Gutfeld on the media's prison of two ideas

Amid the coronavirus crisis, the media believe you either shut down the economy indefinitely or you want people to die. #FoxNews #TheFive FOX News ...


Jarrold Bates: Demonrats are so stupid.

John Robi: NOW dems consider science? Maybe they ought to apply that to gender.

rob young: Hey everyone!! Come quick! the media's gonna tell us what's wrong with the media!!!! yay!!

Bill 3: God made viruses for his reasons.

Tim Wilster: Shut up Juan you are stupid

SgtTravisBickle: Juan Williams looks like Leon from Dog Day Afternoon

Sir Brue19: "Literally! who is she?" 😄

Dave Delecto: Shutting down the world economy will probably cause several wars!

tony mcdaniel: Nancy said trump said who cares if people die. He can fire her for that!

Allen Gerzoff: Juan is still an idiot.

Dakota Blessing: To me it still feels like the Communist Demorats and the Fake News Media are somehow behind the Coronavirus because they HATE our President and Our Country

goldenhawk H: This makes so much more sense when I go right passed when Juan starts his BS.

John Papa: There's a third,..... ignore demorats.

ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel: To Juans TDS cognitive dissonant mind Orange man bad no matter what he does. COV19 is the least of Juans problems, get help Juan. Polls say people trust Trump over Juan. Comments clearly say everyone trusts the other commenters over Juan in fact most cant stomach Juan. Even the other hosts. Why is he there?

T O: Coughing on or licking something at a store to spread the virus is criminal as Juan agrees. But Juan never seems to be outraged by the FBI/DOJ misdeeds agaist Trump by Comey and his cohorts. That's why I don't trust whatever Juan says. Juan, You have this Demo disease called selective outrage. Get him out of The Five.

Mr. T: The Fake News + "Sleepy Joke" Biden = Damnmokrats

Eduard Getuige: Please look at the facts Dan Bongino has gathered in his latest show.
Its serious but the data is much better for the future.

Just Angie: PLEASE put Juan on covid 19 quarantine leave!!

Betty-Jane Cecile: About time people believe Trump over the fake MSM

Rick Harris: I bet Katie's prediction is spot on.

annie ang: Watching cnn n Pelosi is danger to our health1

Jose Robles: Gutfeld, are you willing to sacrifice your parents and grandparents for the sake of the economy? It is not a lie, Gutfeld, numerous Republicans are circulating the idea in your own channel.

nursemedic17: There are no 2 sides here anymore. Speaking from the front lines. I hope you all stay safe, healthy, and use the brains God gave you. This is a WAR on mcroscopic organisms.....they don't play politics! We are one people...

Galan Gaia: Question:::
People = Energy to provide service/Labor...( for Corporations)
To profit!!!
People = Economic Energy
Who is Separate???
And how did you divide it???
Just Saying!!!

snapdragonfly66: And NO it is not preferable to get false hope at least for me. I prefer SCIENCE and REALITY

Bo Clark: Hearing wanda talk like a little kid answering his mom ..
...Trump knows who to listen to..
..We got the best president ever in office. Trump Knows Best.. for America people... I I am sick of the newsmedia Talk That racist s*** especially Wanda.over at Fox News.... why fox's got that piece of s***..there..

bonnie treitler: Fake news must have the same cue cards because they all singing the same song.

Michelle Hackett: The greatest generation!!?? Who the hell is Fredo talking about???? Millennials? Generation X? Which I am admittedly Gen X Millenial cusp but I don’t recall anyone else giving us this kind of credit. It’s gotta be a con otherwise I don’t get it....

snapdragonfly66: Smart people DO understand hope and a "date" just not one that is SO removed from reality

Joseph Flowers: They have forced Trump into this and at the end Trump will be a winner

Just Angie: Ok FOX NEWS, it’s not the time for Juan to preach the Fake News’ rhetoric!

Johnnie Johnson: If Juan stays on GG .
I will not watch anymore.what is it Foxnews is not getting about him !

CMack2: Juan, for comic relief. But he is not “funny.”

Old Man Doom: It is about even having a country to come back to. Yeah the social distancing is great, but the whole world counts on the US economy to drive it. We can’t shut down forever. Eventually have to get people earning some money again.

The media will villainize anything Trump or the Republicans do, because this is a war of ideology for them. Lives don’t matter to any of them, the only thing that matters is the message and the control

Chee Meng Kang: Trump is the generator for hell

Robby Reynolds: Eh....hope the coronavirus gets you, Juan. You are well deserving of it...

MIKE BARAN: Pelosi Wants Windmills Dammit

Red Dragon Slayer: When I awoke this morning I ask God are we Under Judgment he said no this is only a warning. We are dancing with the devil who is the red Dragon.
I seen a dragon come up out of the sea and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”Human slavery organ harvesting ungodliness lies and deception Who is this red Dragon? For he who has wisdom knows.

snapdragonfly66: Another Trump apologist here. Trump could say or do anything and Faux would find sone way to give him benefit

Light Dancing: The main 'disconnect' here is between Juan the Con's two ears.

Slugos45auto: When Juan Williams comes on I skip....

Robert Slaughter: Why is wan brain dead does he smoke crack or meth when he’s chugging his 40

Betty-Jane Cecile: How come the illegal immigrants haven't gotten the virus

Tim Ellwood-Wade: Is the corona virus a Dem hoax or God's judgement on the MAGA generation. Answers please

Eric Goff: Everyone needs money to live nowadays can't just live in the wood without starter money >_>

Tam Bol: Nobody believes CNN anymore. They have lost credibility long time ago.

They address the left hand of SATAN.

JR Quinn: I highly doubt that the President is saying it to give hope.
The Big Red flag is that he is still comparing the Covid-19 virus like the seasonal flu, he clearly knows that's not right, the experts explained to him why it was not right, and yet he still keeps comparing it to the seasonal flu.

If his was the only voice and just told everyone that, and chose not to shut anything down, just imagine how much worse it would be.

If this virus was like the seasonal flu, then yes, I would back up the President 100% , but it's not, not even close to that.

Don't forget, he also tried comparing the Covid-19 virus to auto accidents, and how we don't stop selling cars because of that.

Only a desperate person would try to compare apples to oranges and tell everyone that they taste the same.

Bruce Cumberbatch: All of fox clowns say that the virus is a hoax, and now you all trying to deny you say it a bunch of stupid clowns.history will not be kind to you stupid idiots fools.

REM: Trump the billionaire cares about the stock market more than the citizens of America . yes that is what I believe .Trump has an election coming up and if the economy is tanking he will probably loose the election.

Mike Joyce: Oh he will get reelected....have ya seen Biden lately?