Exclusive: Mark Zuckerberg goes one-on-one with Dana Perino

Full Interview: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sits down with Dana Perino in an exclusive interview to discuss freedom of speech, privacy concerns, bias ...


Daniel Estrada: Shame on fox

Daniel Estrada: Fox is no different than than CNN

Pete P: Now that’s a punchable face

rebelray84: "We don't sell data"..... technically this is true, they don't. They "rent access" to people's data. All in the wording!

Vladimir Stoiko: he forgot Canadian Election and and he is Rigging by closing accounts to help Trudeau to win October 21,2019 Election,just for sharing news from newspaper!

theclassytroglodyte clssyt22: He will play Data in the next star trek

Paul Bexley: Notice how he can't bring himself to say "free speech". Instead, he uses "freedom of expression". That is how you can tell a liberal. Leftists are always trying to alter the foundation of this great country to suit their political agenda.
Make America Great Again.

Rush N. Bot: Get yourself call centers/customer service line like Amazon and Apple....after all, your site is not free for its users. We've paid you with our data and our privacy and youve profited from it. Yeah, the least you can do is invest in a call center stat!

Cory D. Gray: Yes you can express what you believe, except if your Alex Jones. He says the right things and I want to believe him but still skeptical... However I did see where the democrats went wild the other day saying get rid of Facebook after Zuckerburg started meeting with some Conservatives privately at his house. Time will tell.

ashadance1: He’s not a human

Phil Walker: Zucker is showing us that he has too much power.

Road Dog 50: This man is dangerous and evil

Armando Mejia Takara: You're a lying lizard.

Richard Mercer: Who decides who is a bad actor or a good actor? As for Elizebeth Warren, she is a lying old cow.

Cloe Bubbles: Liar's tell you anything he does not care about, and supports the cabal and shadow governent. Conservatives' are shadowed on CRACKFACE.

livid snicket: He's making an effort with Republicans, I think we should see where it goes

Christopher Forsyth: He talks in circles- all platitudes and talking points !!!!!!

Arben Çokaj: Dear Mark, I have been blocked 50 days from Facebook, without real good reasons! F.ex. for the same image, I was blocked 30 days, and my brother got only the image covered from Facebook. So, I have created the idea, that someone in Facebook is persecuting me in purpose! And I have no possibility to have this case discussed with any one in your Company!

noel oreilly: LIZZARD

AcadianTV: Mark
Thanks again for Lifelog 2.0
I will also take a military project and make it public with my name on it

Kid Jupiter: I can't watch. I can't stand the sound of his voice.

Gateway Anabaptist Church: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of Alex Jones!

Mean Viking: FB is killing free speech in the world

Frank Mojiavio: Speed up for applications platform upgrades with great ML without the fear of failure Chaos.....

Barry Geal: I hear what he say's .. and I agree, but look who is saying it ... Mark Zuckerberg, this man is a CIA asset, I just can't help but feel, he is telling us what we want to hear ..
Let your actions speak for you Mark.Z .. let us judge what you say, is B.S. or not

Patrick Mcluty: Look the new librial Fox news, why are you turning to the left Fox?

not applicable: What’s up with that raccoon tan line.

Mean Viking: he needs a solid asskicking

Lawerance L bourland: The United States is a constitutional Republic. ONLY. STUPID FUCKS

Lauren B: I remember when the media was hysterical when a prime time show showed a mans butt crack in the 90’s

Fierce Ammo: Kook
He will never be able to walk down the street in Hawaii
This guy is a demon
Your time is short demon

Claude Bessette: Everything, everything this guy says is exactly the opposite of what he says in my opinion.

christina: 22 minutes of lies

JG reflections: 👽He doesn't look human.
She asked the weakest questions ever, and the good question didn't get a follow up! I was frustrated listening to this nonsense

xkiwiSITHx: Reptilian

Joachim Student: Who the hell can trust this left communist guy ? On top he  cheated  his friends which means he has  a very bad character.

Yeptoo 11: Mark Zurkerberg is a puppet, the real question is who controls him

Stanley and Nina Review: Dana rolling out the PR plan for Zuckerberg. Ughh. She loves the Bush's... All that needs to be said. Repent, only God's mercy prevents our judgement for abortion and pedophilia alone.

David Anderson: Lifelog

Ozark Odd Jobs: Dana Perino conducted a great interview.

Linda brown: Mr. Greenberg (his birth name) is the grandson of David Rockefeller. Why hide who your rather stunning genealogy? Hmmmm..... Urban dictionary definition of Zucker: person or persons of authority to take away something which was rightfully earned by another party.


ChipsterB: Freedom of expression? That’s why he manipulates FB to push progressive beliefs. Bans people he finds objectionable.

Carolyn White: He is SO FOS

bruce hain: Does He Get PUSHBACK? Mark Zuckerberg goes to Congress and states that standard policy view on censorship for the past 75 years (only recently expanded drastically through efforts of the ADL) and within a few hours his minority stockholders have stolen about $18-billions of his net worth! That's PUSHBACK. Zuckerberg is virtually alone in his defense of free speech among Silicon Valley bigwigs, and there is a lying propaganda effort aiming to demonized him in the eyes of conservatives - which is working - he's not thinking of running for president any more that's for sure. I have never had my "extremely offensive" opinions censored by Facebook or their algorithms - even after days of harangueing by high-handed Authoritaians who think it's their business to censor my speech. (They usually have more success with local page moderators, but if they don't they attack the FB staff, for hours, days - Saul Alinsky-style.) I think the Authoritarians are the problem here. What they need is to learn obedience!

Deborah DeLario: Umm ummm ummm ummm ummm both of them ONE BIG UMMMM. Pathetic 🇺🇸🇮🇱🙏

ipissed: Ur mom is on Facebook and you don't realize how uncool it is. OMG nerds. 😡


Don Brock: You always know evil people when they hid their actions with lies.

1Infinite Loop: You Martian Alien