Hannity: Biden stumbles over his words at almost every event

Biden mistakenly claims that he met with Parkland students while he was vice president. #Hannity #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC) ...


S****: Creepy Crazy Sleepy Joe..
Keep doing what you're doing 🤗 👍

Alice Knight: Trump is gonna eat this guy alive!!!
Get your popcorn ready!!!

cory bookdeal: We know what you're going through Democrats, our party gave us Bob Dole in '96.

Frank Jastremski: Dementia, Alzheimer's take your pic Biden has both.

LilRed M.: He needs an doctor's exam, he has dementia. Early stages

Master of Mashup: Biden is a bumbling bafoon, but what is Trump? His father was NOT born in Ireland. Fine people on both sides. I would say, I don't know why Russia would have anything to do with it. We must investigate the oranges of the Mueller investigation. And by the way, 85% of the economy is to Obama's credit, NOT Trump and a lot of experts says Trump is leading us to another recession.

Jay Adler, Music Critic: This is the old man who the Democrat Party wants as Commander and Chief? Does Biden even know where he is and who he is at any given time?, John Lennon said it best when he said "What if there was a war and nobody came" Sounds like something Sleepy Joe would say in his convoluted speech if a missile was shot over here, we would all be finished off quick with that guy at the helm I say we get the sexy psychic Marianne to take it, she is not only cool, being slender and tall and really not bad, she makes Warren and Harris look like Brownie Scouts on a picnic.

Terry Baker: Notice his 10 supporters clapping ....How in hell could any of these fools get elected unless they cheat

Jim King: And anyone would vote for a democrat...and...this is their FRONT runner...Thanks!

Ashley Stroebel: The poor white kids must be ecstatic that they are just as smart as the white kids LOL

R.KILGORE33: In Biden's defense.. all these shootings look the same;-) hint hint ;-) false 🚩 white kids are just susseptable to propaganda as poor, kids, hungry kids, and MK Ultra victims

Mik1604: Gangster VP Biden’s only chance to stay out of jail is to become president. That is the one and only reason he is running.

mikeofallon: Let's not call out Creepy Joe's pathetic condition yet. Let MSM cover for him. It would be a gift if D's actually nominate him.

judgebarney: Sleepy joe needs to stop going to rallies like hillary who went into hiding and fixed speeches! Oh by the way she lost!

rich s: Joe Biden Kamala Harris 2020 for a better tomorrow

Joe Kool: Biden Emergency Response team says Biden meant the Sandy Hook Children visited him.....but Sandy Hook was a Pre School and the kids were under 4 years old.

Joe Kool: Biden mistakes nuclear ICBM launch button with garage door opener button.

Rooster: The current Democratic Party; Senile Grandparents contending with unruly whippersnappers. Alzheimer's is a terrible plague, as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are discovering first hand. Prayers for them.

Casey Gardner: Honestly it doesn’t matter if Biden corrected himself or not when he said poor kids are just as bright as white kids. The fact is he said it, and if Trump would’ve said that....RACIST!! There is a huge double standard and this only proves it.

Lim Lin: Obama got the job because people were excited about the first African American as President only to realise that he is completely brainless who didn't do anything right including the famous transgender toilets all over the country, and whose failed legacy puts America petro-dollar and America's economy to bankruptcy with his QE policy. I saw from day one all his inadequacies. He lifted out of management books about CHANGE and people fell for the trap for a change.

President Trump who has proven track record of successful business and corporate experiences, has made the difference to the US economy just 2 years into his presidency! Data speaks about Pres Trump's succession of successive successes in achieving the best economy for the US in the last 50 years (historic strong economy!), the lowest unemployment rate in 51 years since the '40s (historic job growth blockbuster job report!), a safer US, tax reform/cut, largest energy producer in the world, wage growth for middle class, getting out of the most horrible Iran deal, that DOW number of 27,000+ is the highest – strongest stock market. That is the highest it has ever been, ever. It's never been that high.

