Gingrich: Dems have a pathological need to destroy Trump

Former House speaker and Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich discusses the Democrats' impeachment inquiry. #Hannity #FoxNews FOX News operates the ...



Editha Brohm: Today is another episode of Democrats soap showdown shift and pelosi series of another fake story. What they,re good at lie lie to us and buddy wasting our tax payers funds. ok these lazy politicians do nothing for the good of the country all Hollywood brainwashing shift and pelosi should get out of our government office and move to California and join Hollywood fake actors who enriched themselves get their face on TV such a waste . Shame shame themself bad I feel sorry for their children and grandchildren on their dirty behavior towards other innocent human being. Nancy peloci shifty devil you. Have a heart if don,t have one. May God forgive you two for your son's. Please pay attention people of America are watching and stop hurting people all their lives. How much more you want to hurt more people do you have any feelings .

Ivory Poet: This is how brainwashed democrat supporters are:

“is it bad for a president to ask a foreign country to dig up dirt on a political rival?”
of coarse thats bad.
How about this
“Is it bad for a president to inquire about a former vice presidents possible corruption?”

whats sad is that the democommunists dont want the american people to see more positive policy by this president. stock market, record low employment, common sense policy making shows positive results and they cant stand it.

quang nguyen: God bless President Trump

Muhammad Burr: Demo rats will fail so miserably

JDB: I love Newt! He tells it like it is, yet does so in a normal monotone approach. It's not the bells and whistles approach that most others seem to take when talking about what is going on. We need more Newt and far less theatrics!

Bumble Blimfield: Dummycrat

Coffee Hound: Smith Wigglesworth (world evangelist) would not allow a news paper in his house because it was full of the devils lies. And that was before fakenews was a household word. What a prophet!

Mr X: Fellow republicans... 6 Trump associates convicted, 2 more under investigation, his personal lawyer also under investigation, Trump witness intimidation and tampering live tweets during inquiry. Impeachment is coming. Rejoice! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Jerry White: The DNC is committing treason against we the people.

Robert Luechtefeld: I've said for 30 years now that the mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat (aka Communist) Party. I'm sorry that it has taken the rest of the country this long to finally wake up to the Communist infiltration of the Democrat party. This had been going on far too long. It's about time the electorate has finally removed their heads from their collective anus.

j drizal: Is China paying for an impeachment??

Wendy Gold: No, it's a financial need. They're robbing the federal government, and how dare Trump stop them!

America is great again!: The dems are like Wile E. Coyote and President Trump is the Road Runner. They are OBSESSED with getting him, whether it's with a bazooka, a catapult, or a even a box of dynamite! And all they have to show for it is a mangled, bandaged up body and a pair of crutches! ...As President Trump, unharmed despite all their attempts, whooshes past them in a blur of dust. MmmBeepBeep!

Little Leo: Are you saying that Rudy, Roger Stone, Gates, Manafort, Cohen, popadopolous, are all Democrats? Lmfao

Curtis Baker: Dems are pathological.

People who are unable to control their actions, unreasonable.

464batman: I can watch 1 video on how to balance an egg on my nose and YouTube’s algorithms will post 20 videos on how to balance an egg on various body parts, I watch one video on how corrupt the impeachment hearings are and not 1 video pops up on my feed related to corrupt impeachment hearings. Weird huh?

W and S: Mut and Jef

William Burke: People

Nate m80: AND that's exactly why the dems are a group of twisted corruptees

mark smith: I over heard Someone say that Schiff and Soros are LOVERS

William Burke: Newt where ya been ?

Warmage Two Crows: You know, Hannity, you might wanna tell you boyfriend he should resign. He'll avoid a lot of hurt and possibly Federal prison time.


The Deli Llama: The Democrats would cut their own arm off to let the Trump fall🤷‍♂️

Terry Daktyl: Faux Gnus Propaganda TV = the graveyard of old has beens that can't relinquish the public eye.

atin eigh: Well you know what they say. A schiff prick has no conscience!!

