Hannity: The cure cannot be worse than the coronavirus crisis itself

We cannot put paralyzing panic over practical precautions. #FoxNews #Hannity FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network ...


Sally Portillo: How would you know the truth when you are only interpreting the lies from other mouths?

Sally Portillo: You media people live like flea baggers... you tell more lies than the truth. How would you know the truth when there is no profit for you?

tri asc: Cuomo is a turd playing doctor....he should have knows masks and ventilators are necessary...there was either this or a terror attack coming..chemical warfare is eminent...he's an idiot!

Pookie Mcdookie: Fox entertainment is propaganda. Nothing more. Feeding the anger and ignorance of trump's cultists. You fools are being controlled by Fox. Remember don't stay home. It's all just a democratic hoax. Keep sucking the propaganda you mindless zombies.

Joh B: Lets put the story straight because Fox News won't. China informed the World Health Organization of the possible threat to public health back in late December 2019. And let's not forget that America is a paid-up member of the WHO and plays a big part with many Americans working for the WHO. So!! when Taiwan woke-up to this threat as early as January of this year. And with this knowledge easily and readily available to Trump from his very own intel and WHO, why did he take so long to wake up to security threat to the United States? All the evidence is clear as day for all to see. Question, perhaps both America and the WHO should be made accountable for this mess, especially as they work so closely together?

Tamika Mayes: Stay on his neck Hannity!

poohead: Hannity is the type of guy who would drop his cigarette outside someone’s house and when it burns down he blames the residents for not putting the cigarette out or moving out in time.

Vang Cruz: There is no crisis. It all a hoax.

Sally Portillo: When Bill Gates imagined a pandemic which lead him to imagine a vaccine... little did he know that he's creating a bio-weapon, and he said, it's the cure because he loved humanity.

Chris Hardy: Cure wouldn’t be as bad as the virus if Trump had acted quicker. He was told in January what was headed this way, but denied it. All on tape can’t be denied, ‘ it will disappear like magic’. Yea sure. And Hannity,that’s what the job of the federal government is, doing what it is supposed to do. Nice try trying to shift the blame, everyone knows it’s in the lap of your buddy, DJT.

Yours Forever: Says we should keep politics out of it and then makes despicable political attacks on Cuomo. Why not talk about Medicare and the fact that millions of ordinary workers are now loosing their medical insurance and can no longer afford treatment.

jenny flood: Thought it was a HOAX, what a turn around, if ONLY the idiot in chief, wasn't so slow, sending China tons of PPE, in February. True idiot.

Marco Cerrato: This guy Hannity is a joke.

Kenichi Sonoda: Hannity: "...the world will never be the same..."
Dang right it won't be!
So, when we gonna nuke China? What? I ain't racist. Radiation kills coronavirus, right? XD

Richard Bailey Sr: Trump falls America. Dead on his hands..Blame game not WORK ING BUCK STOPS. HERE .TRUMP WAS INFORMED. DIDN'T CARE.

Victor Modjeski: It's so awesome to see American people helping anyway they can,and front line workers risking their lives. I thank and appreciate them all. Meanwhile, trump is pushing an unproven drug,because he has a financial interest in the company. A real shocker. May he rot in hell.

Debbie Lincoln: Love how you are blaming Cuomo. How about the president and his Republican side kicks and fox news who were playing it off as a democratic hoax. The federal government should of been planning and preparing months ahead. Where is the sense of all the states competing against the same products. Our federal government and FEMA should of stepped up when they first learned from WHO. Instead out of the president's own mouth....it is a democratic hoax. Fox news is a joke. They spin everything brain wash their viewers into believing the lies they spew. Cuomo had stepped up. No way could a hospital be built from ground up in a few short months. Fox news is a joke and so are their commentators.

George Rodriguez: I would get the coronavirus if I could spread it to Hannity

Do Brasil: So many stupidity that amazes me...go watch what's happening in other countries and read some papers. FYI papers mean scientific papers

dalexxa: a task force is needed to know why so many governors didn't prepare appropriately, trump warned them 😷

Rob P’Gallo: Abolish Fox Opinion News

Cara Bellerose: Praising efforts in Singapore, Dr. Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program, suggested there be medical professionals going door to door to find those likely infected, and “remove” them from the home for “dignified” isolation. Kunt.

