Gowdy angrily questions why FBI treated Flynn, Hillary Clinton differently

Former congressman and Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy reacts to released FBI documents on the Michael Flynn case. #FoxNews FOX News operates the ...


Josh Hadley: Democrats: Break every law in all out war to remove sitting president.
Republicans: Shame on you!
Democrats: Count me in for Thursday's golf game.
Republicans: Sounds great, see you then.

Scott Phillips: Kimberley Strassel drops a reality check on these lefty media clowns... Strassel deserves a award for her reporting...

Ohio Storm: There had better be prosecutions!

Matt Gallaher: It'd be very interesting to see what would've happened if Gowdy was the current AG! I'd Love to watch him take them All down! Hillary, Comey, Sztruct, Page, Lunch, Schiff etc! For Flynn & TREASON!!!!

[email protected]#Guilt: Never ever ever speak to law enforcement for any reason.

Dannys Book: Turns out the FBI is the devil in the details. What a disgrace.

robert liguori: Did I hear right, did Trey Gowdy say there won't be prosecutions??? You mean these scums of the earth who ruined people lives and attempted a coup are gonna get away with it with a reprimand?? That's all Barr and Durham investigations are going to lead to???


Yamile Moya: These evils need to pay prosecute them!!!!!!!!! They belong in PRISON!!!!!!!!

stenka rasin: Those documents do a lot more than just raise questions, they reveal a degree of contempt for the laws and the constitution of America that's way beyond just arrogance, more like treason.

James Gardner: Gowdy for president 2024

Rena Harrison: Who wrote that note

joesstockmail: and clinton still owes her attornay's money ..

Tom fair: Im shocked, for decades ive stood up for these agencies, called them hero's and all they are is blackmailing thugs.... Please President Trump, tear it down and restart from the bottom up

Linda D: We are sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!! We need to see Justice🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

L Stone: Trey has been bought.... How disappointing..so has this station

Sassy Desktops: Trey Gowdy , another political guy conflicted between loyalty to country and the party.

Rick V: So Gowdy saying they all will get away with framing people. Did I understand him rt.

Andrew: Why you ask Mr. Gowdy? The Deep State needed to frame Flynn to frame the President, because they knew they had nothing of substance to work with. The Deep State perceived Flynn as a threat to their covert operation Crossfire Hurricane (remember CIA agent Carter Page?). Further at that time they had gotten away with framing Carter Page and framing Flynn would prove useful to shaping public opinion through DNC owned MSM. Think about it, how else could they have justified or pulled off the two year Muller witch hunt investigation without framing Flynn? Their lies depended on Flynn having knowledge of illegal activity between the Trump campaign and Russia and hiding it. Hell in their devious attempts they even brought Don Jr. into it, stopping at nothing. All to smear Donald Trump and either impeach him or as is the case now, spoil his odds of being re-elected for another term. It's all surreal, like something a person would expect from a mystery detective novel, makes Water Gate look like child's play.

Ealy Mays: Extremely sad to see crazy people running things.

tony Turner: So basically four years later talking about the same stuff and nothing's going to happen, just like I thought why do I even bother watching this stuff

SA ME: Remove that worthless traitor Wray and hold him accountable for obstruction for 2-1/2 years. All traitors in the intelligence community plus Senate committees.

GeroLubovnik: The investigation, indictment was in 2017... Why did it take so long for these documents to come forward????


ken james: Trey is 'Hopping Mad,' he's so mad his hair still won't move when he hops! Great 'Product, Trey! 🧒😂😂

peace to all: How the hell is that not a crime to set an innocent person up and to lie to the fisa court? How the hell is not sharing documents when legally bound to share them is not a crime. Stealing 40 million from American taxpayers with false pretenses and ruining people's lies are not crimes?? Shut FISA DOWN NOW.

Love_Truth_Freedom: You’re wrong on one thing for sure Mr Gowdy... the crooked cops WILL pay!
The game has changed... it ain’t played like it used to be played.
Heads are going to roll.
Like the President said... this will NEVER happen again.

Thomas Markee: Hilary has strong knees and soft lips.

