Gutfeld on Reason debunking Trump rally hate crime study

Media hypes bogus study linking Trump rallies to hate crimes. #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network ...


J T: Really Juan....

Mick D: Juan Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. A spike in REPORTS of so called hate crimes, is NOT the same as a spike in the crimes themselves.
FACT: 99% of those attributed to Trump's rhetoric were shown to be concocted, pure fiction, reflecting the leftist 🌎 view ONLY.

Kyle Dailey: In 5 minutes 50 seconds I've laughed more with these gals, that 30 years watching SNL.
... I've wasted so much time watching SNL !

Ask Elle Michele: FOX! WE ARE BEGGING YOU TO GET WRONG WILLIAMS OFF YOUR NETWORK! If you insist on having a black liberal on your show, kindly find someone way younger and cuter so we can tolerate the idiocy a little easier!

Political Sinner: Hey your darn right there|s been an increase since Donald J.Trump has been President and it|s conservatives defending themselves from democrats violence and immature non-swnce !!!!

kinerry: Love and warmth on the right, yelling and hate on the left

Doug Moore: It’s really too bad Trump is trying to lose reelection by toying with gun control.

Seeker Of truth: If fox doesn’t fire Juan I’m out of here🤦‍♀️

Craig Parker: All the liberal media is about is creating division. They know what they're doing and don't believe what they lie about daily.

oscat mcmurria: he is right professors are biological robots they only know what they were programmed to know be the dems. that want turns all into biological robot so we will be like everybody else and be morons

vin russo: Fake hate crimes are the only ones I ever even hear about. Of course violence AGAINST a Trump supporter is not considered a hate crime, that HAS gone up big time.

The Nech: It's hard to believe that they talked this black man into lying to America on live TV. Well I guess we aren't all the same inside. I'm not yellow inside. I wouldn't just sell my soul for a paycheck.

Darrell W: This should be called "The Four, plus Juan." I can't watch it because of Juan.

Renata Heiberg: Juan...checking off. Goodbye!

Wayne Erickson: We really need a visit from Trump to the upper penisula of Michigan (we have never seen a sitting president) and bring john james with you, he has much support up here.

John Leach: Juan is an amazingly talented dumbass

Jimmy Soto: greg what is up with your yellow Velcro strapped sneakers?

CORY phelps: Juan you can't be that f**** stupid hate crimes are up because of antifa why don't you just spilled the facts and stop hiding behind the narrative

For Glory!: 4:10 WARNING!
Juan starts contradicting himself and turns into a Communist echo post at 4:10!

I wish I was wrong: Hate crime? Please explain.

Heraldo Riviera: I THINK I am starting to realize WHAT exactly Juan's job is, besides providing a so-called balanced platform...he really is a whitehat and is USING his perceived position to HIGHLIGHT the very real far right agenda! If I am correct, Brilliant!

Peter Lake: Juan Is an IDIOT !!

Thanh McGrain: Juan is the stupid puppet of democrats.

Star Dust: Hate crimes comes with open borders

Shasha8674: Proactive is better than always being reactive to the "dark side" fake news.

An D rO iD: Nobody likes constantly constipated stupid stuffy crusty ol’ Juan sexual harasser Williams. He’s the oldest panelist on ‘the five’ yet the least informed, mature and knowledgeable.

Gerrit# Schipper: 7

itchy AIDS: Hey Bimbo, why are you against CA wanting better emissions into our atmosphere?

Also who doesn't want 50+ MPG if you insist on burning oils into our breathing air?

Pha Q: Juan is the perfect example of willful ignorance.

Kris Chambers: Junk science is all they know...something is wrong with Juan, he doesn’t know the left is the resistance so therefore it’s the left whose causing the problems...Juan believes it’s the right whose anti-Semite....this guy lives in his own reality which isn’t our reality at all...


ar ko: Watters is so right! As alwayes!

Felipe Gomez: It’s not only so called professors being stupid! It’s also scientist too! Case in point. Scientist on game shows. Who fails miserably and were embarrassed by their lack of knowledge. Oops!


Timothy Roberts: I liked the video.

Michele Lyn: This battery so apparently won dummy thinks that hate crimes are only perpetrated by trump supporters? Seriously what a jerk

Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor: Trumrealiokj

JW: Evil becomes good. & Good becomes evil. weird

zomg222: Juan is getting paid to be village fool and hes doing a great job at it. And hes not even trying, hes a natural, like he was custom created for this role.

Sigalit Davidov: Please dont ever stop what your doing exposing fake news is st o critical

Terry Leblanc: Do you think listening to Juan could possibly increase racism? You got to realize a lot of white people think like him.

RANDY WASSUM: We are so glad you guys defend our great president on a daily bases, however Juan you need to find a job, just kidding

Lo S: Oh Juan. Are we to believe the FBI. I’m not too sure who to believe. Get another source. So sad

Brian Hurley: Lying Trump turd Gutfield. All for money.

mike walter: I leave once Juan opens his piehole

inget angett: Can someone tell gutfield to get some men shoes?

Rita Desnoyers: Non-establishment (both sides) are debunking mainstream

Lvaman: Domon-crats!

Robert Compton: I wonder how many hate crimes there would be if Democrats weren't routinely staging hate crimes.

Alex Loiz: G()d da33 YouTube w!ht they're stup!d @i... Again ....I will never listen to a little girl. On any scientific or political views.. she is still a little girl that I need to live and learn..