Gutfeld on the Iran protests over the jetliner

Sorry, media: It looks like Iran hates its own government more than it hates us. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), ...



Gordon Pike: Go live in Iran, wine. And take cardi B and Colin Kaepernick with you. And anybody else who doesn't like this country oh, it's a big world out there. Nobody's making anybody stay here that doesn't want to stay here. Just saying.

sara Wright: Why isn't the UN stepping in and condemning these crimes against humanity? How many more innocent lives have to be lost at the hands of the islamic regime?

John Moirano: T R U M P 2 0 2 0

Tmarie PI: Democrats are looking smaller and smaller everyday.

Bahamas Security: is Juan Re-tarded??

Bob Hostetler: Juan I don't know, but Good're looking stupid again

pisces equinox: Emily is right on the money. She needs her own show.

edmond Sarvarian: we Iranians Love Trump. God Bless President Trump for doing the righ things. F**k Obama.

A2J.HolyLoveAffair REYNA: 4 Minus The 5th GETS SCROLLED 2.KNOW AIN'T ONLY SCROLLER: OF CHRIST.CENTERED WHOM JESUS TURNED HIS DESCENDANTS TABLES OVER 🌞 😴 🌞 Juan.!. Repent As President Trump, Vice President Pence, Administrators, And American Voters Votes Impeachment Non Victims: J.Wms Rhetoric Whom None OF US DANCE TO 🎹 And 🎢 Neither 🎼 Does Jesus 🌞

Dawn Hall: Come on FOX! Put old has been Juan Williams out to pasture already! He has his head so far up his own @$$, he will NEVER see daylight again! It explains his sh!tty outlook on life though. GET RID OF HIM! He is nothing but a big old, irritating, nasty green fly in the ointment.

Jim Pappas: Sorry, as soon as I saw Juan I had to stop watching. I just cannot stand hearing this guy spew his foolish ignorance.

Zitta Bonnitta: Behind Ukrine plane crash were also Saudis and Mossad

Dave Douglas: I will not mourn the passing of Juan w. One less talking head.

Clark Gable: the blonde is cute but actually most people want to be taken care of & are willing to sacrafice major freedoms in exchange for "entitlements"...
from SSI to health care

big guy: Fox news is a joke now... Goodbye

Leo G: Juan should go live in Iran see how free and safe he will feel.


Alondro77: It's been known for years that between 70-80% of the Iranian people hate the regime and have tried multiple times to overthrow it.

But, you know, they don't have the 2nd Amendment.

Willem Van Aswegen: Just look at what happened when Obama too out Osama. What did the republicans do? No, the democrats showed their true colours.


Natural Satellite: Looks like the Sanctions are working in Iran. You see, "it's the economy stupid" Give up the nukes and the sanctions get lifted and Iranians can live better in peace with the world. President Trump hasn't fired but one shot and people are protesting in Iran to get ride of the Theocracy. Poor Lefty media once again they can't admit the truth.

Brian Sinclair: I think jaun has a broken brain or ears eyes and cerebral cortex

Lestat Angel: I'd like to turn Emily upside down and eat her like an ice cream cone.

Joseph Pring: Take Juan out of the five he’s such a moron

Zitta Bonnitta: Many movement are manipulated by USA aqnd Saudis and Israel.

Maria Marcanoh: Get this Juan out of the best news in USA

Casey W.: I really love that last comment we should view this from an American perspective not a political perspective

John Smith: God is in charge he's going to change the world

Steve JfromAK: I'm sincerely worried about Juan's mental condition.
I think that FOX should drug test him before every show.
He is clearly in mental distress and degenerating fast.
Please help him FOX for the children.

Black Zeppellica: Juan is clucking. SKIP!!

Steve Wilkins: Beautifully said, Emily.....

T DoubleU: the blonde ..this one time at tennis camp i got my tennis racket and ( comment redacted)........

Radin Hash: As a Iranian I agree with everything fox news is saying. Thank you so much for shedding light on this topic. Mainstream media ignores the oppressed because it does not support their cause.

Ranx Orox: I feel bad for juan; he's having to defend the demorats and is failing big time

Johnny Dominguez: For what it's worth, I think Juan is the devil's advocate so that it isn't an echo chamber like TYT.

Mr. Wonderful Android: Crazy Juan is having a very difficult time defending Democrats LOL

s: shut up and let juan speak. ffs

Keith Walker: Juan Barry the userper needs his balls washed, get to it

Donny Banks: GOD IS REAL! the signs we are living in the end times are everywhere!

max rafii: Get that Juan Williams full of garbage out of your great show.

Look Up: oh Ms Dana just described what the demoncraps want to do in America!!! - tell us what to do, what eat, where to work, what to say- take our freedom away!!!! let us send the fake news to iran to cover the story a one way ticket along with the demoncraps that praise iran!!!

Ron Martinus Blind: Message to Juan.
If Trump didn't have taken action as he did and the son of Pelosi becomes a victim of these Terrorists, she would blame Trump for not taking action.
The democrat way.

Steve Wilkins: Well said, Jesse....Bravo, Bravo!!

Knowing UnderstandingWisdom: Juan. It comes a time in everyone's live where one have to take a stand. Unfortunately antiquated mind set don't uplift your brothers and sisters. You should know oppression will never take hold for long, balance will restore, if you desire it or not.That's the way of exsistance. If you don't believe just look into the past. Nothing last that's one sided or an unbalance scale. The universe balance all. Willing or unwilling look around. You need to look within for answers my brother. Your eyes only see your biases. Much love to you all for trying to balance the scale.

Sharon Foley: Jesse, you r brilliant and good looking.

Van Hellslinger: Once again Trump is Exonerated after the Leftist Media placed all blame and used the 'arranged' protests against USA to make Trump look bad. Now it looks like the Iranians may be near civil war.Trump/Pence 2020!!!

Barry Sack: The American Communist Party, former Democrat Party, the communist media and their brain dead zombie followers are the real enemies of this nation. Their efforts have been to, brainwash them while they are young to build their hateful army. Now, they are using that army of cheaters, liars and free criminals to bring disorder and chaos to drive people into demanding the type of order that they promise their followers. They are treasonous criminals wanting a Civil War! They are fighting themselves into socialist slavery. They are doing their best to rewrite the dictionary in order to rewrite our history and the Constitution. You need only to look at what is happening to our 1st and 2nd Amendments to see what the Democrats are doing. The oath to defend the Constitution I took 48 years ago still stands. COME AND TAKE IT

john smith: I refuse to watch your show until the communist Jaun Williams is shot in the face on live television. Have a good day.

Iron Rob: The Iranian general was killed because nobody wants peace between the Iranians and the Saudis.