Epstein's Fantasy Island [Game Over]

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ImperfectCitizen: the mega meme folder is down

Carl Jito: Alright, let's have Epstein, A. Weiner, Slick Willie with The Clapper share a cell in prison. 😀😀🤣🤣🤣

Marc Paillette: Being a Christian (I assume) you need to be careful about mockery, look in the scriptures to find out what God thinks about those that mock others.

Carl Jito: The Plane!...The Plane!.....It's effing gone, Epstein. Here's the one way ticket to the slammer. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Cindy from Liverpool NY T.: Castrate all the sex offenders!!!

Makita man: Let all the scumbags burn in hell

Steel Mill: Oh I can't wait for the orange jumpsuits this is going to be golden

john goodman: Hillary and Bill are snakes-use Seal Team Six as snake killers. Obama and Mike -same night-3 am

Graeme Quinn: For all who like to do the research, look up young blood transfusions.

john and ainslie whippet: Garbage - Sessions had nothing to do with Epstein. Sessions was a flunky for the deep state. If Mike Cernivich didn't sue for the papers, nothing would of happened. Cernivich and Miami Herald embarrassed this action. ZERO to do with fraud Sessions.

Nolove Braddock: Why would he tell?

Ourdogseven: LOL... Excellent! Hill/Billy is Going Down...Going DOWN... Going DOWN NowwWw... ( X_x)

Vote Your Conscience: The dominoes are falling

Luis Cuevas: Da Plane, Da plane.

Teddie The Three: Now we know why there're pushing to impeach Trump

Stephen MacNeil: I’ve become the biggest fan, I’m in Florida I’ll try to call next live. I have so many questions and theory’s. I can’t stop thinking about everything

Stephen MacNeil: Hey mike.. thanks for the update bud!!

Kellybean 1: I used to live in the Virgin Islands and they call it “Pedo island”. Have been by the place many times by ferry and it always creeped me out. So glad he’s finally in custody! He better get 45 years and I hope it’s in the general public so they will treat him as he’s been treating these kids! Sicko!

Steven Roach: I like how Q doesn't know any of this shit until I do. I should've started a youtube two years ago. Patreon would of been huge!!! I'm jealous.

OYe Nations: What a coincidence that Fornication Island a/k/a "Love Island" is coming on tonight just two days after the arrest of the trafficking king pin.

Alfredo Tirado: Joe Biden...nuff said

jon b: Amen

MrFoamkiller: Bill knew very well what that man was doing

EO2dave: what is the significance Pelosi's daughter?

Pauline Arnold: Go see AMAZING POLLYs SITE! She is a fantastic investigator

willmorrisusa: Round & round it goes. Where it stops.... God only knows . Go Patriots, Michael keep fighting & Trump 2020. KAG ☺👊🇺🇸

Blue Apple: We have t seen or heard much from GWBush. I wonder where he is these days?

Susan Jane: I'm glad that justice is finally going to be happening, yet sick inside because it is true that all of the disgusting things happened to those poor people!

Lloyd Wayne: Just makes you wonder with all those sick pedophile's on one island, just how many of them children lost their lives. I'm sure it was many.every one involved must be brought to justice.

Brian Mccool: What a time to be alive.

Donna E Turner: See how much dems care about OUR children?

Bobby Wilhelm: In the very near future you will see Billy C become very ill, his attorneys will file a motion that he is too ill to testify etc. Hillary will go into limp mode and follow suit. Mark my words this will happen. People will start dropping like files and they will start eating one another. Hollywood will be slipping and falling in their own sh*t trying to run away.

Pauline Arnold: Look to les wexler. This is about blackmailing people in high places like GOVT That was one of epsteins primary purposes. Thsts how you take over FROM WITHIN

alan young: Thank you MIKE .......... Oh GOD things are gonna REALY BAD, what with Hillary and Huma Videos. GODS Grace and Peace to us ALL. WWG1WGA.

Jonee Tiedemann: They are all having Kidneystein episodes.

John Hanley: Gipislain Maxwell in hospital, reported as unresponsive

Mary C: Certainly Bill's fantasy.

Brian Withrow: AG Sessions did his part brilliantly


Simone Ellis: Looked into this myself early on , currently going back over stuff to see if I missed anything ugh these people are sick 🤢 ! Thanks for the levity in the vid Mike were all gonna need it goin full steam ahead #WWG1WGA WW WRWY 🌍💛 #LetYourDreamsBecomeMemes

Joe Wilson: How many young women have Hillary destroyed to protect William Clinton ? It is well known that slick Willy had forced himself on very young interns throughout his political history . What we don't know is how young some of these women were when he first forced himself on them . From what we have learned from the Epstein investigation we know that William J Clinton had sex with girls as young as 15 or 16 but I have a feeling that the youngest he got to was like around 8 to 10 years of age . another is flight records showing flights to countries that condone sex with minor children such as some of the Muslim countries . you can't lie about documented records and think you can get away with it .

John Hook: like 429 thats me

Kazeee Vaughan: Disgusting & as evil as he is Epstein is not the only one who was calling the shots..."Amazing Polly" YouTube vid researched all the way back to before this piece of filth was a billionaire... Very very informative & the rabbit hole is WAY WAY deeper than ever thought...#justice4children.

Walter Bernard: Why is Q taking credit for the recent Epstien arrest ? It was an independent journalist ( Mike Cernovich) and later The Miami Herald who at fought and filed the necessary lawsuits to have the indictments unsealed. If it weren’t for that, there would not have been an arrest.

Tracey Benna: Wikileaks deleted all ties that Clinton and Epstein had!

Lisa Irizarry: Watch pls::; Where are they now? The biggest players in the Jeffrey Epstein case: Miami Herald

Temporary Billy: "It depends on what your definition of is is " bc regarding a lady in a blue dress

Robert Barber: Clinton's need jailed today! We the fed up and pissed off people of the United States of America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Y1 M Y1 M: Can't IMAGINE how hard they tried, DESPERATELY to get POTUS TRUMP to Epstein Island. He was smart. Something tells me POTUS got into the mix of them because he knew this day was coming. He Knew all along. Watch for the Deep Fakes to appear. They have hung themselves as the PATRIOTS have EVERYTHING!

donna kato: 🙏🙏🙏