Hannity: Biden campaign on life support

Biden campaign thought he'd ride in on Obama's coat tails. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, ...


erratic static: you didnt mention that they would go door to door and confiscate any and ALL guns!!! so if you love your rights and your freedom, DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS OLD SOCIALIST!!!

Chris Snyder: With his $36M/year salary from Fox, and a 2.6% tax cut ($936,000/year), Hannity has almost 4 million reasons to push for Trump's second term.

TheObsessivePainter !: He should pardon him.

BIG BEN: If you want the country to become like Venezuela , then you must vote for the socialist/communist BERNI SANDERS !!!

Kenneth Salyers: PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP 2020

William Terwilliger: Anybody who votes for butt hurt Bernie, needs to be in mental institutions are you kidding me!

Blaine Rogers: Trump is a corrupt president pretending to be a patriot. Draft dodger in 1973. 🦨

Bill Bailey: Socialism: once in, you don't get out. Never. It either brings a nation to its knees or makes it irrelevant.
Kiss the economy goodbye. I've seen plenty of anger about a $21 Trillion deficit. This triples it with no means to pay it back.
What follows: runaway inflation, the exit of jobs, unaffordable housing, rents beyond reach, food poor quality, medicines in the doldrums and the end of a once-great nation.

Good luck with that.

BoobooJonez: Polls are DEAD. Many Trump supporters and conservatives alike, don't participate in polls. I know I don't. They call my house they're politely asked to take my number off of their register. I just DO NOT TRUST that they say they're who they say they are...

Christopher Baker: If you vote democrats in 2020 and win you will regret it long before 2024

Daniel Duvall: @2:25 exactly what I say!!! You the American People NEED to VOTE to make sure we have a President Trump for another 4!!!

miss kj 777: It WILL be a brokered convention, but it will not be Mike Bloomberg who will win the nomination nod. Michelle Obama will be the nominee. Barack Obama will be re-entering back onto the world stage with his wife in tow. She will make an 11th hour surprise appearance and entrance at the brokered convention with the support, endorsement and introduction of her husband... just wait and see. The DEMs know she is the only person who even has a chance of beating Donald Trump. As sickening as that scenario will be...it will happen.

Joe Ragu: I can’t believe Hannity is a cutting edge over here he’s ahead of the curb on everybody letting us know that the Buy campaign is done if it wasn’t for him we’d have no fing idea! God help us if Rush Limbaugh every passes away this is what we’re gonna be stuck with

Jose Berrios: Amy , Warren,Biden make Dunkin donuts famous 🤪👣🖕

Jose Berrios: Hannity doesn't haven't any clue of what he's talking about it.
Lying lying
All he mentioned are falsely fictional. They scare Bernie Sanders cause they're noticed that Bernie Sanders is very popular

Dan Erickson: The Democrats cheat, re-distrcting counties in states to win the votes. These people are totally corrupt and want all the power.

Seymour Lipshitz: I agree. If Trump wins again. Unfortunately It won't be by much. This idea of socialism Is plaguing America

Steve Preston: Stop lying to the Trump tards they believe anything lol. Fun fact 1 out of 3 Trump tards are dumber than the other 2. The more you know 😉😉

Flint Farmer: Even the deep state Democrats know how dangerous he is to the country. This is why they sunk his campaign last election

lewis lighting777: Take that in 150 bill

Ilegal Alien: Bye Byeden 👋🏻

RS1: Bernie was scoping out Russia while he was on his 45 year vacation prior to getting his first job and elected as a communist.

dc: Lol who actually listens to this elite?

lewis lighting777: He seems winded acts like he dont really wanna be there too much to remember and gets mad when faced with truth kinda like every other dem up there lol

T R-H: Bernie is a Communist...NOT a Socialist

Shamcie Pears: Rats coping Trump style in their speech

DeMar Southard: Biden is like Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards -- he's so oblivious to his surroundings he can't perceive of what a jerk he is. It's embarrassing to listen him.

Vlad M: Ohhh someone is really afraid of Bernie. How is this propaganda piece different from what they do at cnn?


Tiny Buzzard: 4:50

you mean like his brain?

Greg Summerson: A weekend at Bernie's will doom the entire world,not just the USA

Lski3: Maybe he should use an accent and pull some hot sauce out of his wallet? That worked for other candidates. oh wait...

Philip Sinkins: Joe B. needs to live in a care home 🤔👎

Will Carter: Biden's campaign looks like an elderly Chinese patient with coronavirus in a Wuhan hospital

B K: Pull the plug on him!

Carol Bogdanowitz: He is right about Delaware though. My apartment complex was over 50% Indian. I moved 20 minutes down the road to Maryland. I prefer farmers and the amish

Chris G: Yeah, Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

As Gaylord: We want corporate socialism not help for the people.

Mike Fisher: The little babies miss Santa Claus.

Kevin Thornton: Shauwn u Sorry Coward prepare for slavery

MarcKevinSmith: Failure of the U.S. educational system to teach economics and pro-Americanism. Our schools = “hate-the-USA,” and “anti-free enterprise,” so why are we surprised at Bernie’s popularity? It is to be expected.

Joel Gunn: Oh my goodness that Biden ad. Is that real????

RJ: Get out and vote blue to save our democracy. We are under a monarchy now, and this must end.

jcsadog: None of them are coherent!!

ImNotMad ButUR: EVERYBODY VOTE. Complacency and thinking “no problem!” can and will take out everything that’s been done. VOTE.


No Socialist voting! Campaign for Trump on a personal level where you live and work. Vote for the America our forefathers built on patriotism. VOTE. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. VOTE TRUMP!!!

jcsadog: Bernie's chances in November? Snowballs chance in hell!!!

앤더슨프란: All that money wasted because trump was afraid of Biden who was never going to be the nominee anyway.

Mark Shrimpton: The world is rat poop either way, one way quickly the other a little longer.

A T: I can't stand this guy but i totally agree on this one

RICHARD LUKENBACH: hillary got this started to win president first woman! she set a program that can't be stopped with help of "O'' many others! she blames everyone. until she & others confess all it will continue to affect all. evil has been cursed on USA. we must find all guilty to heal hearts