Epstein's Endless Connections [Rides In A Whirlwind] Justice

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IndyRunt: I hope they froze All of Epstein’s bank accounts,plus everything he owned, Let the rest of these traitors see what’s coming before they get a new home in Gitmo.unless they are given a fast track to Hell.Its time they reap what they’ve sowed .They had no mercy on all the innocent children,so they receive NO mercy and NO deals.President Trump 2020 🇺🇸

Randy Smith: It pays to keep EVERYONE happy and give them what they want. Why did Epstein grow a beard? Please compare before jail and after jail death occur. The nose is completely shaped different than before beard and jail photos. Nostrils are flared and has a slight bump at the end. Where do these people really go when they dieappear?

Connie Anderson: Great post as always Michael !! You are my Coffee !! God Bless and Protect all Truth seekers !!

Nita Lane: Remember HR’s words...
If that SOB wins we’re all going to hang.
Commence the action. He won. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Nita Lane: Take Epstein’s $$$ and build the rest of the wall to protect the children from the evil Cabal!!

Scott Wilmar: Mike to Mike great stuff Bro. Thanks for all.

LilFisch1174: Just an FYI, the hand sign circled in the photo of Hillary (🤟) is actually American Sign Language for "I love you".

William Allen: About to see the Clinton's starting to have health problems to gain Fake Sympathy.

Patsy Faulkner: FBI is on the island to do investigation, but the place is wipe out clean before FBI came. Jeffry is in protection Witness Program is confirmed. He will be charge for his crime on children and others, he probably be hunged after court decision.

Michael Anderson: Great job!

DP S: After hearing you say Epstein deserves the death penalty made me wonder if that's what was done... I'm not saying that is what was done, it's just a thought..

Arleigh Swanson: Q= Epstein

Ben Vineyard: X marks the spot ey matey

Ben Vineyard: Gold under the temple Leylines

Ben Vineyard: We don’t know if Epstein was ever here it might all been a show

Jed Eckert: In jail for 17 days before his first "attempt".. Then 17 more before the "real" happening... Then the time of death - 6:38...not only adds up to ____, but can u find it in Q post 1933...?
"Timestamps matter" -Q
"Seconds matter"- Q
"Learn our comms" -Q
"Military planning at its finest" -Q


Ron Southwick: Trump is definitely guilty...

Earth watcher Entity watcher: Epstein is back in Israel.

Roger Ram-Jet: My question is, who's next?

Cheryl Hyman: President Bush go with your buddies

Marc Langevin: Yes the Clinton's are at the top of list as to who offed Jeffery. But what about the multitude of alphabet sou spy agencies from around the world ? Like MI-6, Mossad etc ? But ask your self this. What if he isn't dead? What if it was a bait and switch to see who does what ? Next target Ms. Maxwell ! Will she survive ?

Kelsey Hinds: Thanks Michael for another great video! I always tune into Patriot Hour when I need to get the truth and another perspective on what is going on with the corrupt deep state. Sending prayers to all patriots helping to stop the evil deep state! 🇺🇸 God speed WWG1WGA

Jeannie Miller: Conclusion: speculation! Correction of collusion even tho it fits the narrative.

Norman Rambo: One thing for sure, if it comes from MSM it is a lie from the get go, that goes for the Dems as well. WWG1WGA

Renee. Wilkins: Sure Micheal Micheal Micheal !!!

wildonutube: Hannibal smith. The A-team.

Chaos Industries: Mike, why do you keep adding FreeMasons to this Satantic stuff? George Washington and other founding fathers were FreeMasons including 8 people that help write the bill of rights. Not only that but FreeMasons is strongly tied to the Holy bible of Jehovah God and his son jesus Christ. Just curious what the info is that supports this.

Madeleine Gilvey: Hi Michael, he worships the fallen angel.......

Devin Waddell: Thanks for all your hard work, Patriot!

W Collins: The Clinton's were good teachers ? No muss fuss or messy trials with endless appeals....
Next ?????????????

Michael Desmond: So this all happened under Barr’s watch, and he has made no arrests? And Barr worked for Bush? WTF is going on here?

W Collins: Only time will answer our questions??? Hopefully!!!!!!

Michael Kaiser: You have to many bible thumpers as subs, unsubscribing

Michael Kaiser: You have to many bible thumpers as subs, unsubscribing

Mark McMillen: According to AG Barr he is continuing to take down those involved with Epstein. He said today that none of Epsteins friends so rest easy ause he is coming for them

Michael Kaiser: We will never know anything about anything. I'm soooooo sick of these games

Michael Seymour: Boy you are so far out of the loop with Epstein. I am not going to say what I believe.

Brent Knott: https://youtu.be/zDEPob22tHs

Don Sears: Think Morgue ...is there a Epstein Carcuss There ! ...me thinks not ! ...a hospital Visit ...down the Secret corridor ...to a awaiting VAN ...and ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ...he is outta here ...Epstein is light years above the Clinton s

G Larabie: X22 said that FBI interviewed Ray Chandler - Q said she was Allison Mack x 100. Patriots don't need Epstein to put people away.

G Larabie: OMG if Trump can seize all these companies..........

Therese: Did you hear barrs speach today? He said " those who are connected to epstein should not rest easy because this case will move forward and those guilty will be held accountable" 😁✌👏 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YBlFgWvAdI

Vityaz Six: the intro shows how corrupt the churh has become

Otto Sturhahn: I received an email today, were Epstein has a different Nose and ear after he was dead then when he was alive. I did not get a link. This would explain why they need more info to determine the cause of dead. He probably did not hanged himself, because someone would have the object with which he hanged him self. If he is dead, then they killed him on the way to the hospital.

Linda Puccio: I don't care if they say he's an informant for theCIA ! He still is atrocious, gross ,disgusting & DIABOLICAL! No remorse . Brags about his demonic activities ! Wants to start his own race ! Burn in hell ! He violated so many innocent children & young adults. And you ,you other pervs I can't wait until your name is exposed ! The government shouldn't make any deals with these MONSTERS from HELL! God will get you & make a mockery of you ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Dale Patterson: So many connections that they could not afford to keep him alive. The thing is, those connections are already known, documented, investigated, and being acted upon.

Renee. Wilkins: Hey my love 😘😘

Ken Hillen: Cracking as always Mike- Belfast boy in Cornwall WWG1WGA

patricia serdahl: WOW Michael that was some Amazing Truth thank you for all your research and information you share with all of us I have so much respect for you and your channel love love the Patriot Hour may God Almighty continue to Bless you n watch over you and all Patriots fighting this fight of Good v Evil WWG1WGA