Gutfeld on Hillary's late night comedy routine

Hillary Clinton makes the rounds on late night TV to attack President Trump. #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX ...


Diana Schneider: Hillary on her way down the steeps to Hell where she truly Belongs including Bill !!!!!

NF NF: Ha ha ha😀😀😀😀Hey Hilary where is state department Server???? And 33,000 bleached state department Emails????

Mike Rama: Juan’s mouth looks like an anise

jeffrey hixson: Chelsea Clinton reminds me of that puppet of Jeff Dunham's...."Peanut" That have the same looking eyes, mouth, and everything!

Maina Fridman: Clinton is a person who never feels shame. She sounds like she is a winner, but she knows thar no one wanted her outside of people who depends on her for finance. Her daughter unfortunately with all her monetary help still looks like a plain and anti- charismatic woman.

Mitch Cohn: Juan, your hair dye sucks. !!!!

Mike Rama: Hillary Sucks but not like Monica 🤔 just saying

West Doigg: Please get rid of guy with stupid looking mustache, he makes me want to throw up!

T CR: Bill, her hubby, told Hillary her book was all wrong. She wouldn't hear anything that went against the "HILLARY" narrative/legend she was building in her own mind. That is likely why they are living in separate states. If she thinks talk shows are going to help her erase the history of verbal abuse to staff (such as calling people on her staff "buffaloes), her neglect of safety at Benghazi, her lies/ corruption, her crimes, she is very wrong. She can keep doing this as far as the right is concerned because it reveals how bitter, defeated, and clueless she actually is.

Rocketman 697: Juan Williams' response to any topic: "Republicans/Conservatives are {insert unfounded attack here} and Trump is bad." Yawn.... Greg, fire this worthless political hack, please!

Kevin Vetrone: Die, both of you

Jacken D. Binstok: question: what country right now is killing more babies and unborn babies? just asking......

Mary Selamet: LOCK her UP!!!

Kelly Farmer: Why in the HELL is Jaun on there!!?? I skip right past when he goes to talk!! The Evil Disease Liberalism has taken over his mind!!

Wanda Blume: They don't have very good friends 😄😂🤣👍

David Bastow: The Clintons need to take their $$$ and go home and be quiet. No decent human being cares about any of them.

Janica j: The emails keep being mentioned because they were Never investigated properly. and she smashed all her servers when asked to hand them in.....Not only did she use a private server for sensitive material, she was selling information to other Countries..Her actions amount to Treason and the people want to see Justice!

Should've picked Hillary: “Please don’t forget me tour” LOL! This woman was a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. Not to mention first female nominee of a major party and rightful president. How the heck do ANY of the Republicans compare? Lol Hillary will be remembered a whole lot longer than trump and A LOT more fondly.

Graham Hill: Odd ball cordon ,sellout

Brad Jennings: With all that crooked money, they hired some comedy writers.

asllc wrecker: I remember Bill & Obuma told her what she needed to do & she responded My show I know what I am doing !!!

Michael Cordova: I cant stanand those two bitches..

arielapp: Didn't Hillary decompose yet?

Lim Lin: This woman, Hillary Clinton, is a dangerous sore loser and like her friend Schiff, she is also a notorious liar. Hillary has a pair of lying eyes. She is a habitual liar and her eyes tell us that. All habitual liars have that kind of dark eyes. Hillary is a teller of untruth, a fabricator, falsifier, a teller of lies just like her father, Satan (John 8:44). Hillary is not God's choice to be the president. She is too evil.

All the closed door illegal investigation conducted by the Democrats is about trying to bring Hillary back. Hillary is a Russian asset herself with her apparent sale of uranium to Vladimir Putin. EVERYTHING Hillary accuses others of IS WHAT SHE actually is doing. It is true that Hillary is dumb and also a great liar. By commenting on Tulsi or Pres Trump, she is slowly giving notification of the creeping sense of dread of a comeback to test the water. Her ambition was and still is to become the first woman President. However very Unfortunately for her, God forbids. Pres Trump is still God's choice.

