears. If I'm correct the Deep State (Read CIA) will destroy our congress to stay in power, but themselves be destroyed in the process. I hope I'm wrong

marlene smith: Is it me who grew up w alcoholics, worked on pts who were alcoholic n various stages of drunk to recovery. But doesn't Nancy appear drunk? She is a high functioning drunk, but is losing it w her greed, and power grab behavior. Schiff needs charged w q thing we can charge him with. We already hv him lying on camera. So if the IG recommends charges to b filed or investigations r to b done by the DOJ. THEN WHY THE HELL ISNT IT BNG DONE?

Tammy Eaton: At least Manny macron sit with his legs apart unlike JihadiJustineTrudeau!

1_Dirty_Rotten_Imbecile 69: Thanks BCP, GREAT WORK. THANKS FOR SHARING. MUCH ♥️ 👊🏻😎 ALWAYS RESPECT 🙏🏻💯

MrT2 this: "...that he fears the most."??- yeah. Sure. I'm sure that's the case. Such a sick little rat of a person, parading around as the savior of the country. Corrupt to the core. Hey cali dumbasses, why don't you just nominate it and get it into the presidential race. I'd pay to see that bug stepped on, lit on fire & thrown away with the dogsh-t from the backyard. You'll be right at home in your disgusting little world

Hilary Waugh: They are sneaky biased, unconstitutional dems. They have abused their power and they all need to be impeached themselves. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler. And any other cooperating with the deep state.

Kenneth Bailey: Nancy needs to be arrested and charge the rest of these pos all the way up to Obama


immrnoidall: well, now we have a right to spy on all of them and record all their communications. NSA already has all of those too.

immrnoidall: again with the Saul Alinsky, "accuse others of what everyone knows you already do".

immrnoidall: now pelosi is on TV saying "it's not about Ukraine, it's about Russia and Putin". OMG holy insane babeling.

kathryn lebel: Pelosi needs to be arrested forer impersonating the President. Who does this crazy woman think she is? Get fid of her before she does damage to this country. Unstable.

Eric Haggerty: Nancy Alejandro looks like she had a heart attack or a stroke

RevEvangelist JOHNSON: Since money was paid to Ukraine, over and beyond what was requested, there should be a record when the disbursement/payment was made and on what date and the amount.

Lois Maddux: Is Nancy drunk? She sounds intoxicated when she talks.

Jucad vgv: ok, so i forced myself to watch this video but have to state that i could not say i liked it. i know that, with what's been going on recently, you had to show lots of adam shiff, but when i got nausiated about 2 seconds into his talk, it reminded me of why i'm just unable to watch him.


In Season: OMG! That clip of Pelosi exposes her drunk! @ :56 she's slurring, eyes wide but hazy and tired, head clocked back, and her body doesn't move with her responses. DAMNED DRUNK!

Ground Zero: Split screen Shiff with Hilary talking... they mimick one another. It is all SO Clintonian.

Tommaso Votino: What a bunch of BS artist evidence my ass full of real BS This liberals shyt of people MSM this r Evil lying pigs.

Dennis Michael Tiffany: does Schiff's wife actually have to have sex with that man???

Cliff Sullivan: Why THEY hate Trump;

Lisa Flick: Is there something out there about Pelosi undermoning the president she has no authority to go overseas and speak for him about foreign policy

M Lightblb: Love your channel BCP. Probably not your doing, but I get so many ads it is hard to follow you sometimes. Since I set no location, some of my ads are punitive. Again, I will keep watching you!

Lisa Flick: All these naval bases being hurt by someone my brother has been a detective for 20 yrs told me never believe there are consequences. Can we talk by video

Lisa Flick: Where is CNN the beltway CNN on when the paid law professionals paid by Pelosi except 1 paid by Boone no one he got threats and to his family. How well are me and your family protected

KONABORNE: Nancy Pelosi doesn't hate Trump! She hates "We The People" wanting to have Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness!!!😠