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Richard Walker: Michael Moore is a genius in a bottle. Sorry I can't stand this Hamburglar.

Bernadette Almeida: The People who voted President Trump realize we were dying ,we were loosing our country our freedom our way of life all of us they were going to hold us back bringing in people that would replace us in time to come look of the billionaires involved the democrats socialist agenda was and trying to survive they are the corruption are monies being spent by the millions like Obama giving money to terrorist countries while the people in America was suffering the big cities people were dying every minute we were all going on food stamps, no jobs, gas $5.00 a gallon oil for our homes loosing homes we had people spying on all of us Ur own families. Now the impeachment play look at the 3 witness out of 1000’s experts, we stand together we will make it . Thank you Sir for sharing and truth the investigation that are being done the individual s that are working for us will all come to surface we need to keep the faith eyes and ears wide open we need to stay together for our freedom and hope and our families, make a change get them out 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✊😎🇺🇸

Acosta Films: Republicans, liberals, you name them, these stupid party’s are doing nothing in this world, they do not believe in climate change, old mate Malcom Turnbull tried to privatise Medicare (public healthcare that America doesn’t have) Scott Morrison is not doing any thing about the drought, and do not get me started with US politics, trump making fun of disabled people, racist, homophobic, sexist, saying congratulations to Poland on the day they were commemorating on getting invaded by nazis, all conservatives are pieces of crap who do nothing

Brendus29: Michael Moore. Clown Op! Clown videos.

Brendus29: Whoever said Pelosi is a smart politician. Dear me 'smart'? Ask the members in the swing districts if they think that.

Brendus29: At this stage, for Pelosi and Schiff, and therefore Soros and the Deep State, it's not about the election anymore. They simply have to keep trying to remove Trump because the Trump admin and DoJ and Q Intelligence, is sending them to jail and ending their control and tyranny. That's the priority. They don't care what people think or how they will vote, they don't care about their congress members. They just simply have to save their own skins. Too Late, the firestorm is already burning them.

mothman1967: The BIG QUESTION: Will any of these investigations go anywhere, or is this more of the years long dog and pony shows congress is infamous for? I expect the latter.

diepatrick38454: GOD Truth Freedom Family Guns. These are the ones that American Patriots love. And Equally important is that these are what Demoncraps hate

Ms. LaundryList: A bucket of spit I love it she needs to take a bath in it we need to preserve her body in a bucket of spit!

Ms. LaundryList: OMG this is wonderful. So True... We already New this. Love the reporter

Hulahoney 70: Moore has changed his tune... He is not to ever be trusted. Barr's speech to Federal Society says it all

Consider THAT with all you see an hear taking place around you..THINK/RESEARCH

MrThomascd: The dems have been whipping a dead horse for 3 years and the opportunity costs have to be staggering. No onee talks about the billions that Barry spent on the Obamacare web page ???? 1/2 trillion to a Canadian company.

Frank W: I admire Mr.BCP, but we need more data and more data dispersion if we are going to prevail. I dread the thought that the Republicans are not bringing up enough data. Why is there still no exposé after three years? Barr and the IG will not do enough unless there is another source of information.

severian monk: Pervert Biden, the wizened old corpse, has already been destroyed, although it is still walking around in a brain-dead, zombie-like state mouthing inanities, and now his supporters and accomplices are afraid the dirt will blow back on them. It will be fun to watch their contortions as they try to avoid being covered in exploding pervert goo..

Harry Schaubel: Watching Merkel's speech reminded me a lot of videos of Hitler's speeches.


Brenda Canavas: Nothing is going to happen to the real criminals or corrupt politicians except for what you see right here on YouTube.

Chaos Shaman: Pelosi is using blackmail, take her out

Chaos Shaman: keep up the great work BCPs

Hookset2490: Prediction: no matter what the Horowitz report says, there will be no indictments or arrests. The Barr Durham investigation will not yield a single conviction of anyone unless it is a low level scapegoat. I think the corruption is way more expansive than we think.

ramniv324: Trump 2020!!!

Alana Cartes: @14:28- says the WOMAN who single handedly destroyed Germany!! If I were Merkel, I would be ASHAMED to appear in public, ASHAMED to SHOW MY FACE.. SHE SHOULD BE VERY ASHAMED OF HERKURUSELF!!

Alana Cartes: Oh boy.. LMAO!! These people have NO problem chunking each other UNDER the BUS!!

Susan Steuer: The nepotism needs to stop. That is the only way this type of corruption will stop

yvon duval: Biden is a moron.the people of USA are to smart to vote for that ass would be ashame for the USA to have that criminal as president

Dean Petillo: Nothing will happen to Joe the Groper Biden, the man who Made Every One a Victim in Gun Free Zone. JOE THE GROPER BIDEN SHOULD BE HELD PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL RESPONSIBIL FOR EVERY PERSON KILLED IN A GUN FREE ZONE !!!

