Germany considers 'meat tax' to combat climate change

Climate activists in Europe target meat; how soon until it hits America? PETA associate director Ashley Byrne weighs in. #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News operates ...


Tokyo Rose: Bet, Ashley goes home and eats a giant Delmonico steak for dinner

Ed Petrovski: A decade or two ago the EU imposed a tax on every single air ticket that took off from, landed in or flew over the EU. It amounted to an average of $50.00 per ticket--NOT per flight--per ticket. Can you imagine how much money that is every year? When asked where the money goes...or went.....they say "to fight climate change". Uh Show me where it which point they look at you like you're a real troublemaker and call you names. Meat tax? Uh huh....what's next? Bread tax, veggie tax, breathing tax.....or just plain being alive tax? Lunatics.

Tiger Bond: Using up Resources? What Resources WATER? Grass? These Are renewable! The world is covered with more water than land ! But The ENVIROLIBRALS don't want you purifying salt water because of the environment???? They talk out their AS$

swoopulater: its not that climate change is a hoax, climate change is a given reality, it's always changing, always has and we have nothing to do with it. But the narrative they leftist/liberals are running on trying to say we have something to do with it is where the problem is. THIS IS NOTHING BUT ANOTHER TAX SCAM created by the deepstate to weaken society so they can take over and control our lives without and real threat of resistance. This is just one of many fronts where they are attacking our way of life for their own benefit. Create a scary scenario convincing us that the world is coming to an end because of something WE are doing to the planet? Umm ... wait.... havn't they done this before? YES they have! 5 or 6 times now over the past 5 or 6 decades, but wait, why are we still here? The world should be gone 5 times over by now. DON'T BE GULLIBLE PEOPLE, these morons are desperate for power and wealth and are pulling out all the stops now. Total lies and lunacy here with this rediculous nonsense. Some Dems/liberals are notoriously known for their double standard and promising you one thing only to not give it, they are the worst liers.
All their examples for climate change are manipulated by some obscure scientist they paid off to manipulate or leave out information only to support this rediculous claim, it has been debunked more than once by other scientists but the main stream media won't show you that, fox has had a couple of them on testifying to this very thing. It is all a hoax designed to generate more taxes to give the government ultimate power over you, the constitution was written to prevent this EXACT THING from happening. DEEPSTATE is LYING TO YOU

Vivi A: The impossible burger is loaded with chemicals from what I've heard. How is this better for one's health than eating meat? I only get organic grassfed from my local farm.

B Rad: Funny how governments answer to this 'climate change' BS is always a TAX....... While nothing changes. If every single western country stopped emitting CO2 tomorrow, in 100 years it would have absolutely zero impact on temperatures...... Climate change is a hoax

James: Liberals answer to everything is to take your hard earned money. Why do people put up with it.

Derek Tomlinson: America was filled with millions of Buffalo, I imagine when the US was colonized it saved the planet according to this climate alarm bell ringer. If the problem is with people maybe people should stop reproducing in Africa and China, but as you know that is not happening.

Chatla Suresh: Climate activists target meat. Hungry meat eaters or lustful meat eaters? What Climate change has to do with meat eaters?
Meat as fuel in agriculture? Deforestation?
Africa, Southern Asia water pollution is poured into others names.

Tax payers paying for other's meat and water. That's immoral and lawless. Condemned.

Wine Sipper: "Go Keto"

Fin Al: This guy was so gracious and articulate in his interview style. The woman is, however, incredibly snide and snippy in her demeanor. Rude guest 🤢

Clara Nielsen: The woman here is stupid! Omg

Meow Gatoo: Cattle farming has been shown to improve soil health and the climate. Just a way to gain more taxes and poison the people (Vegan/vegetarian diets have been shown to increase/cause mental health issues and physical health problems).

Karen M: Germany has lost the plot. PETA is even worse.

Catholic Firefighter: It's Official: Past/Present German Politics Are Looney Tunes. Bdeep Bdeep Bdeep That's All Folks!

Not Real: Climate change is a hoax. Europe has always been a tropical continent and the earth isnt supposed to have ice caps so them melting is a good thing.

