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Steven Fuller: Maybe I’m wrong but didn’t Lindsey Graham say he would look into Biden and Hunter Biden’s Quid Pro Quo? Maybe he didn’t say. And if I am wrong let me know.

Eugene Wakefield: James Comey and John O. Brennan are two pieces of bread in the toaster right now. They will pop up done when Durham concludes his investigation.

Forgiven Watcher: I am the only one who noticed his open source news flag is the same colors as the "Wikimedia" flag. Just Google yellow and green flags. BCP! Love you buddy, but you deserve a better flag/logo. Ditch this one.

marcelina noss: fake flu epidemic.. There was a another chinese flu back in the 1970's called the Hong Kong flu,, we didnt close anything down, life went on as usual. In fact that year hundreds of thousands of people gathered together at a music festival called Woodstock, Remember?? We didnt do social distancing, close stores, stop jobs or close businesses. Why now? cause the deep state had to ruin our economy hoping to level the playing field so sleep joe had a prayer. but, we the people know the truth no matter how bad they try to silences us!

2013neda: Most people cannot move to another state. They don't have the money.

c a p: piss Lindsey graham off he's nothing put a has been toothless tiger all these corrupt pricks need to be in gitmo we need someone with balls and fortitude in his fucken job.

Rob Mazey: Welcome to Texas folks!! Vote Red!! Don’t turn this place into what you were fleeing!

jijrjdsmom Cooper: If you never saw the interview of Graham just after McCain's death/funeral. He explained how he lost both parents before he finished college or after he joined the Air Force (I don't remember exactly). McCain was a little older than Graham, and was already in the Air Force and befriended Graham. They remained very close friends until McCain's death, and although Graham did not agree with all McCain did, but would not talk against him. In the interview he explained that he did not feel "obligated" to support "no name" any more, and he would begin speaking for himself, and his own opinions. That is what we are seeing now - sometimes he seems to understand and support more conservative points, and other times he seems to fall back to the "old connections."

Robert Arney: Lindsey g. Your fake

shelly green: Hey Lindsay Graham, what the hell do you mean you've never seen or heard Biden do anything out of character? He fondles children and women live on camera in front of God and everybody...give me a break! I'm sorry dude but I don't trust you. You're a snake in the grass

apolloguide: bloody revolution.....????

Roberto Edery: I read almost a year ago that there is a REASON why Graham cannot subpoena any Democrat. It's because, under current Senate Committee rules, that subpoena would have to be approved by the ranking committee member! They could solve that by changing the rules, after all, the Senate is in Rep hands, why haven't they is the big question.

Carolyn Morgan: That's exactly what I'm doing! I'm moving out of Washington State as I am fed up with the same liberals that keep getting voted in office, and believe they are doing the right thing every time I write a letter disputing what they have done to our people and now our children. Our Governor, inslee has just passed a very controversial law for every child, K-12 to have sexx Ed in classrooms. I saw the curriculum and it is pure pornography. That was number one reason for moving. That was the last straw I needed to get me moving The second is our state being on lock down possibly through the summer! I am not leaving though without a fight as we have a repeal 90 petition to be turned in for which they have delayed mailing out. (To repeal sex Ed) Also to help vote in a true constitutional loving candidate for Governor, Mr. Culp from Republic Washington!! My daughter and grandchildren are moving out of state with me and as quick as we can.

apolloguide: Lindsay loves to watch Joey swim in the buff and then he follows Joey into the mens room and gives Joey a buff job.

DW D: Born and raised in Texas! We say come if you believe in freedom and conservative values . Other wise stay the hell away. Don’t bring liberal socialistic communist views with change in mind for us! Coming here with intentions to spread your unholy
Demonic inspired ways will be met with vigorous condemnation and rebuke. Stay in your rats nest leave us alone . We hope you regain a cognitive reasoning ability and bring hope and happiness accompanied by individual success and opportunity for everyone! Save the unborn children!

apolloguide: Drag Hillary out cuffed and by the heels. Kick Bill in the nads until his face is purple. Throw Chelsea into a jail cell with Arabs.

Loretta Gallegos: Lindsay is a whoose. Has no balls to do his job, all talk and no action. I am so sick of hearing him no good liar. He is deep state get rid of him. Lindsay praises biden who is a thief and rapist and bush we all know and remember 911 and katrina, no saint there.

