Gutfeld on the man who cried Watergate

Carl Bernstein repeatedly compares Trump to Nixon scandal. #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network ...


Jason Allen: Buy all the STD y'all want 😇

tat2edsinner: Does Juan realize how disliked he truly is. It’s

Dave Wesley: This Ukraine lie is the Russian collusion part deux.

Sgtpepper: Juan isn't to sure about anything anymore

Jason Allen: Angela donate blood all the time 15 years ago no body is flying around 😨

Gelezinis Vilkas: Willie Tyler needs to be told that Lester is on Fox going by the pseudonym ''Juan Williams''

Rob Turchie: I’m sick of Juan’s stupid facial expressions ...

Curtis Lilly: It's a Gematria riddle impeachment inquiry=103 that's that's why they dropped it a hundred and three days after Trump's birthdayeverything has been done this way for a long time people need to wake up to it

Kendrick Carroll: Juan the water-carrier.

Bruce Alan: Trump campaigned on dis-engaging from foreign entanglements, improving usurious trade deals, securing the borders from drugs & terror, EXPOSING POLITICAL CORRUPTION and Making America Great Again.  Trump has accomplished all that and much more  in spite of the biggest mainstream media, Congressional & Intel community frame-up and con job in the history of our Nation. Like JFK, Trump knows how dangerous it is to root our corruption & stop the war machine.

Reload Fire: The video ends at 6:17 , after that its Juan to the end if you can tolerate his stupidity


Dark Side: I don’t even know why they keep bringing up watergate since most people don’t know what it is.

J B: Juan is guilty, call the jailers in China.

THE FREEDOM AFFECT: Juan your brain is broken.

paul starr: are pole say s something way different you and l mean the dems that was at the table who is now under investigations for excess funds they seemed to have popped out of no where, just as many other reporters were going to bring you all down

Jha Barretto: I challenge Juan to instead of giving his Childish expressions and his (oh oh oh oh oh's) Present some facts about ALL the allegations that him and his bosses at CNN are saying the President has committed !!!

THE FREEDOM AFFECT: Juan Williams us only on the 5ive to cause the viewers to hate Gregg Gutfield.

THE FREEDOM AFFECT: Who cares. IMPEACH does in Senate. Why are you folks talking about this still. MOVE ON

NudNik69: These people are SICK.

David Crawley: How does the black reporter, even have a job? Every time I see this guy open his mouth, it's twisting, lies... Jeez, He needs to be smacked in his lieing mouth. Makes me switch fast every time I see him though, I can guess what is coming out before he says it. Kind of useless to watch.

Gem: The family sticks together.

J B: What a total fool. Better call Saul.

THE FREEDOM AFFECT: Hey! Didn't the lady on the 5ive just have a baby?

Michael DeMarco: FU Williams

5kehhn: juan williams is a joke. I feel sorry for him.

THE FREEDOM AFFECT: It's good these folks keep stepping up to mic and letting folks know how stupid and ignorant thetmt are, but most off all let us know who is friend and foe.

michelle hill: Does Juan REALLY BELIEVE half of the things he says? OR do you think he's ONLY there to provide "fair and unbiased" opinion? I can't imagine he is really that dumb. Whatever happened to that self described "good Christian woman" Donna Brazille? You know, the lady who was so upset about being asked about stealing the town hall questions in 2016? Turns out they were stolen by the way! Liars! Every damned one of them!

Michael Baucom: Polls are propaganda, don't believe them. Ask former presidents Howard Dean and Herman Cain.

The Brexiteer: In the UK "justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done" is this not the case in the US?

Antonio Franqui: This could be laid to rest In a very simple way. Allow them to come in testify and clear the air. Everyone in the committees ,both sides of the isle, will have equal time to question the individual . Why are all of you against this?

Lars Bliss: I won't be surprised on bit when Barr releases the list of charges against a whole bunch of treasonous/communist dem politicians in early to mid 2020. Then maybe we can start doing what needs to be done to purge the country of treasonous communists/leftists. They will be much happier in countries like Venezuela and China...

awildbill rightous: OK ,,,,Juan ,,, your knick name is Dumb J in my house!

Mickey Authement: Of course Nutty Nancy immediately called for impeachment. Because of the Hunter Biden investigation it has come out that her son, Paul Pelosi Jr was also on the Board of Directors getting millions of dollars from Ukraine. She does not want this to be investigated.

mrC BODY: OKAY, if Dana is a nerd ...."OH! I like nerds!"

brad Mckay: don't you dare ask jaun williams anythiong for he is in the tank as the democrates

Diesel Ayres: Trump 2020!!!

great outdoors: A Christmas present to America: Either a Trump resignation or put behind bars

E-beggar-In-Bangkok 2018: Will this has-been Bernstein ever shut up? He had his day in the sun decades ago and ever since he just exists to get dragged out in front of a news camera at random times. The he proceeds to regurgitate his War-Watergate war stores again, and again, and again. He always says the same thing. Just prop him up in front of mic and let him repeat ad nauseam. Hey Car, give it up. You are embarrassing yourself.

brad Mckay: The only people who are under minding the Constatution are the Democrates : because they feel they are above the law : they wnat us just to lie down and take all the lies and misconduct without a fight.

Michael DeMarco: FU CNN

The Barn: Retire Juan!

Edith Glover: You are not getting correct input. Trash news, unfair to all viewer's.

notrash22: Poor Juan

Slip Knot: Juan looks like a fool

Soulaesthete: When are we going to hear SPECIFICALLY how Donald Trump is "unstable," "unhinged," and/or "dangerous?" President Trump has created a booming economy FOR the American people, he doesn't have us in an international war, and he is securing our border. So again, HOW is President Trump "unstable," "unhinged," and/or "dangerous?" They never can tell you.

Sarita DeJesus: Juan needs to be kicked off the five. He is a negative person. I dislike his input against Our President Trump. Juan would not know the truth if it bit him on nose. Read Saul Tarus how he had it wrong about Jesus our Lord. Hoping you open your heart and listen to the corruption going on with the Demonrats 👹.

maninthemiddle55: Hey Gutfeld, no one cares what you think, fratboy.

Shannon Lowell: Juan, you've gone off the deep end! Seeing those little criminal critters that are not there!!

Eric Blackmon: Bernstein? Didn't know that they gave names to talking prunes.