At the moment, I don’t see anyone in the Democratic field who I think would beat or come close to beating the President. It will be a landslide win for Pres Trump against any of the Democratic candidates. The reason why Pres Trump will win another term is because he is in God's hand. The world super power position is also in God's hand. It's settled in Daniel 2:21 so Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, etc. etc. cannot win even with voters' fraud being thrown in because God has the final say. According to Daniel 2:21, “It is He (=God) who changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings. He gives wisdom to the wise And [greater] knowledge to those who have understanding!'"

Joe Biden is not appealing to the Progressives and the Democrats. All the candidates have some serious drawbacks because they are just demonstrating who is more insane than the other. Based on their performance at the debates, it is clear as day that they are not the calibre of a President now nor in another 100 years. We can clearly see that none of these candidates, and none in the Democratic Party today, is going to give Pres Trump a run. The Democratic Party is dry on presidential candidate. Democrats are just making themselves a fool exposing all their flaws for the job of a President.

America has created unprecedented wealth for this nation and the world at large. This Party is ashamed of America's achievements under Pres Trump. This is not your Party. Americans must learn never to vote nor ever trust a Democrat again.


Joshua Jackson: He's too old

prophet Ray: Joe vs Trump haha 😂

jim52536: Ashes to Ashes~Dust to Dust~Was not spoken to the Soul~Heaven and Hell was

Where's your Eternity without Lord Jesus Christ who is Eternal Life who I've seen in Heaven...

Jonathan Williams: China Joe would sell out the country in a heart beat to China.

Opeoluwa Awoniyi: Hannity unleashed hell on crazy creepy old uncle Joe! Savage

Joe Blow: Biden is a moron

Going Places: Defending Chris Cuomo is not a good look for you Hannity. He’s a thug with a paid for degree.

Michael Bourdelais: That lump in his brain keeps getting bigger.🧠

John McCarthy: BdbBdbBaDee Badee Badee Bdats all folks!

Angel with an a: We should all hope that Biden gets the spot because the take down will be so epic. Remember the debates with Hillary? Sleepy Joe? Probably the funniest night on tv in history.

Steve Sullivan: He's the cousin Eddie of politicians!

DONALD 2020: You think Hands on Joe is dumb just look at the people that want him to be President!

Cliff Seckinger: Good god, foxies. How can you listen to this idiot?

AFTERBURNER Joslyn: The man is brain damaged, he's their best candidate ? Please democrap-commie party- do nominate this walking brain dead cretin ! True Americans will vote away this clown and the commie dems

Linda Taylor: Surely the Democrats are beside themselves when they see him in action. But they don't care who gets in the white House as long as it's a Democrat. It's to the point where Biden screws up every time he is in public. I wonder if he knows how bad he is. Probably not.

Steven Dorn: Trump employees undocumented workers but if you are a supporter of his are Republican you turn your Blind Eye to his hypocrisy

Mike Holzenbein: Sleepy Joe for the demonocrat nomination!!! The hilarity of his campaign would be priceless

Bud Wzr: Sean Hannity is a stooge now. I guess he got bloated so he joined the Trump team.

Arthur Balls: Still not covering Epstein then?

Patricio007x: Let him be the nominee! It’ll be really fun when debating Donald.

Kc gunz: Trump wins easily

andy. hello.: No more joe be abiden.

freewillobjector: The Grim Groaper has lost it.

SCOUNDREL: Alternative facts that the current administration keep using. "The truth is not the truth" Giuliani.

Raven Wood: Bumbling boob!

Itzahk Pearlman: Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids and Maggie Thatcher is doing great with Germany.
- Joe Biden 2019

James Leftwich: 3 words.....Early Onset Alzheimers!!!!!! wHAT'S NEXT will he promise to take care of Saddam Hussein ??

chuck wick: Blunder after blunder lol .... he's just being himself

Thanh McGrain: No wonder, he was sleeping the whole time and let Obama manipulating and destroying our country.