George Soros praises Trump's China policy in op-ed

Billionaire investor Ken Fisher responds to the U.S.-China trade war, George Soros' op-ed. #YourWorld #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel ...


xslayer14: Soros needs too shut the F#%^ up, demo-rat scumbag!!!

SGT FRIED CHICKEN: NO GEORGE SOROS, pretending to like Trumps deal will not change my mind.

ROGER CAMARGO: Beware of Trojans bearing gift. His praise is like Caesar's demise, a knife in the back. Give him to the Russians and be done with him.

Too_Short_Corte Tm: That is interesting.

Harry Manback: That ballsack praised Trump ? Find underground shelter something is very wrong !!

Clive Adams: Which means Absolutely and Utterly,......NOTHING!

John Armstrong SES/CIA Whistleblower: opinions are like assholes
everybody has one

Duke Silver: I dont believe polls.

Andy Solis: Soros man bad

offline111: Anytime Soros opens his mouth the devil speaks.

M Masseh S: Keep in mind China is alowed to buy American companies but American always been banned from ownership of Chinese companies only as conowners

Tom Price: Ken fisher Is a Genius The news Anchor really needs to be quiet and let him talk

George Hutcheson: Good bye you no good for nothing. PEICE OF DUNG. By the recent pictures I've seen ya might see another 5 yrs. I sure hope hell exist cause that's where you'll spend eternity.

Shirley Wise: These people in the news thinks they are so smart if I turned on the news and heard something good about the PRESIDENT of the United States I'D think it was take news because it never happens how sad is that

L E: Ah BS! He’s an Evil Gargoyle. Must be trying to schmooze our Pres to save his meddling a$$...

Darin Pearson: Strangely, this is the first time I can remember hearing Ken Fisher's analysis. What a clear thinker and speaker. Very impressive fellow. I'll be looking into him more.

SFP: Soros wants destabilization, he is actually betting on the negative effects a trade war would cause. The majority of his portfolio are bets against the American economy.

Mortimer Hasbeengud: George must be feeling da Squeeze? Call it a tactical withdrawal. Or the Chinese has ticked him off. George = Inscrutable, if ya consider inscrutable as America-hating?

I'm Aimée Miami: But George Soros is evil, so the opposite of what he wrote is true.

mark Anderson: Soros needs to go hide before his head comes off

elizabeth cope: Primary is not going well for Democrats. They are choking on their own tongues. You have Bernie & Islamic Linda teaming together, Hillary & Warren, etc. This is a way to get conservatives to question our President. Perhaps this is to get President Trump to lift tariffs on China. China is our enemy. Soros is our enemy. Never trust a devious country like China or creep lier like Soros. KAG, VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

Harpo Marx: Clear your throat, Neil. Nobody likes to listen to phlegm gurgling in somebody's throat when they speak.

Yaelra R.: I could care less what George Soros thinks. That anti-American, anti-Christian globalist has not been elected to any office and should have zero input in our nation.

Aaron Schnacky: Condemn George Soros

Lucas Denn: Why would anyone care what Soros has to say? Should be behind bars for life.

Mike Stanovich: 6:15 - Is it me, or does Soros look like the Emperor from Star Wars.... -?

steve villemaire: Hey George ! Go fu..... self:)

Mike Stanovich: So the stock market is not about successful companies making good products of profits? It is all about "perception"....?? Like a nuclear-sized game show staring the Kardashians?


Kristine B: Money can buy a lot of things. But it wont buy Soros any more time than he has left.... which isn't much. Pull those strings quickly Gerorgie boy. Time's a marchin'.

MattMexor2: This guy is delusional. All he sees is money. He thinks the whole China policy is about scoring political points with North Korea?

China is trying to use North Korea as a carrot. In this guy's mind perhaps Trump was complaining about America's trade policies for thirty years to set up a ruse to liberate North Korea when he be becomes President. I know conremporary politics bri gs it out in people but why does everything concerning Trump have to be conspiratorial in some people's minds? Does he really believe this?

Gregor Resch: How far will Trump Socialism go?  His $30 billion bailout to farmers is only a band aid.

Martin Ljubic: George Soros ... with the ANTIFA thugs on his
payroll, just for starters. If George should give
you praise, he has a knife in his hand behind
his back. You're better off simply being knifed
by Soros as praised. At least you won't be distracted!!
*George Soros knifes the one he praises.*
*In economics he short sells you.*
Destruction: it just follows George Soros. For
in George Soros, 'an open society' is in fact a
euphemism .... a society open to destruction.
A society ... to be socially engineered into the
image of George. Its the image of a viciously
wicked human being ....... of short selling and
knifing. ANTIFA is the spitting image of Soros.
It is indeed an image to spit at.

2Happee: NEVER believe GS!!!!

Tiger Bond: Ken fisher has intrests in china! Why does Fox have people like this on they Are not of the people!

skipstalforce: Stalin praises Sorros sedition policy in Obit

Kelvin Ambassador: After making my lion watch the Soros' story... the Lion turned into a dog. Smh

nymfe1: I wish Elizabeth Warren would become the victim of a fatal.....

S/V North Star: Ken Fisher, you come across as honest, knowledge, expert.

Stewart Professional Services: 10:11 He is so right. The free market is punishing investors who ignore a companies fundamentals, like it was bankrupt and your stock paid off. Tell me how the average stock is worth 25000 bucks now. The same people & assets that were here in 2008. This is not FDIC, like that checking acct IS protected & these de regulation & bullying the independent Fed. Republicans are really going to the stake for this team. Frankly put, the small business needs credit to make that payroll. Low rates make that hard to get going. Overnight lending between, properly cash strapped banks, is good for the system, moving money is always good.

Jesse Aaron: Cant stand soros or cavuto

osel1000: Without the Pres Trump these slime reporters are nothing!


David Garcia: OK, this Ken Fisher guy is smart and talks common sense. He is calling out the most obvious proxy player on the world stage that reveals Xi plays the DPRK against the US. This is not a new revelation, but the MSM does not like to acknowledge the fact.


Danny Char: Cavuto sad character

Alan Arnold: Sores is an example of how ppl with lots of money think they have more power and usually corrupt those with powers bestowed by the voters with backhanded

Dawn-Marie Sundquist: SOROS CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

Sick Rick: Glad I watched this, that's one smart dude

Rachel Monees: i dont believe in the polls look how many people is at his events Trump 2020 bless our presendent and the U.S.A Amen