Gutfeld on the future of the coronavirus debate

Right now, American is prepping for a huge battle over who was right about the pandemic. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business ...


Ehrel Maletzky: Juan, reasonable as always...

CJ P: Interesting how no talk of Trump coming up with a plan, even Greg knows Trump ideas only are only good for Trump.


jeriowa11: The models are wrong!

Ruthy Miranda: The Bronx looks like business as usual. Hundreds in the streets

Mike Dell: PELOSI ON 2/24 -They just cut $1.3 – something like that – billion out of the Centers for Disease Control.  So, I don’t know if that’s enough, but let’s see what the focus is.  Prevention, prevention, prevention.  We want people to be concerned and vigilant.  However, we don’t want them to be afraid.


FeguerFineArt: I have been working on self-isolation for years. Two divorces will do that to you!

Jewel Richards: I'm ready to meet a pedicurist and my hair stylist for a cut in some parking lot somewhere!

CC: There are people who have always eaten out. Imagine what they are going through having to eat their own food. lol

Jewel Richards: Contrary to belief Greg we also cars are doing pretty good! But I agree we need to get back to work and practice good distancing and hygiene habits! Don't shake as many hands or Don't Hug as many people smile and bow with your mask on LOL. But get America back to being America and I believe our economy will bounce back. Besides that I'm turning 70 in May. I'd like to have a birthday party with my friends and family just saying let's get back and don't be afraid!


karen stott: HELP WITH YOUR MEDICAL EXPENSES. Fox news is being sued. If you feel you or your loved one has been effected by corona virus and feel you were mislead by the wrong or misleading information or by the fox news hosts, or others, down playing seriousness in reporting January and February, please seek legal advice. Keep safe.

Ricky Rick: Stay away from the hospital and increase your chance of survival.

Jeff Strange: I hate to be a crape hanger but the predicted deaths are nearly level to this date. And of course by next week it's looking grime too.

bodhicat1: Who does this guy blow to keep his job? Ok. I'm sorry. Who does he know? He's vapid. Playing out a tired political philosophy of anger & attack. Zzzzzz

John Smith: "A mix of both." <-------
Which is what it actually turns out to be, almost every single time.

Brrent Bay: Where's the coronavirus hoax

Todd Ermeling: Better to error on the side of caution!

Dan Rode: Fox sued by national board of ethics....

Jeffrey Hancock: My goodness Katy is one beautiful woman.... She is for sure a ray of light in these sometimes dark times....

Newlife d: Are you frigging kidding me? Are you really this stupid people?Selfish selfish pigs.Thats all I can say.

David Grider: Friend of mine is welding trailers in his garage, even sold one since this all started. Another friend is a electrician and his phone won't stop ringing. Seems all these people at home has created need for electricians. I'm working on a business idea of my own. You tell a bunch of able bodied Americans to self quarantine in their house doesn't mean they are not going to do anything. Just because you can't work, at work, doesn't mean you can't work. If you are not deathly ill then this is the perfect time to retool and engage.

39thala: Jesse may be right about some "Top CEOs 'wanting to get this thing opened up but they are afraid to say it publicly". But right now, some of the big the companies that ARE still open and operating are actually choosing to cut back even more. Grocery stores like Kroger are about to start limiting shoppers to one customer per 120 share feet. That's a long way from what you'd call opening up for more business.

Drew Bernstein: Those British morons calling police because a person may have gone outside more than once is their version of the Red Flag Laws! They will purposely over use this false claim just to hate on others and achieve ZERO actual good from it. We can never give a jealous self loathing hateful prick the power to put a criminal record onto another from childish bull crap!!! Laws and the enforcement of them must ALWAYS be kept separate of childish emotions!!!

Dan Rode: Drumpf was charged crimes against humanity by the Hague... About time

Sam dee: These guys have blood on their hands for down playing the pandemic. Many viewers of their show may have died due to their incompetence.

Dan Rode: Everyone is talking about Drumpfs slump!!!!!!

Dan Rode: The Easter bunny 🐇 presidency....

Chad Houle: Nice to have some clarity this is exactly what I've been thinking

straydoggio: My first thought was Gutfeld has a Don Johnson early seasons Miami Vice hair style.

Dan Rode: The anti healthcare administration

Noli Slusher: Freedom and liberty don't forget we are American citizens we have bills of rights.

B uppy: The right is on a continuum of less government, Jessie. Most on the Right are Republicans. Republican are for moderate government oversight, neither anarchy, nor draconian heavy-handedness. Trump has kept go the middle...

Dan Rode: Handpuppet guttie

Tony Colida: Juan is always stoned on marijuana, its obvious!

Blake Willey: When's the check coming?

wash beezy: President Trump was correct 100% no doubt about it.

Snoopy Brown: I'm not going to hold my breath waiting on the liberal basement dwellers to come out and get a job.

Sue Jackson: Research 5G.

Nutrition Prepper's Sister: Opening salons is no joke. They ARE necessary. I have liked Greg's new hairstyle; I didn't realize it was because the salons are closed. I've had to reschedule three times already and I'm trying to get a new job. I was laid off before all these lock downs hit. argh!

steve strecker: This is the dumbest over reaction in the history of man kind.

ken Downs: We don't like corrupt government

RonRay: Even Juan's hair is loosing its 'kink'.

Sam dee: If the covid virus kills more then half the country citizens the country and the economy will fall. Stay home stop the spread of covid.

Sue Jackson: We need to fire the CDC. That private organization that has been nothing about protecting people, it's all about making money and controlling the sheep. They will end up buying up all the small business's and property after they bankrupt the country. Wake up and get involved.

RonRay: Remember: Anybody will do anything.. with the proper conditioning.

fglass5: God, is there a bigger douchebag, sycophant for Trump? History will not treat this moron well.

Alt-Middle: Greg, your hair looks awesome full as it is!

ken Downs: Jesse sounds socialist

Teri Stalf: time for term limits and time to do something about this MSM and their fake news,lies and BS