Gutfeld on the analysis predicting Trump's re-election victory

One of the most accurate predictors of presidential elections indicates that President Trump will easily win a second term in the White House. FOX News ...


Fleo Black: Gutfeld doesn’t have to guts to admit that Donald is making America bankrupt will not leave office until 2040 when he dies.

Tedd Rosenthal: I can't stand Juan! He is such a pathetic liar!

Howard Jones: BUY POT STOCKS. TRUMP 2020

Robert Moore: Juan please f o you ruin every discussion I switch over every time you start to speak your crap.

Alain Anderson: CNN are ready to lie to guaranty their income.

sean ausome: Democrats would love to tax every American ten thousand dollars to fix nothing.

Tree: Five, Four, Three, Two... Juan is in mourning.😆😂🤣
Trump 2020!🇺🇸

Lorry Camill: The bigger the win for Trump the more Trump can do for American families ,and safer they will be and if he wins big he can keep going to 2024 for the time wasted by Pelosi 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

justthatohioguy 86: " if you ask most Americans", I'm sorry but Juan has never talked to salt of the earth Americans in his live. How many polls have all of you participated in? Probably none of you

Derek Wilson: If Trump ISNT re-elected then the U.S will just go downhill and would the demonrat's pull down the wall? No they wouldnt , they wanted a wall long before Trump came along ?

Michael Wolbert: Juan: "If you look at the economic numbers they look fine".....But, but, but, but....let me figure out a way to disagree with this. Clown

stephenstiffler1: Get rid of that braying donkey Juan mr Rogers Williams. Such an obnoxious component

Deonna Kamradt: We don't want normal!!!

Aminlv: TDS Juan =_= usual Dem

TheJimtanker: Worst approval rating of ANY president, even worse than Bush's, and you think he's getting reelected?  Too funny. Talk about Trump derangement syndrome. You're just as deranged as Trump.

dieselrotor: The Democratic platform: Were all sad and depressed and We want everyone to be too. Vote for us.

Esmeraldito Prishka: 🇧🇪κόκκαλο 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Harold Brownstein: I have evolved on my attitude toward Juan. I now enjoy watching him to see what kind of idiocy he will invoke.

RobinNJ1963: Why dint anyone point out to Juan that when you have a media, that doesn't report the successes with the economy, and ONLY focuses on untrue stories, and impeachment, of course when the people are fed BS they will receive polls like that.

Shaun: It will be historic turnout next year. Don’t get complacent and not show up to the polls. Get up and vote to save your country.

Ian Joel: Why the hell do you keep "Juan" there?????

bryanhf: Juan...the guy every Fox viewer loves to hate! 🤣

Tiffiny Hurliman: Juan your approval rating is tanking!

Lindsay Wilmoth: The Democrats will win only if they cheat. I expect they are going to try.

Gary Brodziak: Juan stays so cool! We like Juan, good bloke! cheers from Australia gang of Five.......

Cunning Stunts: Income? Mine has gone up over 10k in the last two.

Gary Brodziak: doesn't matter what the Dems do in 2024, Trump is setting up a dynasty, forty years or more, oh the Trumpster! The Dems so UNDERESTIMATED the Donald! Great time to be an American.......

He Man: Everytime Juan speaks better the Trump looks.

Eric B: Income inequality... The left's answer to you doing well under trump is to point at someone else and say they're doing better.

Bryan Mauro: Getting my popcorn for the Impeachment....President Pence has a nice ring!

Twisted American: 400

D. B.: He plays them brilliantly. Tweets, that constantly banter, taunt and infuriate them. He plays their own game at them and they go insane. They are the swamp but can't handle swamp rhetoric played on them. Priceless !

Andrew Casebier: Williams ruins this show... he cannot ever get off his liberal bias to discuss facts. WHY WHY WHY is this racist political hack given air time?

Joann Giddens: When a is Juan going to understand that polls don’t mean a thing anymore because they are so skewed by the Democrats because that is their only hope of changing the people’s mind!!!!

Fur Queue: This makes me nervous..... The Polls are ALWAYS wrong .... I'd feel more comfortable if they'd predict Warren

Carl Slagle: Hey dumbass, stop lying. I know, I know, your viewers will still believe you. But after he’s impeached by his own senators because they have no choice, what will you tell your viewers then??? 😂😂😂

J V: Juan = 🤮

chevy87blue1: 🤣😂😂One minute its fake news next minute you use the Media when it goes your way


First name Last name: Good ol “Buzzkill Juan”.

Chi88LuckHolistic: JUAN BECAUSE THE APPROVAL POLL IS "FAKE" LIKE YOU (LOL) AND THE REST OF THE DEMS AND FAKE NEWS. As a middle class family, we are earning more so we have savings, stocks and we can still go to casino once or twice a month so I am very very happy with President Trump - coming from a family who voted for democrats all our lives but struggling, not anymore. During Bill Clinton's time, a lot of people lost their jobs because he closed so many bases and families were dislocated and we are one of them. Bill Clinton said there was a big surplus of money during his regime, true, because he closed so many military bases and start outsourcing jobs to other countries like China. Well I guess we were like zombies, fooled by the dems but not any more. We were awakened when President Trump became President of the truth about the dems manipulation like a mind-control technique and sadly the indoctrination of our children in school at a very young age, removing prayers then pledge of allegiance from school.

Steve Mascella: I haven't done this well financially since 2008! After that, my income kept going down, down, down. Even if my current job were to disappear I know I could get another job paying almost as well within a week or two - and probably with better health benefits!

President Trump rocks!

124marsh: Donald John Trump The Stable Genius is working hard for We The People!!

J C: Juan is suicidal!!
My concern is WHAT are the Snowflakes gonna do for the next 6 years!??? 😬😬😬😬😬😳

Elliot J: Poor Juan is reeling over the fact that under Trump family income went up 5000$, like he got hit with an uppercut. Please don't hit Juan with any more facts about how great Trump is, his black heart can't take it!

Al Crooks: juan just said if you ask Americans. WHAT!!! I don't want that idiot saying anything on my behalf

fishstick8888: Trump 2020

Kratos: On Thursday night, Mattis also said that being called "overrated" by Trump didn’t bother him because he earned his “spurs on the battlefield” and Trump “earned his spurs in a letter from a doctor,” referring to Trump’s medical deferments from serving in the Vietnam War due to bone spurs.

Kratos: Former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis roasts Donald Trump: 'I earned my spurs on the battlefield'

Eric Westervelt: Emily has nice legs!