GOP Rep. predicts House Dems will kill motion to censure Schiff

Rep. Debbie Lesko slams the House impeachment inquiry as a 'political hit job' orchestrated against President Trump. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX ...


Jelly Belly: Lesko is a hateful shrew and will eat her words. Moscow Mitch is holding up many proposals votes already passed by the house. Get him to do something. Moscow Mitch is the one not doing anything. Lesko will be out soon.

JH66: I wonder if this clown realizes how big of a nincompoop he really is.

Crimadella Phone: Make sure you vote republican people, we need a GOP house majority for Trump's 2nd term!!

This Machine Kills Fascists: So the Republicans advocate censuring any politician who lies to the public. Okay: then that knife can cut both ways.

This Machine Kills Fascists: Republicans wasting more time on symbolic votes that go nowhere.

dave goldfarp: shifty schift

Gary Gilbert: Ha ha get mad if someone don't like you or speaks the truth because the truth will put the greedy Republicans in jail .

Keith Brown: Well the same thing applies to the Republicans when Devin Nunez was in charge and was doing some shady stuff and going to the White House and talking to Trump in secrecy about the plans to undermine our whole democracy process and when the Republican House had control they was doing shady stuff but now the foot is on the other shoe now ya want to whine and moan and say this is not right! Bunch of frauds! Dont worry yall all will sink with Trump soon or later and ya know deep in your heart the man is sneaky and untrustworthy and want his own personal gain for himself. Stop lying yall act like ya worship Trump like he is a God.

Nonie Vic: If they do, heaven help this country! War is coming in this country. The dems are evil, satanic beings that will do anything to stop the President. Patriots will have to act, so that the President will declare martial law.

Markos Mwendwa: GOP NeEDS to censure that Imbecile President

Tom fair: The CORRUPTION is shocking, librals have always been shady but this is crazy

Anthony Jagers: She was one of the 60 republicans who voted not to oppose Trump on the Syrian troop withdrawal.

ashley schaeffer: magaTears are delicious

WTF Again?: Awww. Trumpy got roughed up by Schiff? Hahahaha!

Nothin is getting done because Moscow Mitch won’t even bring House Bills to the floor for discussion.

Brian Neal: Put Schiff I prison where he belongs. He's a piece of crap.

Eugene Mckenzie: I love this

monroeward: Schiff isn't the one breaking the law. Trump is a criminal and a traitor.

S A: “GET OVER IT” Fox 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

Fricc 2174: Dems want Pres. Trump to look bad. So the "impeachment" process looks bad. Then they do nothing, which makes Pres. Trump look bad all before the election. Hopefully most Americans have enough sense to see past this nonsense.

Jack Mathis: Good

Wallace Hardin: thanks for wasting our taxpayers money

Wallace Hardin: made it up? Ask Mulvaney?,,,,,,,,so what if it's not open...there are Republicans there

mach one: TABLED

Glen Barrett: any other country, he'd be dead

Jack Mathis: Good

Wallace Hardin: schiff won

Inverted Reality: Of course, liars stick together!

Justin Gilbert: You can really tell 6 companies control 90 percent of all the media in the United states. And thier all anti American.

sheri ciancaglini: We will remember this! Election is right around the corner

Wayne Wyatt: Schiff and pelosi should be arrested for treason now

Earnest T Bass: Wow not one Democrat, really not surprised but they don't see what Adam Schiff is doing!!!

Retrogamer1010: You think?

Julie Roop: Just another distraction from dems to cover corruption the dem leaders were ALL involved in, in Ukraine, including Pelosi and Schiff.

D. Robbins: Thumbs down because, well, CAVUTO!!!!

Max Soon: The voters will punish RATS in 2020 as an act of disapproval and distaste of this kind of stupidity run by Schiff.

Rose Fair: It is all a sad day in n American history that this kind a thing can happen in our country.

Dimitri O.G: Mexico will pay for it!!!!

Coley Fineout: What the Left keep ignoring or fail to realize is they do NOT work for just the Left, they work for We The People! They do not and will NEVER own We The People's Government, America or RealAmericans!!!! If We The People decide there will be no impeachment, there will NOT be one!!!! We the People Own the WHOLE Government, not just one political party!!!! Either they will do their job and keep their oath to America & Americans or We The People WILL make them go look for other job😐

Steve Girardin: Can't post right now I have to take a Schiff!

shawn workman: Not just fox but others are so bias. But man come on why cant you see what's in front of your face. This thing is a joke a trump made the punch line

L Wray: Made up I guess the President doesnt make up anything when he opens his mouth to the American people, your a hypocrite no wonder there cant be any bipartisanship.

shawn workman: The funny thing is where will you all stand when he is brought to justice. Will you all say I'm sorry. Oh you poor babies. Shame on you all

rone 41: Miss piggy is a moron. Go eat a snickers. Trumps done.

Geoffrey Sari: The Swamp only looks out for their kind. Hence, drain the swamp. TRUMP2020

John Smith: Even a star player can’t pull a team of spineless idiots across the finish line.

shawn workman: And where does foxes stand either he is a cheat or not lol they say one thing and then they to say another.

shawn workman: Nothing gets done what has he done ? Nothing it's the wonderful ppl working under him that does the work they dont watch tv 247 they do their work and common the facts speak for themselves. Trump's a joke

Edith Glover: Censure this TWITT.

Iam N.: Imagine if the Democratic-Socialists didn't obstruct, what more could be accomplished? Even with the constant barrage of obstruction and bogus investigations, the President and his administration continues to accomplish more for the Citizens of the United States than any President in history; even those who served an eight year term. Take back the House. Keep the Senate. Reelect the President. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ TRUMP 2020 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Allen Mahaffey: Election time is coming,, schiffty schiff will be unseated.