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Bill Daniels: Now they need to give him his job back and a promotion and make him the boss over them all and go in and clean out the dirt out of the CIA and FBI and put them in jail and give him full pay and a ten freaking star general

Doug Wollenberg: First time in 3 plus years I can take a deep breath !! General Flynn you are an American hero and we the people your digital soldiers ❤️you 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Ram Raichandani: IN GOD WE TRUST🙏👍

Ginger Jones: Mr Wray already know everything and has yet to do anything. He must go! He’s part of the crap.

Edwin Holcombe: I still use the number 19

Tree man: Alright BCP I Love you brother

Carlos Ochoa: Can someone please expain this to me, Congress can send anyone lying to them straight to prison, and at the same time have lying disgusting scum bags like Adam Shiff lie.. lie.. and lie some more while looking into a MSM camara for the entire nation to see and not be held accountable for any of it, this is bullshit !! 😠😠😠😠😠

Shamit Bikram Shah: Judicial Watch deserves a medal

Javier Rivera: tick tock, tick tock, they are starting to sense the walls closing...

Lonnie Christopher: ...The evidence is building against these rat bastards....Wray may have been told by Patriots to drag it out till the TIMING was correct...It is all going to go down at once and not piece- meal...So I'll give him a pass for the moment. The candles had to be lit in the steeple to launch it all and Trey Gowdy is blasting Comey with a Gatling Gun....

terry poyko: Lets get them rat bastards........ Obamas boys..... cronies..... crooks.... all should be in jail.

Drone13: "Adam 'pencil neck' Schiff" is schiffing in his pants" Great episode BCP.

David Jonas: Seeing John Soloman with that grin throughout the interview is a very reassuring sight. What we have waited for is finally here.

China News Asia is FAKE NEWS: I gave you the 4300 like

Scott Johnston: VanGrack resigned because Barr/Durham told him to get a defense attorney!!!

Nancy Cox: I have NEVER trusted Wray. Lindsey Graham McCain is all talk no action. Dirty Senator.

The K!ng: So many of these people need to go to prison. Including Adam and Hillary.

John Medrano: You want something done. Flynn as FBI director or CIA 🤦‍♂️

Frank Loiacono: Christopher Ray has to go.


Scott Johnston: YouTube is ACTIVELY trying to block this post!!! Watch out BCPiers!!!

David Lorell: THANKS BCP

Angela Howat: It's not it's these people are friendly with the president they need to be honest corrupted and patriotic
But you don't get into those positions of power in DC being honest and and uncorrupt.

David Kosh: They need to roll out the gallows and have public hangings for all of the all of the treasonous acts being pushed by these scumbags.

Frank Loiacono: BCP for #46!!!

Robin Alonso: Free Bird!
God bless you General Flynn!

H HRFC: Schiff could hide out in the Standard Hotel. I think he may know his way around there!

Tammy Eaton: Yeah now I’d like to find out what’s up with that Aaron Rousse who is the son-in-law of John podesta. He was absolutely glaring at the Clark County Sheriff as the sheriff tried to stumble his way through a false narrative about the Las Vegas shooting in 2017. There are multiple shooters and everybody With a brainknows it!!! Don’t insult our intelligence, Mr. Sheriff.

Mary Green: You are correct what they did it what so so wrong deep States needed to be in the firing squad send them in Gitmo Excuted all of them

tk20: God Bless Michael Flynn.

Carol Soloman: All L have to say is thr dumb Demarats have poked the wrong sleeping bear!

Phil Luna: They think is a sleeper working for the WHITE HATS !!!!!

Jim Jones: "upper echelon of FBI are guilty until proven innocent. there's just to much evidence of collusion and conspiracy at that level to think otherwise." but yet there are millions out there that believe they were only doing their job, and protecting our democracy and country...lmmfao it's all about our National Security...hahahahaha so tired of hearing those words come out of the lying treasonous scumbag democrats.

Lee Brewer: I have to wonder if some of these top level swamp leeches (apologies to all legitimate animal leeches for the comparison) won't all of a sudden "commit suicide" so they cannot implicate others?

R. Fazor: The POTUS has just sent, via the AG, a message to the head of snake.

Arthur archuleta: I agree with you buddy, Nobody voted them so kick them out

Drew Hanscom: Trump President Trump let them have enough rope to hang themselves. Military tribunals still to this day execute prisoners

Art M.: Gofundme for Flynn will help him get his life back. He didn’t deserve what the corrupt left did.

Clinton Hayes: Why does Trump not fire the FBI director?

carp Fisher: Hey bcp I'm an English patriot, is trump going sort the UK government out in due course?? can you see if you can get anything on that?? Thankyou for the news, and i hope you and you family stay safe

For Real: Gen. Flynn is the Job of our time, God loves him so much a very special day.

Shamit Bikram Shah: Organised criminals -- Mafia
Organised politicians -- Political parties
Abolish political parties to level the playing field

Jim Deal: Don't forget, this created a huge doubt in the minds of many American's about Trump... enough to swing the vote and give the house back in 2018. Anyone for a mulligan? These first 4 years shouldn't count. Trump never was afforded a smooth transition of power. That goes for Flynn too. Trump in 2024!!! Watch the globalist heads explode.

Drew Hanscom: And those dumbass Democrats okayed military tribunals for themselves

cyc7lops: WHY DID BRANDON VAN GRACK SUDDENLY RESIGN (like a lot of others involved in SPYGATE)??? I believe it's because if you resign OR retire, then you CAN'T BE PROSECUTED. Can anyone confirm this???

HenryDara1: Thank You BCP. From a ditto head,.. you are very best of all Conservative News Sources. I might miss others, and they are very good too, but I never miss your videos. Prayers for you and your great family. :)

Sherry00002: Tried to Like your vid but YouTube wouldn't let me.

lgb: Wray turns my stomach

Reddots InABlueState: Durham said not one FBI whistle blower came forward, that means not one single FBI person is honest. Not one.

Lakshmi U: I hope Flynn gets his savings back