Gutfeld on Gov. Cuomo and the nursing home scandal

CNN host doesn't ask New York governor about nursing home deaths. #FoxNews #TheFive FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business ...


mark rizzo: the Cuomos,dumb and dumber.

William R: Don’t get riled up by his words - after all it’s the dumb brother, Fredo. “Im smaaat too”

good morning: The human population is out of control.  It has to be massively reduced, and will be, either voluntarily or involuntarily with pandemics and war.  The single thing standing in the way of a rational solution is religion, which inhabits a fantasy world of spirits and gods who are imagined to be supervising this whole business.  Well guess what kids, that story is false.  It’s up to us to fix this mess, and no one else.

john p: If the people that think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread wouldn’t think so if they lived here in New York. He’s bankrupting the state and causing business to fail. He like the Cuomo hour every day.

Abe Kampman: ahh, the chomo goofs.

Scott Harris: Nursing homes fought it. Government forced them.

Jackson DOT TB: Alright, sorry I insulted rocks, how about - they are as about as sharp as a marble?


DarkRelapze: Democrats: HEY WAIT! That was my back-up, back-up, back-up, back-up candidate. Are you telling me every person I keep trying to vote for is ruining their chances? Well hurry and find some other person to tell me to vote for, or else Trump is going to win. HURRY! I don't care who it is, just give me a name. I'm ready to play my part as an American, and vote with my conscience and deep understanding of the world!

john p: The nursing homes saw money and Cuomo probably got a kick back, he’s a known crook

mij cirtap: he was never sick BS

john walker: Good thing Chris’s trip through the Hamptons on Easter, while violently ill from Covid 19 wasn’t responsible for spreading the virus. Thank God Democrats are such bastions of moral fortitude and so gifted with the ability to tell everyone else what’s right.

tam nguyen: How come CNN And New York times and democrat they always leaned to speaking backward anyone looking forward or they are picked and try to blaming someone

Win2LinConvert: "We the People" must not forget, or forgive, the abuses of power, and violations of the rights, liberties, and freedoms of "We the People", committed by any and all elected, or unelected officials, or civil servants!!! Governors Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newson, Gretchen Whitmer, Phil Murphy, Roy Cooper, Ralph Northam, Janet T. Mills, J.B. Pritzker, Andy Beshear, and other governors, along with every mayor, and law enforcement officer, and any other elected, or unelected official, or civil servant, that have in any way violated the God given, or Constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties, of "We the People", must pay a heavy price for their crimes against "We the People." At the bare minimum they should be arrested, prosecuted, and aloud to rot in prison!!!

Law enforcement who enforce these violations of "We the People"'s constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms, are just as guilty as those who give the orders to do so. I was just following orders is not an acceptable, nor valid excuse!!!

spybotist: Cuomo lawsuits?

James Fehr: the bicycle incident happened right on the road in front of where Fredo is building a new mansion according to the elderly guy he confronted

philip knappe: juan , cuomo is popular because all dems are useful idiots like his bro fredo...and you juan

Marie Doremus: 😡😡😡 jail

john p: 2 f*cking jokers

Joseph Reed: They killed senior citizens to increase the number of deaths. They knew that would happen. Evil wicked mean and nasty people, (Democrats)
In a fair legal context, they should be charged with manslaughter.
God save America from the Democrats.

Dan C.: Who says Gutfeld ?? ... show us documented (i.e. , proof) cases of infectious people with "active" COVID-19 being transfered to temporary care home facilities ... prove it , prove why you are trying to make people believe ... no doubt many non-infectious recovering cases were transfered from hospital to temp. care facilities just like always , a stop gap between hospital and home during convalescence ... prove it Gutfeld , just your accusations does NOT make it true ...

ASONA GOD: Chris broke quarantine.

Sebastian Volland: Science based ???, Cuomo ??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

chris anderson: Nothing but garbage on Fox News

Steven: Cuomo gets TV time because he's a Democrat. People in New York state take this guy's a fool

Eric Barnes: Chris Cuomo is a stupid SOB.

Rosseo B: one way to reduce your pension payments going out

scrappy pooh: Bc they needed ppl to die not recover. Just for the numbers!!!

Yousif Abo: It’s shame on you that you’re laughing loudly like a stupid while American citizens dying from pandemic.

Father Gabriel Stokes: Always love double uploads of The Five

craig sawicky: How Many Nursing Homes are Not "For Profit" Run By Corporations? What Is The Likely Financial Gain From Federal Funds For Them ? Sending Those Patients Elsewhere,To Federal Facilities Would Have Resulted In Reimbursement,Or State/City Getting Funds?

P. F. Fear: Like Fredoe ignored his quarantine❓😧❓
Was he even infected with Covid19❓😱❓
Or was it just more CNN fake news❓😡❓

Frisko Jack: Trump needs to take responsibility for this disaster response. He can take credit for the economy but not his response to the virus.

Ernesto Moran: Oh...and Dana, you look so beautiful today!!!

James Garvey: Where is the list of NYC hospitals with admitted patients, number of deaths, and the percentages. They will be SHUT DOWN FOR LETTING PEOPLE DIE AT SUCH RATES. OR RUINED. AND SHOULD BE SUED INTO CLOSURE.

Reischa Parker: Shame on you Greg Gutfeld. You're the most two faced lying hypocrite on Fox and that's saying something. You give repubs a pass for the very thing dems are doing. You make me sick. If you're supposed to be the comic relief on Fox they really are just scraping up smegma....

Imogene Allen: Both of Cuomo bother are bunch of lyer and crucked that governor Cuomo and the corrupt mayor of NY have milk the taxpayers of NY dry finance

Fight Night: White Plains New York has a temporary hospital built by the orders of Cuomo and it is also EMPTY

Richard Rauch: I wonder how many right wing wacko morons died today. 5,000 wouldn’t be enough. Grind up their rotting corpses and use them for pig chow.

Jake Wirthlin: Cuomo is a tool

Mike Fisher: Come on Juan bite the bullet your boy killed those extra folks

Kentucky Deluxe: PERFECT WHITE TEETH ON BOTH THOSE guomo brothers!!! White teeth you rich gumps. Too much white on those choppers is just wrong son.

Cs Ps: yeah how did he talk to the biker dude when he was locked down?   hmmm.....idiot

James Henry: Every person that has died in the last two years they have stamp it as one more victim of the virus.... THESE NUMBERS ARE WAY WAY OFF

Richard Schaefer: Typical Leftest...No surprises here.

Dakota Blessing: More LIES FROM JUAN

kool breeze: How like a node names of the people in the rest home did died from this disease I would like to know we're the 1st time in years and the name with various tone called I would like to make sure is true I think it's all about lie

Paul Collopy: Why not hold the Govenor's feet to the fire???

Tom: Trump's lie about banning all travel from China -- Trump banned non-U.S. citizens from traveling from China, but there were 11 exceptions, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan were not included. U.S. citizens and permanent residents could still travel from China. Some flights were immediately suspended, but others continued for weeks, at the discretion of the airlines.

Corey Bonkowski: Is this news? Sounds like a reality show, pretty embarrassing.