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Anthony Imperato: Matt Geatz wasn't born when Watergate occurred...THAT'S! HOW LONG DEAN HAS BEEN MAKING MONEY OFF HIS ACCUSATIONS

Anthony Imperato: What does " Watergate" a crime that happened DECADES AGO have to do with THE COUP ATTEMPT OF 2016 ?

Leona Leone: TERM LIMITS! Dean low life scum! Shows the stupidity of Americans for voting this creep in when he’s a known obstructionist! Over 45 yrs. they owe everyone except the Americans they are supposed to represent! TERM LIMITS!

JoPa GeRi: Dean and these two women are despicable beyond words. No surprise they all work for MSM.

DeeDee R: Yeah! RIGHT Mr. Dean you weep what you sowth.

DeeDee R: Jim Jordan you are the man.thank you God bless you.

Michelle St John: He can lie to Congress, but when he goes to GOD, his thoughts will be known before he even forms them. He has yet to see justice. Unless he repents, which includes inymerating sins, so Jesus can cover with HIS own job to give grace to forgiveness petitioner.

Tina Baldwin: Thanks for the scripture, it was needed after watching this

GoondockSaint: God Bless you for all the information you bring forward for everyone, even at the antagonistic behavior by those that oppose.

Donald Frazee: Thanks for bringing the testimonies that we don't get to see here to this platform.

wuzgo anon: Jordan, Gaetz; awesome.
Nadler; not so much.

Lucy Hill: @7:22 … The LOOK on these "liberals" Faces, including their supporters in the audience .... arrrrghhh SO Gross. PANIC IN DC

Lucy Hill: I love Gomert

david romero: Did you ever lie to president Nixon? Did you ever hide your involvement with the break in from your client president Nixon?

HARLEYALEXIZ DOMINQUINN: Most Grateful for Matt and Jim, that brings TRUTH to this committee. Nadler is WRONG for not upholding the law.

SteelHorseRiders: Nadler... such a devious scumbag.

get off my lawn: Gohmert, Gaetz and Jordan: Freakin ROCK STARS! Finally Republicans with a pair.

Pat Fondren: Dean was married to a prostitute and was taking money to protect her from going to prison.

bigbuttmcgraw: That was some flocked up Schmitt, right there at the end.

Phillip Ryan: No NAD'S needs to be publicly hanged.

Phillip Ryan: Can these fuckers do the job they were hired to do instead of the fucking circus they put on every day. We the people are getting sick of the shit that is going on, if you can't do the job of running the country then move on down the road or we will run you over. ASSHOLES. GO MAGA WWG1WGA.

Mountain Lace: Dean lied, he was imprisoned in a military facility

lazy bums: I believe your nuts you come back you had your say 47 years ago it was lying back then and your telling lies now maybe this time your doing it for money and hate what's wrong with people like you? It's all about books books money money . Trump is working for the people for nothing.

Lee Richards: GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST, gotta love Gomert, Jordan and Gaetz..


Robin Cousins: That old man is a high ranking freemason - he knows he's protected...

Ty Johnson: Nadlers health is in a steady decline and he will be gone soon

Thoughts C: Nadler sounded like Daffy Duck.
What an idiot.

nathan glover sr.: On that "Trump is incapable of achieving anything." was supposed to have "for our cabal of satan worshippers." on the end.

nathan glover sr.: Trump/Nixon
Apples/rotten oranges


vampgirl92496: Thank the Lord there are a few intelligent, patriotic Republicans in the House.

One question, What's with the music. It's distracting.

Patricia Oakes: Shut the hell up Nadler! You've already made a big fool of yourself with that damn criminal you sought to use in this bullcrap hearing!

Sharon Bowers: Embarrassing....... what a joke.

Patricia Oakes: Yes! You go Jordan! Great point putting this ass in his place! Like this fool, the democrats are criminals! That old fart is being made to eat his words!

Tina Hall: Today's Demonrats' crime is way way way way waaaay BIGGER than loser Dean could ever have dreamed of during Nixon's Watergate!

Patricia Oakes: I would trust Nixon before I'd ever trust any of those dirty vile democrats! We have chosen Trump and those vile nazis will NOT impeach him nor charge him with bogus crimes without any proof at all! They've had 2 damn years and found nothing!

Scott McMaster: Jordan, Geatz , should get a medal !

Cheri R Campbell: The NWO Communist Dems thought they were digging a hole for America & Trump. Each shovel full of dirt has fallen back in on them. Seems they were digging a hole for themselves. It is called bad karma and great karma for our one nation under God.

Scott McMaster: The Dems ,for sure , are running out of ammunition ! Bringing this fossil, out of retirement !

Rj Chavers: Nadler, time is coming for you as well.

Nick V: Nadler must go

Rj Chavers: Ghost of Christmas past 😂

Rj Chavers: Hi LL a r y was a lawyer involved with h20 g8 too.

Jeanie Rides: John Dean disbarred Old HAS BEEN CONVICTED SCUM

Mr05chuck: Dean...pathetic

Ernest Vaillancourt: That was incredible! How can no one not see these criminals covering each others asses!

dan peterson: We are so tired of politicians! That is why we elected Trump! Many former Democrats also left their party when they began to see that the Democrats were not helping people at all. They just wanted to gain votes to have power! And Nancy Pelosi proved that by her statement when she took over as Speaker of the House. " This is real power "

Sheri Dobson: Shithole of pedophiles! Nasty Nancy fraud and childraping dick in a dress pushing for mass dead babies ! Susan Collins fraud and liar fake women pushing for mass abortions ! Patty Murray dick in a dress pushing for mass murder of babies ! 98% of women in Congress are men in drag pushing for mass abortions to destroy woman's souls forever! Jeanine pirro liar and murderer! Pirro is a man pretending to be a woman for 25 million a year!

Juanita Wheat: Dems smear...author fake news to use as verification...then merchandise the lie...

Professor Heretic: Q said not to trust ANYONE making money off this movement... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^