Do You Believe In COINCIDENCE? Mathematically Impossible?

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Music Madness Chrissy Fischetti: Amen 💙 🙏 💯

Thomas ofSwansea: "You will be surprised when ..." - A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5 ... Q =17 ->1=A + 7=G = AG yeah this really surprised me!!! Good pic of AG Sessions ehh. Office of Attorney General? Office of Adjutant General - one function of AG of US Army - postal service = two way letter delivery on 8 chan?

1963gecko: I am subscribed, and today was the first time you was not recommended

altgenesis: What the majority believe is irrelevant to what the actual truth is. The massive majority believed the earth was flat at one time. Since then we have learned otherwise and now only a few idiots believe it is flat and even fewer are totally stupid and try to convince others it is flat.

drkrm: Well, now the B-2 analogy is all wrong, since they kicked Mueller’s testimony back at least a week, if not two. I would think B-2 more relates to Bill Barr (BB).

Kimberly Kimball: It is called, perverting and obstructing the course of justice, to defraud the U.S.government and all American citizens.

Steve Dickman: Saint Thomas (1 mile from Epstein island ) is where is the drop off is. So who and how many trips there is what we are looking for.

tjmimi56: Muller's date has been changed today for one week later. So now it's the 24th.

MA-121: I Stand With My President Trump! They wouldn't rather destroy the country to cover their crimes. That has been their misson for decades. Their goal is to destroy it.

wakingup mommy: Fb is no letting me share your videos it keeps failing to load or says it posts but then I go look in my wall non of them are in their just a heads up your being censored you must be doing something right keep spreading the truth I'll keep trying to spread the. Truth enough of us keep shouting they can't silence us all

RJ Walls: All True PAtriots must be prepared for the Far Lefts insurrection and a possible Civil War. I am not an advocate of any violence towards any other American, but I swore an oath to defend my country from foreign OR DOMESTIC enemies of our state. Are these not such enemies? They threaten my Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness as well as the future of my most precious possession. My childrens future! All former Combat Veterans will be the front line defenders of our Constitution, with much help from all other Vets, then Militia members. The Active Military & Police majority shall side with their former brothers and sisters as well, along with their families. WE THE PEOPLE RUN THIS COUNTRY! NO ONE ELSE CAN STOP US IF WE STAND UNITED!


Says Propaganda that was foreign is now USA as well.

Says that the propaganda is created and controlled directly
from the Whitehouse.

Beau Biggins: I don't believe you were correct about Sigmund Freud, I believe you we're thinking of Edward Bernays the father of propaganda. And his nephew did influence advertising and such through propaganda and mind control. Maybe I'm wrong, perhaps Sigmund Freud had a nephew doing the same damn thing anyway. :-)

Raeann Hightower: What about the Pakistani family IT staff of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, & all those computers of the democrats.... They too have access, muslim brotherhood Huma and the muslim brotherhood family, & their operations... Biden & china, & Ukraine.

Raeann Hightower: NXIUM & Epstein are connected.


Robert Harden: These are not people they are monsters. My grandson said pappy are monsters real I said yes son they are called democrats.

29brendus: Mueller must feel like a cornered rat, and here's why. Rosentein is about to re-emerge and throw Mueller under the bus, Flynn is after Mueller, Stone is now after Mueller, Corsi let down Mueller, numerous FBI operatives are whistleblowing on Mueller, The Dems now hate Mueller, the Deep State are on Mueller's ass pushing him out to make press conferences, the senate is after Mueller, and the House, Nadler and Schiff are after Mueller, and Uranium One is about to hammer Mueller. And he's getting older by the minute, not by the year! And now Mueller is implicated in the Epstein stuff.

FOX MULDER: 911 truth is coming soon!!!

K Kenward: NOT hacked....Given access...Big diff.....

Marcella Jaynes: I think the stealth bomber is in relations to Sessions.

Brad johnsen: China may not have stolen anything, merely bought what was being sold.