Jan Duine: Is that the guy who continued to say that the Corona virus was a Democratic hoax, that it was nothing but a flu, etc.

Gary Gilbert: It's gods will you Republicans die of something that was created by man . Natives have beaten your smallpox, h1n1, every disease or plague you can infect us with .... and you think your God loves your people. ..we are still here

Richard Bailey Sr: Saving America lock up trump and fox news..take back CREDIBILITY

Larry Pyle: I still can't believe the idiot Governor told people we allowed them to usejust for that saying alone he should be thrown out of office and I also think that you need to check see how much money he's worth and the mayor too

Amged Fraik: Same president that called it a hoax in the beginning at a rally lol I ain’t looking for no savior. Just protect yourselves ppl stop looking for politicians to be saviors.

Bhseeker01: Say NO to Bill Gates, Big Pharma and China.


The Budget Aquarist: Too late. Some businesses are already shut down FOR GOOD!

I R: Love how this jerk fails to mention how woefully unprepared the federal gov was after numerous warnings of a pandemic of epic proportions. Also, nothing mentioned about the distribution of imported medical supplies due to stockpile shortages and unmaintained equipment by FEMA, which only handed off to local suppliers who injected them into their Capitalist system pitting states against states to ultimately exporting overseas to highest bidder. Geez, you would think in times of war, as our wartime president self proclaimed, he would’ve had the military delivered directly. Also, no mention of Trumps financial interest and subsequent cult like infomercials on the non scientifically proven drug, hydroxycloriquin. This administration has been an utter failure in response to COVID19 and are the embarrassment of the world. But, y’all keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

Chuck Heinbaugh: Pat Trump on the back, WOW you need to get your lips off of Trumps 🍑.

joeykantot: Dr. Hannity strikes again maybe its measles now

Rocky Rock: Fox news is a joke ...really

poohead: Hannity is a disease.

Indera B: The Deepstate want an Economic disaster. dont let that happen

dalexxa: dr hannity lol 😷

ufoguyspaceman: Stay inside. Stay alive. Your choice.

leonard keys: I'm still trying to figure out how he can spew that madness, with a straight face... make America sick again; vote Trump 2020

James Luman: Quit believing what the media says quit blaming other people for your shortcomings except responsibility for your own actions past present and future it's not president fault it's not Cuomo's fault it's not Hannity fault and even if it was so what how's that going to help anybody Chicken Little was a first grade Nursery Rhyme and yet we're all running around re-enacting the story

Lahom Bombay: we love, we make love to the sea, i know

moreno73 m: Blood in fox hands

Anthony D: Of coarse need investagation why Trump so slow, not ready when other place ready

Lahom Bombay: it's not the well

Sabine Hahn: What a complete fuckwit Hannity is - obviously living on a completely different planet.

pete crete: The media is at war with each other. Why try and put out methods people are making masks. Show people successful stories. Asking people to thank the president is not what we need to do. The task force maybe. They should be doing the press briefings as less and less trust in trump is going by putting is own assumptions.
Calling governors names is totally uncalled for. Not very professional. Dr Anthony as been the most scientific ideologist. We need to ear from him. Its obvious him and trump are not on the same page. Trump tried to stop n-95 masks going to Canada when the pulp needed to produce them come from BC CANADA.
little alone all the thousands of nurses and doctors that go over the border to help Detroit in there time of need. Trump is acting on instinct without thinking things over with is task force. Its fortunate that Canada wouldn’t stop shipping pulp and parts for defibrillators
Nurses and doctors. Friendship goes a long way.


Jay Perry: Cut our funding to all!!!!! All other country’s trump now you see why WE need it. For years we have it away why. So we can suffer in time of need? Thanks

Jay Perry: This happened because America is stupid sheep that allow the government to take 1/2 your check. Then say ok here is 1000 bucks. Wow

Who is America: Fox spreads trump's lies, costing American lives.
This is a MAGA virus 😷

Earl Bernard: Look who is talking