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Reaper G: justice will come when hillary is dead....elites dont prosecute elites....then the charges will come

Wynette Greer: The fisa should be dissolved, it is as corrupt as the rest of the FBI !

Tina Moore: I don’t trust the Voter computer machines!! They can be manipulated to easily !! In my district we always used paper ballets at the polls. In 2018 they switched to computerized machines!!!

Tina Moore: President Trump is the greatest President 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️. I unfortunately don’t think any of these will be brought to justice

Sea shadowbanned N.Christopher: This needs to be Handled MILITARILY!..
Obama era of Treason NEEDS clean up!.

Kauai Girl: We demand Voter ID Cards! And in order to get them, we must present our Birth Certificate, SS #, and 3 forms of proof of residency! STOP all Voting Machines! We need paper ballots only! STOP all early voting (except for our Military) and STOP all absentee voting! Make Voter Day a Holiday! Voting on Voting Day in person, only! Voting Polls must be opened at 6:00 am to midnight, and no ballots should be accepted after that day! At least one ICE officer, and Security Guards to guard the paper ballots, which must be securely locked in a vault and guarded, until counted! Mandatory 30 year prison sentence for Voter Fraud offenders!

Sandra Greco: It is not just the CIA a d FBI and DNI. Homeland security and the NSA and State Department and DNC as well as CIA and FBI are all involved in these election fraud crimes.

Sandra Greco: Barr and Durham need to arrest Barry Soetoro and Hillary and the Bush crime family and James Comey and Clapper and Brennan for all of their crimes.

Sandra Greco: Barr and Durham need to arrest all those involved in election fraud and this includes Hillary and Barry Soetoro and George Soros and the DNC and Homeland security and Google and Facebook and Mitt Romney and the Bush crime family. And Apple and Amazon.

Kauai Girl: Boycott ALL China products! #BoycottChina

Sandra Greco: Durham and Barr need to arrest Hillary for Uranium one and all involved in the State Department and CIA coverup.
Durham and Barr need to arrest all involved in the Clinton foundation crimes. And all that were involved in Fast and Furious and the Iran Contra scam.
Durham and Barr need to arrest all involved in Fast and Furious and also operation Cassandra and Project Pelican.

WhiteStone21475: Sorry you are under the weather but thank you for making this report.

Quent1809: Was it senator Byrd that said "A million here a million there, and its not long till we are talking about serious money." ? Time has progressed and instead of a million $$ now it is 10s of milion$$. Hillary and the deep state got the memo, why are we surprised?
Time to end the 2 tiered justice system has arrived.

NanNan: Yeah, they better get a handle on the voting machines like NOW.
If not, demonrats will take over. Everywhere.

Keath Even: give me my chads back

MrCaptjr: There is a statute of limitations of 5 years for these types of crimes. If these investigations take much longer there will be no court cases.

Robert Burch: You sound just fine BCP.

The Duckling Homestead and Gardens: BCP,
You love us and you all feel our energies, patriotism, love of liberty etc., BUT Something you left off is you feel our love for you,every bit as much as we feel your love for us!!! Or at least I know I feel y'all's love, and I know I love you guys!!! Viva, amor de familia!!! I think I spelled and phrased that correctly!!

Donna Vaughn: Yes, me also I can feel my face going red sometimes speaking on these things with others who just will not investigate what I show them on the deep state, they make fun of the term.

Donna Vaughn: I learn so much here at BCP, it's a place where one can get enlightened after the manipulation and lies that the far Left at media outlets tell us, so sickening. Looking at Adam Schiff makes me truly want to vomit, and knowing the even the fbi right now has got probably a majority of people who are there to protect those who think like they do.

Angie M: BCP spoke about pinning hopes on Durham and Barr. I do that but my ultimate hope is in prayer and in the Lord. Every Bible believing Christian needs to be on their knees daily, some can do it hourly, asking God to forgive us and reset our moral compass and defend this grand experiment, the United States of America.

Hrafn: EVERY TIME this happens, I, and so many others say the same thing.

Told you so.
They will NEVER be prosecuted.

OldToughDW: There are those who a family by sharing a bloodline, then there are those who are family because they have gone trough fiery trials together and then there are those who are family simply because they share a common set of values and genuinely like each other. Family of all those kinds matter to each other.