God is in control of history. Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall on the basis of Jesus. The Bible tells us that God establishes leaders, and God removes them (Daniel 2:21). God uses human choice to fulfill His master plan for the universe. God’s sovereign control over the events of human history and His prophetic foreknowledge of future events are clearly manifested in the pages of the ancient Scriptures (the Bible).

Daniel 2:21 ~ 21 “It is He (=God) who changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings. He gives wisdom o the wise And [greater] knowledge to those who have understanding!"

The term "Christian Democrat" is an oxymoron. Time for Bible believers to abandon the Democratic Party. The Democrats need to do what evil they are doing. If you are a Democrat, know that your Party is changing. That’s not the Party your father knew. It is a Party of evil. It is the Demon-cratic Party. If you are a Christian Democrat, get out of the Democratic Party right now. It is a Party headed and led by Satan himself. There is an evil that is in that Party. We need to understand that it is a godless Party.

Kevin Rickey: I like you Mr. Gutfeld! Hillary has proven she would do nothing but tear down America, not make it great again!!! Hillary is Definitely in bed with, and protected by.... "The Deep State" per se.. P.S. get rid Juan, he is an ID-10-T

Ron Stearns: Shut up Juan

Crystl Fire: Making fun of all the corrupt garbage she pulled under obama guess is one way to get away with it! Hillary needs to be held responsible for the scandals under obama, NOT joking about it!

Total Football Talk: She should be on late night shows they are both jokes.

Thanks Obama: The Hildebeast is wearing a new Mao Jacket...

Hildebeast Clinton: Misery loves daughter company.

wanabyastick: Sycophant a word i had only heard in the satanic bible until recently and it started on the left. know your enemy.

Spitfire57 whaley: Neither can you Hillary. Go away already.

nobama no way: everything they are saying is scripted.... and they are terrible

Concerned Citizen: How much more unattractive can Chelsea get? I bet not much more.

Elizabeth Recco: We are letting our T.V. Subscription go, nothing but trash on television. Here’s proof!

Jimmy Dean: That was sad and cringe

K Mac: That mug on Chelsea looks more like Wes every day. Bless the Satanist's little heart...

Dremico's ART: I'm so tired of Hillary talking about the popular vote, when democrats have to brainwash and import people to vote for their crazy ideas. There is nothing more natural than a patriot who wants to preserve everything that's great about their homeland. The problem is that the people being brainwashed and the constant large flow of immigrants out number patriots. I still want to know there those votes came from Hillary!

dieselrotor: Beyond the attempted concealment of fear and concern of what may possibly be coming Hillary and Billy's way via Trump and the justice system, You can see and hear the jealousy,anger and bitterness from Her. She's poison.

chet lilley: Wow that just ain't funny

Just Me: Chelsea Clinton looks like Alex Jones in drag. LMAO

Lino Silva: Hillary is why the US is seen as a nation of dumb illiterate nutjobs.

Mark Restle: Wow Chelsea is stupider than I thought the nut doesn't fall far from the tree oh by the way I hope Bill had a quickie

mario ruffolo: juan, ur a fucken loser

Alexander Hodge: God that is just pure distilled cringe. What is she doing

biker: Trump's daughter is a lot hotter !

Olivia Zavala: She's obsessed with trump, crooked and evil why isn't she's locked up a disgrace to our nation.go away Hillary to one wants to see you,

Ray Whiteside: Oh Hillary jokes on trump! She’s so funny hahahahahahabahahahaha. I especially found the part with trump in it funny. Do these morons not understand that, they have been saying the same joke so long that it’s not funny now?

Jeremy Newman: Nobody laughed at Hilary's jokes. That was the real comedy.

Cheryl H.: She has not been cleared regarding the emails, she destroyed all the evidence and caused the FBI look like fools.