Gutfeld on Bloomberg buying Instagram influencers

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg admits to paying people to post satirical memes on social media. FOX News operates the FOX News ...


Aonoymous Andy: Bloomberg is pathetic

Dick Blather: Americans fascination with the rich and powerful celebrities is what brought this country to the brink of collapse of Rule of Law (that means we have a Constitution, not a dictator). You saw him on TV and you were impressed by his lies because you are gullible (that means you believe anything you are told). He is not a good president because he is a horrible man. Bloomberg has more money in his piggy bank than Trump ever saw. I don't care anymore if the world is run by Billionaires, just as long as in ain't Trump. Bloomberg2020 because he can beat Trump.

J Lew: Miserable malcontent American they Bernie Bros or wrinkled old retread hags from the 1960s......the entire lot of them are the most feeble pathetic bunch of socialist wannabes on earth. They wouldn't last 25 seconds in a genuine socialist setting in a real socialist s-hole country.

Craig Williams: Apparently, Juan has never read about the good, old days in US Politics and how the Founding Fathers used to say things about their opponents that would make the WOKE choke! Anyway, the Do-Nothing Democrats can’t rig or purchase this election. KAG 2020: God bless America and President Trump!

Joe K: YouTube has been forcing unskipable ads for "Bumberg". It isn't going to change my mind YouTube. Trump 2020!

Michael Carr: What is weird is that these dem. candidates want to fix our booming economy.

Kyle G: Bloomberg isn’t self-conscious about his hight but every time he steps up to a podium he stands on a 6” box. If you prefer, a platform but I like box. I reeeeally like box. Trump2020

Adorably Deplorable: When Obama told McCain, ‘elections have consequences’, the real fight started. So, Juan, you might want to re-analyze your argument.

Sykokiller: No one can outdo the Master Troll Trump

Beta Boot Camp: "I'll vote for ya....Just pay me"

Adorably Deplorable: Bloomer, bloomer, bloomer.

Garden Devotions: Juan, we're not bots. We are real people who think memes are a fun way to get our message past the social media overlords.

MoreCowBell: Gutfeld is a nobody!

TSammy: Bloomberg is a tyrant with a Napoleon complex. Ask any New Yorker

Robie Billy: Hildaroid already tried to buy the Presidency, Americans are hip to dat chit

R Fuhrer: He can buy my vote ! It will cost him 1 million dollars !

Danny Sullivan Music: I was at an ATM and this old lady asked me to help check her balance, so I pushed her over.

Joshua Meadows: Isnt " influencing" the same thing that we accused Russia of doing as " interference"?

Brandon Cameron: Juan starts talking I stop listening.

Pat B: Where's AOC bashing a BILLIONAIRE paying for memes?

Jeffrey Jennell: mini mike is a parasite of the American society. no thank you. Trump 2020!

SOULFORĖSAKER: Once again.. Democrats rely on social engineering.

Dr. Beau Hightower DN: Wait you guys are getting paid?

SwapPart, LLC: Paying people to spread his propaganda and lies. Not surprised.

Paul H: Michael Bloomberg is a self-made billionaire. Donald Trump is a spoiled trust fund brat who has driven three companies, a non-profit organization, and Trump University into bankruptcy.

Olde Farte: Gloomberg ain't gonna make it.

Willie Robinson: The big mistake leftists make with Trump is they grade him on style. I have read several interviews with business people that have shared a negotiating table with Trump. He is a beast and knows how to work people.

That’s the type of President I want representing America. I don’t care how he does it. I just care that he’s trying to do it.

avegoodtime: I bet Bloomberg will show us his tax returns

Nathaniel Menchaca: My Twitter account is classified as a bot account because snowflakes report me if disagree with them. So I hope no one really thinks there are Russian bots everywhere

Bob Evans: I wish i could get fake news fox off my cable line-up. Support your impeached president at all costs.

Dennis Lawrence: Pootin/ Trump conspiracy to take down American Democracy.

bansraj mattai: Democracy by ads. No need to make your case live!

Dennis Lawrence: The Republican Party, the Traitor Party, selling out America for Russian Rubles.

Jason Rakoci: Hopfully hell boot narracisitic Trump the hell out of office!!!

Thomas Smestead: China Mini Mike.
Biden might wanna a sniff.

Over the edge: Why hasn’t Bloomberg in any of the debates ? Of wait, that’s the right. 💰💵💰

Greg Pek: Again Juan gets it 100% opposite.

Laura Jones: I wouldn’t vote for Bloomberg for dog catcher , couldn’t do that to the pups .😂.. but I’m so sick of seeing him on YouTube , sometimes I can skip it but most times I just click off the videos.

Dennis Lawrence: The Republicans, recipients of Russian Rubles through the N. R. A.

Dennis Lawrence: The Republican Party, now the Party of criminals.

Papa Rooster: Of course he did, thats what a rich controller does. He thinks money can buy you his idea's. Ugh. Disgusting. Why not just take care of your employees starting at the bottom, and give millions to boost them up.

Carolyn Dennis: Trump is the Greatest thing that’s ever happened in America

aroyaleable: Gutless is 5'5", a cradle robber, and looks like a naked mole rat.

Mountainwolf01: That’s the problem they cannot beat Trump with deeds they try to beat him by lies and buying people

Max Pain: Every time juan talks a toilet gets flushed.

Randy Fuentes: FALSE FOX NEWS

CeBePuH: The left can't meme

SIlive: Bloomberg doesn't hate Trump "so much". He just loves Bloomberg so much more...

Matt Smith: He could pay me 50 million to say. No

T. Noel Trudell-Kays: "Diamond and Silk" anyone?