Per Olsen: are disgusting..........this will be the thing you will be remembered of.....STUPID IDIOT

Mary Sumner: Perfect example of what happens when you "entitle" a whole generation of people to believe that whatever they want, they can have, and nobody will dare tell them they're wrong. Oh,,,,and they're SPECIAL!

Ayhan Cetin: If we did that.. Its not right

Kimberly Howard: Yes, the people who run social media, has let their employees down, the undercover tapes tell ya that, Truth isnt their agenda, sadly ratings aren't either, but taking Trump down as president and putting socialism, globalism order back in place is, someone spent many many years stacking social media as a way of controlling the media and masses and Trump threatens that oppressive control.

Ham Nukuto: You two are liars.

Ham Nukuto: You both are liars, hannity is the probaganda minister.

C-Reg Production: The pathology of these deplorable Democratic unethical actions, childish behaviors and false accusations come from their delusion of having Trump Derangement Syndrome, which the world witnesses!!! Leftist liberal liars will always lose... LOL!

Ben Stankiewicz: dont underestimate how stupid the electorate is speaker gingrich, even though we understand how crazy this is..people out there just dont pay attention, and all the while, theyve been hearing orange man bad. powerful propaganda is being broadcast every minute

David Reese: I turned Off Cable Television 15 Year's Ago.... Because I Felt Paying for Propaganda... $50/$70 For a Cable Service, And you see show's now/today on Television with The Schiffty/Schiff as The New's.... I'm so Glad I CUT the Cable..... You'd think they'd say something about it, the network/cable company's about driving customers away? I'm sure there's more than me? That are leaving as a unhappy Customer, Because of the Coverage of thing's?

Joel Sattler: The hypocrisy of Newt Gingrich is absolutely appalling.

lisa gibson: Trump is a pathalogical liar.

Ben Stankiewicz: commiekazis, suicide by impeachment

Ayhan Cetin: Its like preventing someone from taking meth

workout: Chump should NOT be in the White House in the first place SO yes get him the F out NOW

Tron Nort: Good thing hipocrisy isn't a crime.

Loren Stevens: Trump was structuring LEVERAGE.......not a bribe, or any personal gain.......nonsense...

Ayhan Cetin: They are talking about us we arent talking about them its not fair for someone who talk the most

Truffel de Buffel: The senate is going to drag this out because all dems running for president will have to be at all hearings and cannot do any campaigning, lol


Logan Gritsky: Morbidly obese, coronary heart disease Donald McDonald hopefully will DIE in the hospital. If not, his law-breaking ways from embezzlement of a charity to breaking of his oath of office will LOSE 2020 big time! After all the evidence supporting his extortionist ways Americans understand that there are many other upright, admirable prospects for 2020 presidential race. Bu-bye mr orange fatso cheater.

Robert Banister: ... Democ-"RATS" ARE FACED WITH A NIGHTMARE and that is, that President Trump will be RE-ELECTED...
EXACTLY, and WELL SAID. I just love RUBBING this in the Democ-"RATS" faces... with SALT!!!
REPUBLICANS will OWN: the SENATE, the HOUSE, and the WHITE HOUSE in 2020, up until 2024, and beyond...
Trump 2020. FOUR MORE YEARS OF SANITY, while the Democ-"RATS" scream more IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH into 2024

Rice Family: Newt is right. The Democrat controlled media is not something we can continue in the US. A few companies control what we see. Schiff is funded by Soros, the major media companies (AT&T, Disney, Warner, etc.) and international law firms (foreign contributions?). He is their agent and they are obviously coordinated in this impeachment as a way to disenfranchise voters. There is no representative government with a consolidated, politically activist mass media.

Steven Purwin: Looks like we’re heading toward civil war. Glad the Democrats don’t believe in guns. It will be a quick win