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Bob Ama: Barr has ordered US Attorney John Huber to focus his investigation on Uranium One and pay to play. He's in Utah where all the criminal activity in the Russia Hoax was centered in Washington, DC. Why? Because Uranium One was in Utah when the scandal was hatched.

D L: I totally agree with you about BB’s comment regarding Chris Wray. I’m unnerved by it. 😏 I don’t trust Wray one bit 🥺 I’m sorry to say nobody in the Democratic Party will be prosecuted for any reason ☹️ Deep state wins 💩

chivalryfilms1: Cool !

Pip: 0:13 BCP, your face & gestures LMAO!! 🤣🤣 You are the best!

Carolyn Olinger: Should be hung for treason in time square but before he needs to pay back the 40 million he stole from the American OR PAY FOR THE WALL🇺🇸

joracer1: This bs has been going on far too long, the truth, HRC can walk on stage a dozen camera filming live proceed to cut a babies head off drink the blood, spit it out while cursing out God and she will walk, fact.... when you people get that through your thick skulls you will be far better off.....

Rise Harris: Poppa Barr Is Too Smart For “Shallow State” Chris Wray!
He’s Setting Him Up For Another Day! 😂😂

Garry Harris: Yes BCP Barr's Statements bother me also and I do not Trust Barr and I sure Know that Wray is Deep State. These Government Criminals and all involved with this Total mockery of our Justice system has to Prosecute these Criminals that even America Knows are Guilty or we have no Justice in this Country except for us peons .

Kathy Jeanmarie: 😎.....

Leslie Ackerman: Great job. BCP is a refreshing take of the REAL news.where can we find your credentials, experience, etc.

Carolyn Jackson: I can't watch Hannity, because he repeats the same talking points over and over. He puts me to sleep. However, I know (despite the rhetoric and bias) he often reveals really important facts in his reports that always prove out. Thanks for weeding through it and drawing attention to the important facts.

Johnny Tramain: I hope this was a joke or a setup because I almost threw-up.

Ally Bamma71: Seriously, 7:40 etc
He said that about his arrival as his character and whole life was put under scrutiny and his character assas8nates by the weird and dangerous physchotics that are the left. Also, you didn't hear Wray call him "my friend tha AG... "

Robert Castle: The Clinton's are a crime cartel.dito the Bushes.Mueller is totally corrupt,a traitor in fact.

mark shean: Bill Barr is lowering Wray’s defenses

mark shean: Justice should be coming

Jane Hull: You are awesome God Bless

Beau Beau: Hi all, another great day. keep smiling BCP and family.. love to all

Brent Menier: Comedy needs to be shot for his misdeeds

Mark Straeter: Can you turn up your mic? The news clips are always too loud when I turn up my volume to hear you.

James VonConstant: If you notice Bill Barr has an extended secret service detail lately.

Derek Finch: This man a true patriot a true American man his colour makes no difference he stands shoulder to shoulder as an equal with his fellow white man the fellow white man looks at him in the same way as a truly equal and a man of Truth A man they can respect and look up to for speaking the truth such a man have got away from the racial narrative and instead supports the constitution and the rights of all people whatever colour they are but he believes in the freedom of speech liberty and the Constitution of America

Palmyre Zele: Love watching your show. Hard to comment when on my phone but good commentary and supplemental videos

Janet Ellis: Love your beautiful attire, makes me feel more comfortable. Love your programs. WWG1WGA

Fogata: All those clapping guys sure look like a swamp nest, the spawn of the "special" schools 'bursaries'. Vipers and tarantulas constricting and sucking the country dry.

Rudolph Guarnacci: Peter Strzok looks like such an evil shithead. A real lunch money victim. Fuck you strozk and your horse-toothed girlfriend.

Cme Dance: I like the Trump, t shirts better!

David: This is why I say, I don't TRUST CIA Barr! Especially when he is praising CORRUPT Chris Wray! They're a bunch of Corrupt Officials. This is total Bullshit!! I'm telling you,,,Ain't shit gonna happen with BARR praising CORRUPT Wray! Outstanding Leadership...Outstanding Cover-up!

Steven: Richard Nixon was condemned by all in the media for a missing six minutes of audiotape. How long do you suppose it would take to read Hillary's 33,000 emails?

AVALON DEJAVU: 33 is also very powerful occult number. " 2 tiered Justice" -- right on!)maybe barr was just being polite to Wray :/

Greg V: Great vid as always. Please get some help with your production quality though. Sound levels are all over the place and the video of yourself looks horrid.

