FISA Warrant Lacked Probable Cause [2 Out Of 4 Ain't Bad] UNCLASSIFIED

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Ginger Glover: Hi Michael. Thought I'd come over here and see....... ThanQ. WWG1WGA


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PATRIOT 4 PEACE BLESSED AMERICA: I'm still not getting notification of PATRIOT hour

Derek: Thank you patriots. WWG1WGA

wro4582: John Brennan peed on his own shoes.

Carolyn Dennis: WooHoo 🙌 ty Michael

Christa Neethling: Tick. Tick.

jim carden: That's 2! 2 more for judgement.

Prrrfect Minouchat: Will not allow me to leave comment,yet says 46
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Prrrfect Minouchat: Site says 46 comments,but there are none but mine.

RisingFawn214 WWG1WGA: What's up with Linseed Graham? He gave an interview and talked like a No Name and Romney!

Craig S: Any investigations and convictions that Muller did based on these false warrants need to be overturned. Then turn around and investigate his crooked team of lawyers.

Casey P: Hey Mike, a way to make some money for yours show, sell T shirts at say "Where's Barr" They will be a top seller soon.


a68riz: Salute !

sandy: We need to find these people in prison ... I have heard between the years.. who had been smeared and convicted to cover Cabals, Deep State crimes...

Jean Burk: I just finished listening to Rudy Giuliani live stream on the Patriot hour. He is putting out some news at noon. If you haven't, listen to the live stream. Judge for yourself. Very interesting about Trump being an FBI informant via his casinos. I wonder how many people are going to like that? It's a major blow to crime coming.

J: If illegals are going to vote, somebody please post a picture of a couple illegals with a sign "illEXIT, illegals for Trump." And circulate it like crazy. We need to get some of their votes

psstenigma: We need prosecution and punishment.

vitaly goji: Is FBI democrat's praetorian guard? Probably not. It's a criminal gang controlled by democrats and probably created by democrats. Absolutely criminal tactics coupled with inhuman sadistic cruelty. Who else in entire history of the world publicly burned entire village in their own country alive and imprisoned for life few survivers?
Warrants? "Misrepresentation" ? How about looking into Waco massacre? Survivers still in prison. .
We will all continue suffering injustice because we are too afraid to say a word in defense of burned alive children and their mothers as well as their fathers. They had lots of children in a church, they were against abortions, if you know what I mean.

nowonyuno: Was letting POTUS get impeached part of "the plan?"

EXQZME DERNIT: Power to the people...

lead Rain: In my opinion this only proves the fisa court system needs to go the way of dodo bird. This system has done no good for the American people

Kathleena Davis: I always hit that like for my favorite truth channel, thanks so much patriot Michael.

Teresa Kelley: I think those FISA Judges should be investigated for conspiracy to commit a coup against the Duly Elected President Donald J Trump

HARVESTER OF SORROWS: Lemme know when someone other than innocent ppl are held accountable for these crimes...When Obami is sitting in Gitmo ,the popcorn will be ready and so will i...

Timothy Vander Mey: Yes. The more info comes out the more FISA’s will go down👇

Judith Parker: Who is the FISA court accountable to??

irmern: Anyone know where I can find Rudy Giuliani's podcast at noon?

joe wood: Rudy at noon, bomb drop

Suzanne Espen: Rudy will be on at 12:00 to tell about Bidens on fox news.

David Sherbert: Well, that means half of the hoax is debunked.....what about the other half?

misty heyen: The victory. is ours through. Christ Jesus God never fails . God bless everyone .Gps bless patriot hour WWG1 WGA.

David Burton: Good
Getting there
From a trickle to a flood - Q
Thanks and best

Ryan M: I believe the fisa judges were in on it as well as everyone else

Ken Sod: Keep up the grest work ... Brotherrrrrrr

Ken Sod: God bless our Potus ...
God' bless our veterans ...
God bless our Patriots ..

North of the Rio Grande: Anyone else notice that yT took down every video of Ingraham angle from 1/22. Cant even play it from fox website.

joe wood: Ha start by arresting the fisa judges

Beta Thinker: Mike i appreciate what you do for our country. your videos do make a difference...

Scott Coon: Only the beginning PATRIOT

charles widmore: Corn Pop ready. Wait, what?

Dave Williams: You are on fire, Michael, I can feel it in your voice.