Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims says ICE raids are appropriate

Mass deportation raids are set to begin Sunday.


Captain Sal: Wow that piece of s*** was playing the race card don't look like him what a piece of garbage racist motherfuker how could you even say that to somebody that the kids don't look like yours

Belly Campana: I didn't go to court and a warrant was issued so I spent 6 months in jail for a license plate sticker

george lemoi: Yeah lets just announce it so they all run into their holes

jo phoenix: To have come here without papers is illegal!! You need a passport to enter in the first place any other way is a crime that simple !!

Chester Bee: Don't fool yourself, no mass deportations will ever happen. This is just another political stunt before 2020. Expect millions more to pour over the border and eventual free handouts on threat of violence.

Layla Reeves: They know they’re here illegally, every other single county hunts you down and kicks you out for good. It’s about time ICE goes and gets these criminals. They had their day in court and they didn’t show up for their hearing after. Obviously they were denied for a reason. It’s about to go down for them. I’m tired of hearing how babies are being ripped from their arms. Shut up about the kids, they shouldn’t be using them as shields!

Farts ‘n Sharts: Send em all packin!

Aquarium Vision: Scary sheriff

Jeremy Parsons: Come to my city in Illinois. We got problems that have been out of control. See now have AWOL military from Venesuela. We have a small army of trained soldiers here who have invaded. They are military.

Sylvia: God bless this Fresno sheriff, and all our law enforcement! Congress needs to fix the problem! LAW ENFORCEMENT ENFORCES THE LAWS. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👮‍♂️. Idiot CA LEGISLATURES.

tv503com: Dems need more slaves from Mexico ... pay min wages and get that slaves

Athena Jezik: Let's get clear.... democrats are globalists... they want global chaos, terror and poverty. They want a two tier lawless society...

Conservative Realist: CHANGE THE FN LAW and do it now !

Anthony Perez: I think the Mexicans should fight back and take over California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon Washington, up to Canada.
Fight Back this was your land and you let the White man take it away

ez1913: Garcia needs a bullet in him.

ala ska: Anyone hindering ICE should be arrested.

Steve: Time to go back home 🏠

Carrie Thompson: Congress does not care about WE THE PEOPLE anymore. They obviously care more about ILLEGAL immigrants than they do our beautiful country. Its horrifying! TRUMP 2020!

Betsy Bailey: So now we don’t have to do anything the judge says next time I go to court I am going to say that

gildas wantier: Grandma Law..
Inspires respect

Peter Rezba: Even here in Canada if you don't show up for your immigration hearing undercover immigration will track you down and deport you .
The rules are simple "Show up for your hearing" it's that simple! Those that are avoiding it obviously lied on their applications.

Fla sun: The USA is FUBAR, unless Trump can fix it. We are giving him the time and support to do so. AMERICA IS NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE

H.o.p.e Kids silvaz: During the raid take this lady to

RS1: Start with the illegal gangs like MS13. To see what democrats have said about the border on record, go to Mark Dice channel and watch yesterdays post "That sounds familiar". Obama, Hillary, Biden, Bernie, Pelosi, Schumer and more all have said the border needs to be fixed and secured. They are all liars and obstructionists.

Fla sun: The LAW has nothing to do with your heart strings and all the negative narratives the Democrats PLAY. The use American Citizens like toilet paper. Tell everyone a bunch of LIES and flush the voters down the toilet when they get to DC

Registered Democrat: Socialist Snowflake Democrats say there is no Border Crisis.

Political Outsider: Hello?
News Flash
Federal law Trumps (pun intended) CA state law.
Get em the hell outta here

Natorrie Lee: Focus on beating these 10 GOP senators in 2020: Mitch McConnell (KY) Susan Collins (ME) John Cornyn (TX) Joni Ernst (IA) Cory Gardner (CO) Lindsey Graham (SC) Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS) Martha McSally (AZ) David Perdue (GA) Thom Tillis (NC)

Dave Martin: "Sanctuary laws" should be deemed unconstitutional and therefore if any Leo's that wouldn't help any federal law enforcement should also be arrested.

Clash Of The Horns: That mexican guy is your basic democrat who uses kids and minorities for political gain and emotional high ground but basically do nothing to uphold the law

Michael DeSilvio: Repeal NAFTA.

Ironballs Mcginty: Raids should be occurring daily

Natorrie Lee: If you are a person of color I don't see how you can be a Republican

lithgrapher: Just follow the law.

Not A Nomad: The Democrats hate the American people who obey the laws.

John Blaze: Enough of the pitty party, time to clean house and stop this Marxist agenda.

Minivan Traveler: "It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks." -Jesus

jeff grunska: Dems are going to start a blood fued wait and see. Lock and load.

Peter Throp life: Tom Holman well done. ❗
TRUTH. ✝️ Now you are most likely listed as unemployble and placed on the watch list. 👀
So sad for 🇺🇲

Texas Cowpatti: Typical of these hearings and proponents of "open borders, FREE STUFF FOR ALL!" to take the low road on a "crisis" that was supposedly manufactured. While they sat on their cushy politicized a$$€$ and did ZERO. The FAULT LIES WITH THEM. GLAD to see someone throw their FAKE histrionics back in their face finally.

Worthless libs: Fix it before you won’t have to worry about fixing it. Revolution baby!!!

Kruck crusher: So tried of this dems hinting that people that disagree with they are racist.

John Krausse: Yeah see what would happen if anyone of us missed a court date. The judge would say no excuses. And that would be it. But your honor I moved no excuse. And the cat got sick no excuse. They only make excuses for illegal immigrants anyone sick of that? I am.

John Krausse: Send a message to these people period. You come to America you better do it legally or there are repercussions. You can't come to our country illegally and do whatever you want to do and not obey our laws. Time these people get the message. No more loopholes no more b*******.

Sarah Petty: This is why we need Voter ID's!!! People like Garcia, Omar, Rashida and Crazy Eyes Cortez would NEVER have been Elected into Office!!!

Savedby EL: Its all a dog and pony show. Congress could fix immigration in a minute.

mahagrant john: I have a feeling the raids will start before Sunday. Why tell people exactly when you're coming ?

Love AndLight: the Democratic Congress have plotted the blame of the Border patrol," the Democratic Congress should be in jail "( all of them) and the Democratic Congress is trying to change laws without voting on them "Talib crying because someone says illegal alien that is a congress term law in America they are trying to change laws without voting on them it's illegal they are corrupt "They vote against money that would be helping at the border" and they all should be in jail for "plotting and planning"to put the blame on the president and Border Patrol and ice, it's disgusting and we can see right through every last bit of it ... criminals running congress

Thomas Anheuser: You all know the Nazis were a governtment party right.

Christine Murphy: SHAME on our inept Congress