Gutfeld on the whistleblower's lawyer's tweets

Mark Zaid tweeted calls for President Trump's impeachment in 2017. #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business ...


Cycling Joezone: Republicans attacking the messenger because they cannot handle the message.

emarskineel: Why aren't we talking about Epstein?

jlh: Jesse, one network wants to do it - infowars - why dont you invite Alex Jones on - he'll say Eric's name for you

bill howes: lesson learned never trust a liberal lawyer

Zero Tolerance: I always laughed when the crazy lefties said that men can menstruate.....but after seeing Juan tonight, im less skeptical. 😂

Mike h: I am confused. The head of the Times is blowing the head of the CNN's whistle . What ?

Mark Perugini: juan is the resident 'joy' behar...

Fredd smith: Donald Trump is the best leaders since Newt Gingrich!

John Kiene: You could throw crap in Juan’s face and he would call it ice cream

Legatus Lucius: He's like this guy is giving Trump ammunition to use against them Trump doesn't need ammunition the Marines have it all and now he's got everything he needs to have the march on the House of Representatives the coup was just admitted that's all he needs to know


mike oren: Eric CIAramella? Smells kinda 🐟 fishy 🐠 Moe, Yuk, yuk, yuck! Eric’s pecking gibberish on mom’s computer in secret basement again? Trump locomotive bearing down on Demonrats! Zero (0) platform for protection, green new deal gibberish useless, no viable candidate vs Trump! GULP! Quick, impeach, hurry up, impeach!

robert dixon: are one stupid mother fkr.

MsMyxlplyx: Juan (not Mexican or latino) is a JOKE...TOKEN.

Dañe Highfield: As I recall, Juan is a total fuckstain...😳

Beej Johnson: We need to get rid of all these stupid whistle blower laws! Tar and feather the traitor whistle blower in public! So what if there was a quid pro quo. There clearly was, but Trump needs to do whatever he can to keep the presidency! If a Dem wins again we will be completely absolutely miserable like we were under Obama!

Timmylehin: I still maintain my statement that Juan is pure bastard.


kynes333: God Bless, Juan. Glad he's on the Five. I'm a lifelong conservative and Trump supporter. Its nice to see somone on the left try to articulate their ideas without trying to call you a racist, antifa bully you, or try to shut down the conversation. Don't agree w/ most of what you say but glad you're there. Creds.

Casca XV: I'm so sick of Juan another Leftist this just openly lying

Mike Bell: Every time Juan Williams speaks the one thing I love about YouTube I can fast forward

Aiden Matthew O'Brien: I was once a Democrat and I figured out everything about how crooked this party is.I wonder when Juan will???

Jolly Lama: Juine, you’re little Richard mustache ain’t doin it

Denise Wilkes: JW needs to be indicted for publicly supporting a seditious coup

R Lee: Juan is the paid fool. I turn the volume down when he is on. Nothing of substance.

Eddie Wadkins: I love this show but Juan needs to go .

Cortez the Killer: Don’t y’all just love Juan? It’s like having MSNBC on The Five

Bella Donna: If the source of the evidence is tainted in any way then the evidence itself is tainted. That’s fruit of the poisonous tree. Claiming “the account of the whistleblower is supported by others” does not help. The evidence is tainted.

redoanul sahat: Then why the impeachment support is increasing? because The phone call was not about diplomacy. Trump used his power illegally to gain help from another country

Yarraman Steel: Apparently it’s illegal to say Eric Ciaramella’s name.

Scott Markham: What about Edward Snowden?

WesternDead: Blasting the Whistleblower's Attorney over a Tweet that happen in 2017. That Tweet has ZERO Connections for what is going on Right Now with The President Trump and The Ukrainian President. Fake Fox News is continuity to find more Excuses instead of looking of the Fact. SO SAD!!!!!!

Mike Neumann: Hey fox do not renew Juan’s contract

Hillbilly Hollar: Trump misspellings are intentional... code unlocks truth..Military comms...The Democrats ducks are cooked and they know it..theyre trying everything possible to throw smoke and cloud your vision to lessen the impact...nothing can stQp whats coming..

rendkee11: I can't bare to watch this show when they let that horrible human being Jaun get away with the crap that comes out of his mouth. Jesse is the only real one to call him on it and when it gets intense someone makes a stupid home to change the subject. Very annoying.

Kent Torok: Juan is like the bad guy in wrestling ..... booo ...... lol

brian lupinsky: it's the obama stay behind network

Mike Neumann: Looks like One lost his composure. Typical nasty liberal. Fox News get rid of him we can’t stand him

brian nickel: Juan Juan Juan, your credibility it's gone!
You drank so much punch, your TDS is out of control! We know how messed up and corrupt the leftist are, its impossible to lie for them.....and to not state the obvious is shameful Juan....moronic

Jim Taylor: Not TRUE Juan ... just plainly NOT true.

Duy Huynh: Why is the guy keep interrupting other man?

snoop alert: The whistleblower has been unmasked by Adam schitt King leaked it on his website

Aaron Harper: 👉😵Juan

shane A-sr: Juan stfu fox needs to fire juan

Jim Taylor: Juan is so blinded by his partisanship that he can't see THE truth. NOT his truth but THE truth based not on someones opinion but on written evidence. Would someone please tell me why is Juan on this show? I watch and listen until after he opens his mouth and then I turn it off. I am NOT adverse to a different opinion ... just please look at the actual evidence then make a cogent argument. Juan fails at this every time. He does make the rest of the Five look like geniuses though.

blazeovich: How does Juan keep a straight face... or even stay sitting at that table. They must be paying him a lot of money!

Scott Markham: What about Edward Snowden ?

Tim Rachu: Watch "The Enemies Within". Tons of answers you won't believe.

Dakota Blessing: Listen to the COMMUNIST LYING JUAN SO SICKENING

Dan Stanton: Who is funding these left wing demonstaration? Follow the money!
I wonder if George Soros funded most of these groups demanding President Trump's removal. He funded Obama's election. Re.
Acorn. So much of the radical left's opposition is funded by one, or more, of George Soros's organization. There is the story. Is

George Soros involved in funding the Left's campaigns against President Trump. It is too obvious. Why is he not in jail for treason?