Edwin Buck: The best thing Trump can do is to pardon Flynn then hire him to run the FBI. This should scare the hell out of every DEEP STATE

Cut the Crab: no prosecution ? an FBI agent behaving badly ? Gowdy can't seem to find the forest between the trees !!! Let me help ya...
When a person in a position of power abuses his power, that's already a crime that deserves more punishment that the average John.
When the top level of several of these institutions clan together and conduct it on large scale, it's called T.R.E.A.S.O.N.

Jaso Foo: Remember when Nancy Pelosi ripped up trumps speech in front of everyone !? I do , that lady is part of this coup Attempt and needs to be fired !

Steph Watson: The Honerable Mr.Gowdy earned his paycheck on that one. Interviewed by his employers but nice touch.

KJS FL: Kinda ironic coming from the man who let Hillary slide in the Benghazi investigation.

Steve: I think Mike Flynn needs his job back

kellerrobert80: Gowdy for FBI Director. Pass it on.

Win2LinConvert: If you agree that those in authority over "We the People" should be held to the same, if not a greater degree of accountability than "We the People", please give a like and share this with as many people as you can. Maybe enough people will see it and begin to demand that it be so. Most importantly, please be in prayer about it. Thanks.

Shelby Cobra: I assumed this was treason. They can stop calling Michigan protesters terrorists now. We have the right to overthrow the government with impunity apparently if we have a federal job

Pete A: So Gowdy does not believe there should be prosecutions. I believe he lacks common sense and is not a good Judge of predictable human behavior. There will certainly be more similar abuses unless those who commit them are prosecuted. What happen to Flynn was purely abusive and partisan. If that undesirable behavior is not severely discouraged, the absence of such action will only encourage it in the future. My opinion if Gowdy has now slipped into the Pansy Graham catagory - worthless talkers. What of substance have either of these two accomplished in their political careers?

___: Gowdy looks like Ellen Degeneres, that pink shirt and tie are not doing a thing for him.

Mac 11700: What Durham and Jenson is doing is to see if these people have broken the law. They are trying to tie all of these officials together and show that everything they have done is connected to a common goal... a single purpose if you will. That purpose was to keep Trump from winning the election by not procescuting HRC, smear then Canidate Trump and when that failed, remove a sitting President from office on fraudulent charges. They used their mockingbird media friends to make sure only negative reporting was given, 99% negative coverage , and allowed it to continue through the 2018 election process to get the majority of the House. When they failed to get the Senate majority, they put renewed efforts into going after the President and his supporters. When that didn't stop the President they brought in Mueller and that failed to work and the Presidents support kept growing with the best unemployed numbers, the highest stock market , and less not forget, just like his rallies, the biggest ever... In November of 2019 Nancy Pelosi was in China and in December of 2019 Covid-19 was released and here we are now...

There are no coincidences in Washington DC politics folks.

Robert Johnson: FBI was crooked. FBI is a joke just like justice.

Patrick Archer: Gowdy pussed out when it comes to prosecuting the criminals in the FBI and DOJ. Gowdy is definitely suspect. I suspect there is dirt on him.

henry newton: Hey Trey! It's easy, with Flynn they had evidence, with Hillary they didn't.

Vince Moreschi: Mark Zaid you are a liberal piece of dung. I was a real cop for 35 years I know whats right and this ain't it. FBI couldn't work their way thru a Family squabble without calling a Judge or killing someone.

Shelby Cobra: At least he's honest

Frank Martin: Wow - Gowdy really believes the FBI actually thought Donal Trump was colluding with Russia and this justifies everything they did??? If that is the case, we need to fire all of these FBI dumb asses

opugilist: Welcome to our world, Trey.
Why is she also treated differently from Charles Manson??

Pete O: You don't lie to law enforcement.
You don't lie to the VP and say you didn't discuss lifting sanctions with the Russians when you did.
You don't admit to wrongdoing if you haven't done wrong
You don't lobby for foreign governments without declaring it.
The guy is dirty but is going to get a pardon from Trump because Trump likes him. Why bother with all this b.s.

idoj654123: Is this Trey Gowdy guy the rightest-media's carbon copy of Anderson Cooper? Tell me it's a coincidence.