WW: Why is pelosi talking to the UN telling them that america is in on climate change when trump is out is that not violating the logan act

James mckissack: This blonde lady is beautiful.i just wanted to lighten this up a bit the deep state are all a bunch of liars

Richard Walker: The situation is FUBAR and that's as bad as it can get. If it gets worse I don't know what that would be.


Richard Walker: Sometimes I think I died and went to hell. Adam Shitt, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Jim Comey,Gavin Newsom, ect,ect,ect,ect,ect--------- I'm actually looking forward to having a CIVIL WAR.

Boudicca Le Duckel: Love you and your optimistic videos, BCP!

Richard Walker: How long will it take to remove all the corrupt politicians by the vote. It will never happen. There are just too many. Just use common sense. What do you think?

Richard Walker: At the end of the day, the only way to fix this horrible mess is to have a civil war to get rid of these corrupt politicians embedded in our government. There's just too many of them to deal with legally.

Richard Walker: Biden is completely out of his mind. Have you heard his Corn Pop Story? It is really bizarre. Anyone this strange should never be in government. Demonrats are seriously messed up. Civil war is brewing in the USA.

Carl Olson: Why have Hunter Biden testify when he will only take the fifth or fail to tell the truth. The Demo's have been doing this for a long yime and yes, nothing happens.

Yamile Moya: This idiot Nancy PELOSI doesn’t know Mexico’s President will send her to hell? Demanding her stupidity

mungkeygp: The Hill is reviewing Opinion pieces? Even though John Solomons reporting is accurate it was published in the opinion section. The Hill is now concerned about opinion? Very interesting.

Henry Alford: I forget to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving, I am bad, but I now live in the Philippines because I stop believing in the free thinkers in America had control. It turns out the Nuts in the Progressive Socialist Democratic Commie Party now runs the insane asylum.

IZ Ewert: Nazi are back in power in Germany, as before, they are suppressing free speech and squashing dissidents. History is repeating sad.

IZ Ewert: For my selfish reasons I hope Biden would win would be the best show on Earth to watch him debating Trump.

Ada Johnson: Solomon is one of the greats" Any time they come after you" you know your right.

mlu ccc: woo hoo!! snappy outfit.

Rose: She is crazy Merkel a real German witch!! She should shut up! never mind what the world wants .. Silly female or Male ooopsy!! just saying!!!!

Harris Anne: Twas the night before Declass ,
and all through the land,
The traitors were panicking,
they'd played their last hand.

The media was typing as fast as they could,
pushing fake news,
they were up to no good.

The traitors would be tried,
at Gitmo with care,
Durham's evidence mounting,
they might get the chair.

And Trump in the White House,
and us in MAGA caps,
had settled right down,
hands folded in laps.

When on POTUS Twitter,
came tweets by the score,
We rushed to our homepage,
hungry for more.

The tweets were explosive,
like bombs with a flash,
We knew for certain,
the deep state would crash.

When what to our Patriot eyes did appear,
AG Barr, Huber,
and Durham bringing fear.

Our AG Bill Barr,
who was a great Trump pick,
made the deep state feel nervous,
uneasy and sick.

More rapid than bureaucrats,
Indictments they came,
The AG unsealed them,
and shouted their names,

Now Brennan! Now Clapper!
Now Obama and Ohr,
Clinton, Pelosi, Shifty and more!

To the plane, bound for Gitmo,
The traitors they call,
Now try them, Now try them,
treason for all.

As they leave Gitmo bound,
The plane in the sky,
to meet their just fate with no wonder why.

So on to Gitmo,
The traitors they flew,
A plane full of evil,
some media too.

And then in a moment,
they were gone, just poof,
We knew it was true,
With every Q proof.

As we drew in our heads,
and mulled it around,
justice was swift,
When it finally came down.

They were dressed all in orange,
from their necks to their feet,
When Durham was through,
they'd really feel heat.

Durham's eyes how they pierced,
their sad dreary faces,
his questions like daggers,
thrown from ten paces.

Their mouths were drawn tight,
Their heads hung so low,
they stammered and quivered,
with each Durham blow.

The incriminating evidence,
he shared as they shook,
would be their downfall,
for all that they took.

He had a stern face ,
and serious demeanor,
they were frightened as hell,
he had the laptop from Weiner.

He had crowdstrike, Assange,
The case was a lock,
and they cried when they realized,
what was meant by tick tock.

A flick of his wrist,
The click of his pen,
apparent to all,
this was the end.

He spoke many words,
and continued his task,
of bringing them down,
and removing their mask.

He pointed a finger
at all the accused,
when Patriots stand tall,
The traitors will lose.

Then I heard him exclaim,
as he turned out the light,
Patriots win,
when Patriots fight🇺🇸

Ada Johnson: Good news" Give me more.

mary Lewis: Obama wants his so called wife in the White House!!!!

Rose: Good news ,praying for the real criminals to be accountable soon ..God bless you 🌷🌷🌷💖

Richard Walker: John Solomon has documentation to back up his investigations. MSM will lie as usual and poison the minds of the American people. They are the enemy of the American people. Civil war anyone?