Randy Favor: Nasty Pelosi is a lying, corrupt dirty piece of shit

Littlewhite petals: I wonder what all these wireless technologies are doing to our bodies.

susan scott: I love Lou Dobbs show. He's one of the good ones. Glad you show him.


Mike Carter: When is the Clinton Mafia shotgun and knives going to be arrested and put away. Bill Clinton's drug family brother is behind it,,,,,,I guess the swamp endorses the life.

Patti Reznik: Thank you, BCP! I'm always inspired by your work ethic!

foxy brown: Maybe the deep state is just using impeachment as a distraction from our ability to clean up the voting process in time for 2020? It's obviously been going on with local elections, too. A nationwide "paper ballots only" for 2020? What are the names of those who are prosecuting Flynn? What's the judge's name? Why are they shrouded in darkness? STILL?! Bring them to the Light.

Zeke Lugo Santini: God is still in the mix.
It was predicted that Donald Trump would be President for 8 years.
And that America would do great under the presidency of Donald Jehu Trump.

In order for America do great, the Republicans would have to control both House of Congress with Trump in the White House!

Zeke Lugo Santini: Tuarete syndrome?
Is that the disorder where the afflicted individual curses and throws objects at people?

mothman1967: This is great news! It means the fake probe can continue. Maybe it will lead to a broader investigation, uncovering evidence that will necessitate another investigation, prompting a more in depth investigation and, in all probability, several more investigations...ALL LEADING TO NO CONCLUSION WHATSOEVER.

ModaLisa: This looks just like what they did with Comey. Do you go after Clinton for classified emails or crimes against humanity like child trafficking?! Use logical thinking. RICO. POTUS is so on offense right now. Do you really think he would keep every promise but the biggest one? He tell us constantly that he's actively draining the swamp, and he is, every day.

John Marshall: The Bushs' Clintons' and Obama (all related) are the biggest traitors to this country in the history of this country or any country for that matter, no one even comes close to the damage they have done to this country over several decades. Time for a Mussolini party revisited ... BCP great show keep up the good works for America....

Rosanna Sawalhi: I will be praying.

Larry Bugs Walker: Just a way to soften the blow of yet another dud report that is about to come out .

G Mag: "Well it's too late baby now it's too late...

Blane Tresedder: I agree with you about Russia.
They could be a strong ally, but the fake news always wants to portray Putin as a bad guy.

Ann-Marie Ålin: Money Laundring thru this !!!

lllr: Trump Rex is going to WIN!!

Sgt York: Soros owns tons of those machines. They've already been shown to change votes from R to D.

Sgt York: We are all family. God bless you BCP and your family. You're awesome!

Roland M: why don't we all start going to church to give thanks for our prosperity or for BCPI hear a lot of conservatives talking about God and country but they don't have enough time to go to church on Sunday morning....

lullabyemoon: Why is Mueller not being charged with perjury when he lied to Congress while testifying about his report, the Mueller report?

leisha rommel: Did you know that China’s government sends pregnant women with a visa to America so they can have their baby and then that baby is a American citizen. That baby collect Social Security no matter what country she’s in was that child once it grows up and have an influence on our votes

leisha rommel: There’s been people that complained because once they put their vote on the screen or a republican before they were completely done their votes were changed to Democrat. You need to make sure you double check before you hit done. They need to go to paper ballot but like in Florida during the midterm they found boxes of ballots in the parking lot because Governor Scott was ahead by a few thousand votes. He was running for a congress seat likely he still one by

leisha rommel: The only reason why Trump one in 2016 is because the Democrats and everyone else thought Hillary was going to win. They will not take a chance on trump winning again they will do every kind of fraud voter , election interference. Illegals will be voting. They bus voters to important districts from state to state, absentee ballot is a big one , do you know how many ballots they can send in and I can’t be checked they’re not even going to check for IDs on illegals

leisha rommel: Research who makes America voting machines. One machine is Smartmatic, it is used in 16 states. The owner of the company also runs Soros open Society foundation. These machines were used in Venezuela for their presidential election. No one voted for that president why would they want to continue going through the hell they are and yet he won.

mememuhsheen: I wouldn't be surprised to find out that FBI FISA abuses are just the tip of the iceberg. If Comey is ever prosecuted, then I'm sure that Hillary, and many others, will be exposed. That's why I'm doubtful that Comey will ever be tried in federal court.