MauiGreenDragonism: Hey #BCP - according to #Q Chris Wray is a patriot - https://qmap.pub/players/read/32

Az Usmb: Anyone else aside from me getting sick of seeing HILLARY CLINTON's FACE plastered all over YouTube videos/cover pages??

woodandwirepiper: Could Barr be lulling them into a false sense of security? Just asking?

Laboucane Dennis: How many good assets were eliminated in China due to Hillary illegal server that a 10 year old could hack

Ronald Coleman: He probably worried about being killed. I wouldn’t trust the swamp FBI for One second. I know there are good people in the FBI and hopefully they will come clean when the trial starts.

David Oosterbaan: Lenovo is a Chinese computer electronics manufacturer. Samsung is a South Korean electronics manufacturer. Lenovo is a competitor of Samsung for the cell phone market in China. Although I am certainly not a subject matter expert, it appears (to me) that the use of the term "Samsung Lenovo 128 GB hard drive" is an attempt to hide the fact that Chinese made hard drives were being used. I wonder what embedded spyware technology was present on those, apparently, Chinese made drives. If spyware was known to have been embedded in the firmware or hardware layers of the drives, an effective cover up exercise would necessitate the physical destruction of the drives. I can not resist this opportunity to suggest that the destruction of the drives was primarily intended to eliminate the evidence of Chinese spyware embedded in the drives and not the content of the emails. Will this possible breach of national security be part of the latest investigation ? Is it too late to have a proper cyber security forensic analysis performed on those drives ? Am I off in the weeds here ?

Timothy Peterson: Strock is a communist asshole

Jennifer Gudmundson: It has been out for a very long time that a video from the Weiner laptop was posted on the dark web by a former top UN advisor who was a pedocriminal and Pompeo oversaw his arrest. His name was Douglash I believe. I forget what country they tracked him down in but Pompeo flew there after meeting with Kim Jung UN. Douglas had two children being held captive in his basement when he was arrested. Why hasn't HRC and HUMA been executed for the evidence of what was on that video????? Why???? Anyone else would be serving life in prison, at a minimum!!! Take her down POTUS and DOJ!!!

LOREN LEETCH: Please arrest her I can't wait until I see Joy Blackheart and whoopies face I want to tape that show I hope they commit suicide right on The view

alowz18 puukalot: CHEETO WILL DO PRISON TIME. That’s where criminals end up. His family except Barron will join him.

blake chattaway: watching Barr publicly blow Christopher Asher Wray was disturbing.

Manuel Rodriguez: God bless you brothe

Dana Lisa: Hillary is an abomination. I don't believe she is alive. A military intelligence source from "Utsava the Psychic Medium" revealed that witch was finally put to death, by Donald Trump, after a military tribunal on february 28, 2019. . She is so spooky, so crazy, insane, mad, with that little friendly smile, and she is one of the very worst satanists in America. After that youtube of her and Huma was seen by the NYPD, two police detectives were killed. She had to be put to death, she was a mad killer.....with a goofy smile. chilling. After a military tribunal, shillarywas executed. Thank you Jesus. that's one good thing. must be millions more of these corrupt thieving lying extortionists, to follow. Please hurry Donald. They are impossible to live with, once t hey stick their evil noses in one's life, like for example the IRS and the courts, wicked, insane abomiantions they get assigned to shut one up, if you know the truth of their diabolical system, they go into black magic murder. This commercial system is filled with witches and they must be executed. They are relentless evil. All roads lead to rome. The vatican is the head office of Satan, said ex jesuit priest alberto rivera. see his comics from chick.com or on the internet "alberto rivera comices" read VATICAN ASSASSINS by eric jon phelps, teh 5 ex priests he dedicated his book to, and some of his 1000 book bibligrapy. "Satan has all teh religons" said alberto river, ex jesuti priest, "but this one (the RCC) is his masterpiece"! the home of evil. and it controls this govt and its third party fake debt colllectors, which is how the federal reserve makes its evil money.. alberto rivera said that the Vatican has stolen many times the wealth of all nations on earth combined. It is the principal of crime and blackmail, extortion and death. read revelatioin 17 and 18, the whore of babylon is the roman catholic cult..

Nona Cee: Could you imagine if Trump had played this game?

jlh: christopher robin & winnie the pooh- Oh brother! I think they both got their snouts stuck in the honey pot -

Stew Pidasso: Remember BCP...Optics Matter!

Mark De La Cruz: Easy BCP, easy buddy. How was he supposed to introduce the director of the FBI?

Dianna Baker: he needs to be afraid people are being killed who speak the truth, Wray is a concern.

Gerald's Videos: Thanks again.