Graham reveals Trump's possible Bolton replacements

President Trump ousts National Security Adviser John Bolton over disagreements on Iran, Afghanistan and other foreign policy challenges; reaction from ...


Marvin P: its about time that warmonger meet up whith his deeeepstate budies and gotojail!!!!!

DeadShot: Look how quick y'all are to turn on people just like the snap of the finger and point it with the label "neocon." I really don't get this section of Republicans. I ain't no neocon or lib either so don't point the finger at me.

Dwight Charles: Mr. Graham thx 4 having da Presidents back! U never use 2 n dats fine that was da past what counts is da here n now!! Trump 2020 maga=kag BABY.

Michael Scardino: 18 year's later and Military Industrial Complex Globalist International Banksters continual Wars and Conflicts around the world they NEVER STOP and the US Military are the whores used for their take over NWO plan. Stop sending American sons and daughters to fight BS LIES of Wars and Conflicts

Valentine Brooks: Lindsay please take the job of Trump's national security adviser, so we can get rid of you too.

Chuck Reid: Lindsey such a two faced Queer....! Flaps in the wind like Michele Obama's Nutt-Sack.....!

Michael Hubbard: This guys a moron

virginia doan: I always thought Bolton was a war mongerer. He appeared to have one answer to all disagreements. Military action!!. Killing ias not the answer to all conflicts or differences. We don't need to ;put our young men and women in harms way or innocent civilians,

Anita Roosen: Talking with fireign leiders to achieve goals whether you like them or not is called diplomacy. It’s a start and can lead to good things.

Carl Hopkinson: General Kellogg or General Mills...what a breakfast choice.


Bob Doughnut: Leningrad Lindsey seem to have forgotten Obama didn't end the war in Iraq Bush signed the paperwork to end that war before Obama walked in the office.

Paulm The Truth Seeker: Give it to Tulsi Gabbard

Christopher Timmis: Trump's cleaning out all the cockroaches from the White House.good job trump.

Raven Tempest: How bout seeing some indictments?

Joe Meyer: Remember Huma whispering in Lyndsey’s Ear? I do. . .

John Wallace: "next question" lol

Rafed Karim: Vladimir Putin is a thug and a war criminal in Syria and Ukraine and Georgia. Neoconservatives and Vladimir Putin must go.

great outdoors: Trump.....Such a disgusting perverted little man

Kim Anh Tran: John Bolton … The thing is who you working with? Then why not doing the job?? Why fight back to your boss?? President Trump he wanted to use to his advantage during negotiationsIt’s. Must show your respect if not it not work out well, be honest with the President not to argue and thinking you are the big boss!! A lot of idiots scumbag they use to broke the law…Russia…Russia…Impeach…Impeach…No wonder so many people are always so stupid keep break he law against President Trump for 3 years from now!! Drain the swamp!!

Joeh1154: People in DC are fungible, full stop. Next!

Alex Bold: Donald Trump has lost and fired more cabinet members than the last five presidents combined in their first terms. If he is such a great leader as he and his supporters claim I wonder his lag of picking the right people?

Rob123 Houton: Trump lie every day on TV evil man and look what you just did don't want the the hurricane victim to come to the US he now you calling them murderers rapists and thieves that's sad

Duke Silver: General Flynn

Shahin Gransar: Graham is such a hypocrite.

Puttentane Same: Unconventional = Whack Job…..poor Lindsey is sucking wind (as usual)…SAD

Matthew Q Martin: That's what Bolton gets for using back alley tactics to politically gain support for his agenda. Another pathetic "leaker", his desired goal was to garner public support to escalate the Afghanistan presence and conflict, while the administration was trying to DEescalate. While Trump publicly tries to send a message to other countries, Bolton publicly sent a different message altogether. Bolton was nothing short of a complete loose cannon, and it hurt our international negotiations and ultimately national security.

behind eNemY lines: Who cares about what Graham has to say?

dee jay: Trump asked for his resignation or he would have fired him


Fred M: Trump now boldly takes money from our military to put it in his own pocket!! At what point you would question your American values? At what point you would doubt your hatred for 70% of your fellow countrymen? Stop hating America. America does not hate you. Trump is a plague on this land.

Ray Flo: Can we proof it. Remember the lies on Syria. Syria won the war there and then gases the children. Assad it not stupid , only the sheepe that believes that.

nora arrowood: WTG MR. GRAHAN

Vietkong Fire: Lindsey Graham is as deep state... This guy is the same zionist warfreak like Bolton .. We dont need people like these selling war every opportunity they open their mouths..


South Bronx, NY: Graham was a never Trumper he plays nice cause he wants to be president in the future.....NOOOO WAY TO THAT GLOBALIST HOMO!!!!!

Chacko Thomas: Marundanmalayali

Perry Keith: Linsay is an opportunist he's like that female than look for the guy who can help her.. But I love him

Kathy Vogel: Graham obviously doesn’t know that he’s going to prison for treason for colluding with Russia before the election. The republiCONS colluded with Russia and they all are going down all the way down

sandra wilkinson: Graham is such a really good politician. This news putz is talking about chaos in this administration? It takes times to get these warmongers out of there! Trump KNOWS what he is doing. Trump wants to build bridges - not go around murdering thousands of people because we choose to!!! Geez - since when is NOT starting wars a BAD thing?

William Cargile: Fire Fox....

Jon Dunmore: Look at this: a dickless twat, talking about a chickenhawk chickenshit, that worked for a piece of dogshit.
So many layers of fuckdom.

Linda: There are 100 senators, but why is it that this man is always available to give his opinion. Frankly I would like to see someone else besides Graham . Lindsey, give someone else a chance to speak. Your opinions have grown stale and insincere.

Arba Happihr: WHO controls The WHITE HOUSE? WHO is the real Gold finger?

Dtradr: Lindsey two years ago '' Trump is a bigot and unfit to be the president '' ……..

mí dolor de cabeza: no more war, need peace.

Lily Bling: Love Lindsey Graham. Says it how he sees it. Please dont chnge.

Myl1ttleworld: "He's unconventional, in a conventional way"

Dipak Basu: Tulsi Gabbard is the best candidate for the NSA position.

Maggie Thompson: It was an insult to ALL Americans they murdered one of our soldiers