Ghost Dog: Commeneting before I watch! I get excited when You bring the Brennan news, because you dig for the gold nuggits of new emerging info & you put together stuff that Bongino will have the other part of the puzzle pieces to, then Mark Levin fills us in on his unique perspective of events and pseudo events. Only a matter of time before you hit the viral target my friend!
Your Show is Top Shelf! I can imagine if you had some backers and a news team! 👊😏🇨🇦 Peace BCP!

Loretta Gallegos: Even though he read off a teleprotor/script he didn't miss a thing makes you wonder if he has been faking dimentia.

Daniel Laze: Grahm and Biden flock together....because they are birds of a feather.... GRAHAM HAS SOME DEEP DIRTY BONES IN HIS CLOSET. THE PEDOPHILE SHOULD BE LOOKED AT VERY QUICKLY.

Valerie Root: Surely that only means he will just be a face, and those unelected who write the script will be in charge of everything that's said. Are they expected to share in his would be salary, or are we the people unofficially expected to fork out more for ghost writers.

denisejustdenise: Lindsey Graham and other enigmatic politicians have taken an oath the is higher than the oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" and an oath of marriage, of any other oath. He was assigned to be our President's handler for the group that has a blackmail file for each of its members from their secretly recorded confess all initiation ritual. For example, our President's decision to bring our troops out of Syria. That exposed Graham for me. Graham was told to undermine that effort, clearly.

llkuhlj23: Distrust Graham.


Dog Man: Joe Biden still has the black community in chains! What a joke... .

Emmy: I don't think Obama can be on the ticket because if Hillary died then he would be president for a third time and that is not allowed unless there's some loophole I don't know about

Alex Leonard: They will bring him in with the intention to do a 25th on him.

John Sharp: Graham is a democrat and enriched himself off the government jobs he had. Graham basically does nothing except help the swamp. The idiot likes touchy feelly Joe.

John Sharp: Graham will be voted out for his rhino actions. Graham promised many times he would act and has done nothing for years except get on TV throwing soft balls at the criminal democrats. South Carolina must vote Graham out of the Senate. Graham has been working in congress for years.

John Sharp: The ad shows two democrat tyrants. These tyrants should be in prison.

MrPaulwpalmer: We moved to the country to be more back to nature

whisperatnight: GOVERNING is so much easier if you let the BULLIES WIN EVERYTIME

Ronald Carluccio: What this Country needs is a Indian Uprising !

Bernadette Almeida: 👏👏👏👍👍👍✊🇺🇸😎a lot of people are going to move out N.Y. and I beleive there will be changes people eyes are wide open

Ronald Carluccio: So Hillary could cash in on the Uranium One deal with the Russia.

Ronald Carluccio: George was warned about the 911 before it happened and completely ignored it.

Ronald Carluccio: George was warned about the 911 before it happened and completely ignored it.


Ronald Carluccio: Lieing Piece of Shit !

Ronald Carluccio: Graham ain't gonna do Shit ! Lier, Faker, useless Lump of Shit !

Ronald Carluccio: Can't Admire Asshole,s !

Ronald Carluccio: What happened to his investigation ??????

Ronald Carluccio: Don't trust Graham, two Faced Fucken Bastard !

bluzeblast: No one ever hears anything about President Bush (the one who died) even after L. Graham made the slip about the "execution". What's getting covered up now?

Brian F: Liberals from California are fleeing in droves from that dumpster fire and infecting more conservative states but they're bringing their liberal ideology with them. They are turning red states blue.

Mark De La Cruz: I remember when the president was a lowly writer/producer for The Apprentice. Boy has come a long way.

Magnum: Hey BCP. Is someone new doing your editing? The last few videos have had a horrible audio track. It's either so low you can barely hear it or so loud that it rattles the windows. I'm afraid you're going to lose some viewers if you don't get this issue fixed soon. It didn't used to be this way.

Traci Pylant: Glad to see that smirk wiped off Brennan's face..... tic toc

Skip b: If sen. Graham was to bring those people before his committee. He would have to include all government documents held by the government. Even those being used by Durham. Nobody involved in the Durham investigation will be put under oath before Durham is finished. General Flynn his case is being destroyed because the government didn't release all information. So these traitors go before Graham and the justice department doesn't release all the information they will then use Gen Flynns case as example. Wait for Durham then many things will start to happen. The funny thing is nobody has any real info on Durham and that shows there are real investigaters in government and not leakers

Shaunie: I can't listen to Graham anymore, he is such a snake! He said he was going to investigate the Bidens & Ukraine, but has not and won't because he is an imposter.