Gutfeld on the Tulsi and Hillary battle for America

Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard hits back after Hillary Clinton's 'Russian asset' claim. #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News ...


International Harvester: Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, that prohibits the federal government from granting titles of nobility, and restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states and monarchies without the consent of the United States Congress.

Patricia Riley: I didn't want either one of them...I'm a real woman and neither represent me as an American woman...oh that reminds me of a song...gotta go

Missie: Doesn't matter. POTUS is our next POTUS.

TriplePlaySports360: Tulsi is actually normal. I will vote for trump but if you are a dem vote for her

joe doe: remember folks according to coirt testimony by the dnc its a private club only they get to choose the candidate. so the primaries are a farce. bernie/hillary??

Brownhouse Farm: Tulsi is as fake as the rest of the democrats, in fact she is the worst kind. Hiding her hate for America while exploiting her military record. You don't HAVE to like Trump but to go alone with this whole COUP of a DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT is TREASON!!!!

Mike Van Suilichem: When the intelligent people on The Five speak Juan Williams looks very confused. As if he struggles to compute common sense or facts. Then when he speaks it is a perfect combination of stupidity and dishonesty.

MegaDellion: I think joy behar is a useful idiot. She makes liberals look like a bunch a crazy people.

Rueben Carter: Tulsi is the ONLY dem that remotely makes any kind of sense to me.

Ariane Z: Willams = DEMON

Jeffrey Anderson: Tulsi would be a total PILF.

cheanator: little Juan has gotta hate waters that makes me laugh

Lisa Sanders: Juan cannot be this stupid

Nora Arico: I like Democrat candidate Tulsi Gabbard for standing up for her own opinions, whether I agree or not.

Sans Decorum: It is quite clear that "The View" suffer from persistant hallucinations. Careful there, Joy; mixing meds can be dicey.

cheanator: Little juan irrelevant

Rob Brown: I'm proud to be a Canadian asset. I think Tulsi is great! She would beat Trump in a walk. Hillary's conspiracy theories -- Russiagate and this nonsensical smear of Tulsi demonstrates her deep seated psychopathy.

Lavana La Brey: Joy is actually a USELESS idiot as are most of those at msnbc oh and so is Juan.

Trump Grass: Oh 45 transjenner mental freaks gave the video a thumbs down. I bet they all have Rachel madcow haircut male female pizza goats or whatever the other 100 jenners are

Question4 4Question: Hillary please run for president, you can win. Yeah that’s it and Joy Behar can be your running mate or better yet a member of the Squad. Just the name Hillary makes the nation think winner, right 😜.

Godavego gogo: who let the dog out

Constitution Defender: Juan sold his soul long ago. Sad. Why he continues to support evil is not human.

KS220: When is Juan going to leave and go to CNN. He actually ruins The Five.

Jim S: Do we have to put up with hillary forever???

steve glover: They are all a bunch of turds in the swimming pool...some stink more than others,but they are all turds nonetheless. Trump is our man for 2020, not manbutt hILLARY,or her little creation, cHELSEA.....OR ANY OF THE OTHER DEMOCRAT IDIOTS who think they are running for that treasured office in the White House...
I could call them useful idiots,but really,they are not very useful at all!
Tulsi is a beautiful woman and so smart and aware....these are traits of the Right ....please,please,please Tulsi, leave that party of miscreants and come over to our side!

Sarah Haugh: Juan Williams is slow as tar...his IQ doesn't reach above tar paper!

BigBadKahuna1: Lol, Hawaiian Sara Connor😂😂

Godavego gogo: feminist inaction, just a lot of talk, talk, talk about nothing important and rather stupid

ideaquest: What does R&D mean?
1. Research And Development
2. Russian Asset Deception
3. Republicans And Democrates

Gee Eee: It's always fun watching leftist idiots dropping an "I" word on everybody else and devouring their own.


Imogene Allen: Joy Behair everytime she open her mouth stupid words come out she a dingbat! To smear a woman who given her life to protect her county those who consider themselves real democrats politicians and their supporter should be outrages!

Martin S: If Hillary had a mind, she could speak it.

perrymarko: Juan a typical Democrat with an IQ equivalent to a door knob.

Greg Lake: Maybe Tulsi will see the true colours of the loonie Dems and switch sides some day!

Gizzmose2002: Juan keeps clicking his pen.

Kat Reed: If Tulsie was to even say ”thats not true, " they would have still attacked her as they did/do to Trump. Moreover, don't you find it interesting that Crookillary seems to always have the inside scoop to these supposed Russian assets🤔 Wonder who she's buddy, buddy with in Russia and or Ukraine 🤔 Crookillary and the communist/socialist demonrats, are the ONLY ones with the Real Russian/Ukraine assets!

Judith Byrne: Why would she even BOTHER to deny it?
Look who's calling someone an idiot!

Ole Rocker: How many times do I have to say it: Juan is an idiot.

bungalowwil: An anonymous source told me that Juan Williams is a Russian asset.

meow meow: The only people exploiting Tulsi Gabbard are Hillary Clinton and the Democrats

Minkx: Third party was not spoiler. People stayed home or voted for Trump after DNC stole the election from Bernie.Hilbot failed to excite the electorate, her curroption was her undoing. Like a true narcissist though, she blames everybody but herself.

Scott Johnson: Its not even a remark worth rebuting. We all know who has done more for Russia give you a hint. She lost two elections so far and might come back to lose a third.

Chris Kilmer: Juan must be butt hurt seeing Hilary get spanked.

Dave Allen: Not here to watch the video, just to say...... Who cares!!!???????? Let them fight among themselves, stop giving any of them attention.

JJ VV: That was Killary's way of endorsing T. Gabbard. T. Gabbard is Killary's asset.

Charlotte Feagans: Them dems are idiots.

Imogene Allen: You right President Trump not crucked corrupt Hillary Clinton and the rest of the corrup democrats are sick in the head! 1 comment stated before crucked corrupt Hillary Clinton Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer Bernie Sanders Maxine Waltter rest of the corrup democrats do need to take a drugs test!

Dance: Does the fact that TG is a member of the CFR not concern anyone? Anyone!!??

Rodney Mahair: You see what’s going on everyone who does not play ball with the democrats are Russian spies. Everyone thinks this is funny but remember if they ever arrest President Trump or assassinate him they will come for all his followers. President Trump is a God send no he is not perfect but he is the perfect one to get the evil out of the government. I don’t think people understood when he said cleaning the swamp I think a lot of people thought it was not going to involve the whole country but think again . This is a war of good and evil it’s more spiritual then it is of the flesh. We all need to be watchful and help one another and don’t just walk away when your brother or sister needs you. Yes I know no one wants to die I get it . We will all die one day and as our forefathers gave us this freedom and our men and women who fought for it to keep it free we should also fight for the freedom for the future of the United States of America. Our future generations are now counting on us.