Geraldo on 'most pathetic example of Trump Derangement Syndrome' yet

Geraldo Rivera and Chris Hahn react to Hillary Clinton's explosive accusation. #TheStory #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX ...


DirtyDigger: This woman is sexy!

Hot Mezz: Who is the bald fucktard defending Hillary

shawn workman: Let's pull the spotlight of this horrible president!!!!!

jay will: 🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑

President NotSure: I see Russian people -Hillary

vrnc M: Chris Hahn lying and having another hysterical usual.

George Henderson: 3:14 Mayor Pete has a 4 point lead over Bernie in Iowa.
And this is after AOC and The Squad endorsed Bernie.

hopndon: Isn't this Russian narrative getting old,

vman armand: if you believe anything that comes out of trump's mouth.. you're the deranged one!

S. Ivers: Plan is. Give Gabbard the Trump treatment so she gets elected. Remember what she stands for. Geraldo is heaping praise on someone who is still only the best of a bad bunch.

S A: β€œGET OVER IT” Fox

ShareThisFastDOTcom: I bet whistleblower one and two are hiding in Al Capone's vault.

michael ratcliffe: I like ! Best Dem candidate however still a dirty Dem. She has many Socialist ideas. But she is at least
an acceptable option.
Hillary has again displayed her insanity.


George Henderson: As much as I dislike Martha interrupting guests, I don't mind it at all when she interrupts Chris Hahn.

Korie Creson: Tulsi has a decent asset

Otie Brown: Let us be clear:
It is alway Hillary who has always been in a derangement state.

White Devil: Has it occurred to anyone the plan is to get Tulsi in the spotlight. She's really the only candidate on the Democratic side to not look entirely crazy.

ScentlessApprentice7: The more Demon-Rats like Hillary continue to spew their frivolous, malicious and superficial rhetoric, the more they expose themselves as con artists that will say and do anything when opposed, regardless of veracity; The whole Russia Russia Russia smear campaign didn't work against President Trump even after a 2+ year Mueller special counsel investigation, so what the hell makes Hildabeast think throwing it towards a Democrat running for president will make it seem legitimate? The decrepit witch is clearly off her rocker and needs to fade forever into the background.

Korie Creson: Chris you panty waste

Joseph N. Pollaro: democrats are anti constitution anti american globalist scum. you are on the wrong team heraldo. - Where are our missing children heraldo? do you know? do you care? we will never see these kids again and you scumbags don't care about their fate. Mi scivo.

Joe Mancilla: Trump is history πŸ’―%πŸ’₯

Travess Wolford: Chum drum bedrum for president

Nick Pannell: Where is the proof that Gabbard is a Russian Asset? That's right, their is zero evidence. Hillary is mentally ill, their is evidence of that.

Jim S: Tulsi is likeable thats why hillary hates her jealousy

allison wanda land: Im in agreement with Geraldo, Trump should give her a job, she is a great American asset now.

Steven Corey: Trump supporters have been saying it for years: "LOCK HER UP!" What's it going to take?

theStormaftertheCalm: Aside from Trump, this is a perfect example of how the globalists and their minions turn on their own. They are likened to the TV Shows of the Sopranos, Godfather, and Me Familia, where trust goes from a handshake to getting capped in the next few minutes when the target isn't expecting it. Good luck Tulsi Gabbard on insisting to remain a globalist, as you could cross over to the other side to being a non-globalist.

Jim S: From now on if I see chris I wont watch the rest Why hes so rude and repulsive talks over everybody

V B: Tulsi Gabbard is a Hijra ....look it up .

-redacted: Hey fox news. Cnn said it first. Call them out as well.

Vern Hallett: Favorite democrat? What's that all about?

misty blue: Hillary should be happy she got on the news. Think this a first time in a long time that every station reported it like it happened!Thankyou,Mrs.Clinton!

Bo Hunter: Hillary for prison............anytime now.

Ben Ten: "of the Hawaiian Army National Guard" - Geraldo Rivera, 2019


G S62: Where has Fox News gone?

Justifiable Lucario: Tulsi Gabbard: I have been accused of being a Russian agent by other people!
Donald Trump: First time?

Michel Simard: Chris Hanh what a garbage

CMo: It's ok to call Trump a Russian asset but not other democrats. Wake up. This is more proof of the real traitor. Y'all need to stand up to hrc and her machine!

Big Red: Geraldo....exactly my thinking since last week. There isn't a democrat candidate more grounded, realistic and rational, and able to clearly articulate a complex idea than TG. Yes give her a job.

Almighty Black'Man: Trump supporters have had way too much incest. They cant even think anymore.πŸ˜†πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™

needtoknow204: Trump derangement syndrome!!!

Donald Stahlhut: Hillary hates Gabbard because she sided with Bernie in 2016. Hillary is PURE EVIL

Hunt Barclay: I LOVE Tulsi! Trump should offer her a cabinet position...

International Harvester: Trump says, "Phoney emoluments clause", that is in the Constitution, nothing much for the party of 'law and order'.

vin russo: I'm wary of this. People are giving Tulsi too much publicity, without mentioning she is a socialist. She agrees with Trump about Syria, but agrees with Bernie and Warren on the economy. She wil run independent. Beware!!

Mike Tuesday: Tulsi for Secretary of State!..

TheAamax1: B O R I N G

Mark Mcgrath: We dont need Tulsi, what we need is a Native American in the Republican party.

I'm gone: It's called Post Menopause.
I am being totally serious.

Next, she will claim to be part indian.

Sam Samuels: The bald weasel is the kind of person you want to just kick in the face.