Chad S: When this is exposed they would literally be killed in the streets.. Pray..

Linda Oeder: They look at the deal Epstein got last time and they still think there are laws for them and laws for the rest of the people.

Tony stark: Nothings wrong with making America great.

They don't want to loose that money.

morgan connery: Did ya see [wheels up] was in kill brackets? Theres a company by that name , means once wheels are up, rings come off.

Carole Frampton: China didn't "hack" Hillary's servers, she gave them access. Big difference. 👍😊

Steve Wilcox: Bill Maher is kinda weird his tweet for Epstien sound almost cynical and damming. Not sure his true motivation there. I wonder if not all the libtards are fully committed to the evil that really is the American democratic party. I know many are I know most are lulled to sleep.

Dona Bel: WWG1WGAWW ... world wide. Greetings from Brazil!
Take a look what Brazilian are doing to expose INTERCEPT YT channel!


THN: US patriots moved patriots worldwide into an unified effort towards to the integrity recovery of the institutions. WWG1WGA greetings from Brazil.

Nancy Alaimo: Clinton era states department official commits treason and only gets 40 months ?

Last I heard treason is punishable by death

What exactly is going on here ?
That’s not justice.

jerry kowalski: ‘Wheels Uo” is a small proof showing that Q is riding on Air Force One when he’s writing his posts. He ends his posts wheels up. Meaning ..time to go and end the post.

jerry kowalski: B2 or B squared? B ill B arr.... stealth? Bill Barr is the B2 stealth bomber! Think!

Linda Stangland: It is and was a silent coup! They want civil war!

Lynn Parks: Great reporting!

Anthony Burkes: Hillary's server wasn't "hacked" access was SOLD, on Auction.

Ed B: Exactly why Trump revised the way military tribunals can be used and who they can be used against. He made it so these treasonist morons in the congress and senate could be sent there instead of using the current corrupt judicial system and all the activist judges there are.

TM Q: Watch less and less tv. More up on Q. Only watch old tv shows on dvd. Not really interested in modern satanic programming movies and shows on tv.

TM Q: Dude. Try living near the Bay Area which is one big Satanic Silicon Valley. I am from there, work in the Bay. Before white hat presence, it was nothing by wall to wall Masonic Tranny Worshipping, Child sexing-eating Satanists. Keep up the good work brother. God bless you!

A P: Only if Trump would stop tweeting.....

Yvonne: “Wheels up.” Has anyone looked in to Air Force One at the time that was posted? Was it possibly taking off? Maybe meaning “well, gotta go... wheels up, ttyl.” Can anyone check flight logs?

arulaful: wedonotcomply or
the non compliance dance
per davidicke

Lisa Weddington: Wish I could be there. I have a question ? I saw a video chat about a guy like you guys, going to prison in the UK and he is so scared. Now he wanted you guys to spread it around and to ask the President to Pardon him and he needed help taking care of his family. I think you guys talk among each other, red pill just one to mention. Lol I was surprised you did not mention him. Sorry forgot his name I just know he speaks on the site like you guys and he act as he knew you all. I’m I wrong?


KAT 69: KILLARY SOLD HER EMAILS! And ALL Our SECRETS!!! And Our WEAPONS!!!!! 📣 Killery & last 5 USA Admins SOLD OUT Our COUNTRY Piece by PIECE!! INCLUDING We Citizens!!!! They All have been Committing GLOBAL GENOCIDE! TG He LOVES Us! Pray for those MISGUIDED, to Turn their Ways 180° to God!:. God LOVES the Sinner, Not the Sin, so Stop, & Make Changes💞

Martha Gibbs: If I had a channel, I'd be owning You Tube!!

kevin quicker: No wonder why all these guys were against Trump, they were doing naughty things ... send them all to prison ...

kevin quicker: We should prosecute the people spreading fake news .. lying to the people should be a crime.... lies are deception