Gulf Coast braces for Barry and more than 20 inches of rain

More than 200 floodgates have been closed along the Mississippi River; Rick Leventhal reports from New Orleans.


sam cullin: We all suffered through 8 years of Berry.

Manette: Barry has done more severe damage than this forecast .

Rabinowitz Shekelstein: How about we stop sending Israel $38 billion in “AID” annually and use that money domestically?

SCIENCEoverRELIGIONS: Oh it's time for black people to rob and loot again ...

jlwftl: I hope no looting this time . If its not yours do not take it.

Dat 337 Boot Boy: This is heading my way much later this morning and around noon time

Justin Meyer: We already had 8 years of barry.

Scott Rickhoff: So which is worse, building a house on a flood plain or buying a house on a flood plain? D’ahhhhhhhh

Enryu: this would make a good porn title

Nunya Biznass: "Hurricane" Band of Heathens

Made In USA: 20 inches of Barry lol. Shouldn't this be a story for Anderson Cooper? It's some rain folks, get over it.

A STL: Not Barry


Eric Beltrami: Harp technologies. Don't mess with the Deep state, obviously they have classified technology that can really mess up your day. This is some cabal and Illuminati nonsense. More sacrifices for moloch?

jean themilitaryhistorianbrony: This is why Im glad I dont live in the south. The weather sucks there.

Donn Lowe: Are they going to question authorities about gun confiscation? The last time this happened they were taking guns from legal law-abiding citizens. That should not be allowed!

ig33ku: Goddamn Barry is coming over. Hide the beer and dip. Who invited Barry again?

Vincent Blanchard: I hope people have learned from last time and will make sure to put themselves in a safe spot.

Hyppolyta Warrior: Expect a bunch of looting

Linda Easley: "Shelter in place "
So you will be trapped in your home when the flood waters rise and possibly drown

JEFF JACK: Theyve been spraying chemicals on the gulf coast in Texas. I bet that hurricane turns and comes toward Texas. Any takers?

Michael Macluskie: I was 11 years old in 1953 and living on the East Coast of Scotland when we suffered the worst storm that I have never seen the like of since and it covered the East Coast of Scotland and England, we lived on a small Farm in Scotland and the sea water was one foot of the top of our House....all electricity was out, drinking water was contaminated, telephones were out and public boxes were completely submerged, livestock and domestic pets were gone, people were gone, it was a scene from Hell....we were a little bit lucky as we had an old Salmon fishing Station boat called a "COBEL" if I remember the name right, which could carry about a dozen people which we picked up here and there and we sheltered under a heavy canvas tarpaulin cover...when you looked around you 360 degrees was just nothing but water with wild white crests being blown across the top by massive winds, there was no sign of any land....we were on our own for days before the weather receded and help started to get through, but by the time we got back to where our home was there was absolutely nothing left...we were totally on our own...and in these days there were no Mobile Phones or any other electronic devices as we have today. And today all these scare mongers that are on the TV nearly every day saying that its global warming thats causing this unnatural weather due to fossil fuels etc etc....during that time in 1953 I never heard one word about Global warming I just heard people saying things like "Its a natural disaster that we can,t do anything about" its a bit like today the Ozone layer opening up to allow sun rays in to melt the North and South Poles and to let all the Gases that we and the animals that we live with out of our atmosphere and eventually the ozone will close again which it has been doing since the beginning of time. Natural disasters are not caused by man....stupid and selfish Engineering disasters are caused by man and are responsible for more deaths globally each year than natural disasters do.

Chatla Suresh: Stay back there. Bust be safe and vigilant.

James Smith: Carlin, I think, was right about hurricane names. Forget Barry, this storm should be named Thunderfucker. That way, people will take it seriously. Also, Rick needs to lay off of the bourbon. Lol.

Nader Alqam: Can we get some rain in California??? Thanks

iBiana Doubt: Home and business owners securing Barry erections in anticipation of his arrival.

long so: Barry sounds like a very cheerful name not like something of a destructive hurricane

jwayne2k: 1:37.. forgive my ignorance.. but there are thousands of troops but only a 1 foot wall of sandbags... I know it's very long but is there a quick explanation of why the sandbag wall is the same height as I do in my front door in SoCal when it rains 6in or more

sky tludek2: Climate Change. "We Only Just Begun" by the Carpenters

89 Hybrid: Why do people live in a place that’s on the ocean and is 19 feet below sea level. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.



Mário Botelho: Storm Barry is what those "hotdogs" said when Barrack requested their services.

Lucky Franky: Flood Gates!😲 Sound pretty racist 🐟

Retired Warrior: Waiting for the Climate Change idiots to start commenting.

jo land: Just when you forgot all about him, his legacy down the gutter, is he coming back!

Lisa Alben: I thought this was an announcement that Barry is getting Braces.

Einstein II: Neno Calvin and M3RE dropping to many bodies, god is sending a message.

Miranda Miranda: Don't hold your breath for help.There is another Republican in office.

burdickd2: Prayers . . . . . . but, WHY are people still living in these areas?

MIke The Wood Worker: Fox News fake news

Angela Lebeaux: This comment section is a travesty. Don’t scroll down.

Gerald Stow: The reporter on the ground in New Orleans talked like he had marbles in his mouth

justin time: Draw a red line. Barry knows red lines work.

Camille Triboulet - Hall: Friggin' jerkoff news puppets.

Poschet0423: Might be a good opportunity to get in some target practice.....

Poschet0423: Wonder if this storm gonna produce any "floaters"?

Ali Baba: Stop cutting trees🌲🌳🌴 it will stop the storm ⚡

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