Whatever happened to the party of science?

cynthia jones: No. Meat is not killing anyone. It's the preservatives and crap put in manufactured foods that cause these problems. During our Great Grandparents lives, these diseases were very rare. So sick of the lies. Vegans are starving themselves, and having all kinds of intestinal problems now. The meat myth is just that, a myth. Meat and fats are essential. Vegies are not.

We The People: So now we have to rely on Monsanto grown Poison.


FreshDeus: German politics: People drive too much? Put taxes on it. People eat too much meat? Put taxes on it.
I mean, every 4th grader could come up with this idea. Why do we even have these guys?

Mundane44: United Nations
Agenda 30 in full action

They get the meat, we get the crap & the fake meat

Trucker_Pete: How does charging people more money affect the climate? What a scam.

Aerial: lol, this woman is a lying sack of dog poop.

Patrick: Germany should stop all cattle in Germany and import all their meat from Australia and Germany and we will give you all our Greens Members for free. Fix India and China and worst polluters in the world.

ʟᴏʀᴇᴛᴀ ᴀɴɴᴀ: this lady and her millions of dollars need to stfu.

Rusty Fishhook: Thats all liberals want is to tax tax tax

Nelly Nell: Meat consumption is NOT the leading cause of heart disease or stroke!
Sodium is!
And there is 2.9% of the population in cows.. they produce UP To 65lbs of feces daily, that is the max and that’s for large over fed. They usually produce 40lbs on average. So using the maximum they can produce for every cow. They’re still only producing less than double of what the us population produces. Stop lying to people blondie. I figured those numbers out in 2 minutes

Merv Stent: Germany needs all that tax $$$$$$$$$$$ to pay for does FAKE Economic Freeloaders 🖕

Noble Tarkan: 1. Humans are natural omnivores 2. over 70% of vegans/vegetarians return to being omnivores ( ie. being vegan is closely related to 'identity' and this is resolved later in life and diets change). 3. A vegan diet is not entirely healthy 4. Greenery worldwide is not decreasing it is INCREASING (more CO2) 5. This is virtue signalling and is not going to solve the issue. 6. We like to eat meat - but that doesn't change the facts.

HONOR: we need to RESET this FUCCING world

ClubMayview: Feed me some greens, methane will triple

ʟᴏʀᴇᴛᴀ ᴀɴɴᴀ: that means merkel will push it to eu and as always, latvia will be the first to comply. god, i want to be an american citizen so bad!!!

Mancal: Top killer of Americans: abortion.

zack nelson: I will still eat meat no matter what cause we are born to eat both meat and veggies but meat is better

Jack Thompson: Some people do need more laws and regulations to live with.

Blake Leishman: This stuff is why brexit is moving fast.

TheHealthPhysicist: Trumphumping Morons: "Make America Venus Again!"...and the rest of the planet, too.

America First: PETA could honestly not give two shits about the climate. They are political activists pushing their lifestyle on everyone else.

Mancal: What fools!

America First: Beware of the government that is going to solve all of your problems for you.

zack nelson: Add the tax to veggies cause it's even worse cause it destroys the land and uses more carbon and chemical to to grow the plants and harvest

William Dennison: So, lets tax everything that COULD be bad for us. Like Socialism, coffee, marijuana, electric cars, welfare, entitled Americans, baby mamas and baby daddys, etc., etc. Anyone picking up what I am putting down???

Robby D: Get ready for it America, how about that, tax food, a necessity for life?

Pat Kin: First they came for tobacco now they're coming for meat. Same script even.

America First: Now the NWO global Socialists are coming after your meat Germany. Enjoy.

Steve McMahan: This is what happens when you sacrifice your freedoms to the socialist elite. They tax the hell out of everybody in the name of the planet. And slide in the bad effects on everyone’s health. The democrats are salivating over this report. The taxes will not stop people from eating meat. Once these taxes start, not one democrat will want anybody to stop eating meat. No more than they want anybody to quit smoking or pass on alcohol. The progressives in Europe are preparing the way for the loony nanny state leftist to tax us even more.

Ho Chi Minh was a mass-murderer: Hmm.

DJ JDB: These PETA psychos need to be slapped in the face with Ribeye steaks!

Sheeple are Lame: Stay tuned for more <<< CARBON TAXES

Nate Andrews: She definitely has some points worth looking at but I fail to see what handing over tens of billions of dollars to the government has to do with solving these challenges.