Hannity: Trump says enough is enough

President Trump exerts executive privilege over all aspects of the Mueller report. #Hannity #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX ...


bert wesler: Wow I had no idea that the dwarf Nadler used to be a water buffalo.
What a fat f**** pig.

Christopher Chinnery: Hannity really needs to take it a bit easy with the drinking before the show. I still like him though

Tom fair: Stop, go to work ! We hired you to work on imigration, healthcare, NO THE ECONOMY, AHHH, infrastructure. Time to work just like us the American people who you wasted 30million dollars of. So go to F*&% work like the rest of us. LYING , racist, violence promoting liberals.

Scott Langston: Heres an ideal, since they've spent 35 million dollars of hard working American people? an came up with nothing? An want to continue to spend more looking threw an empty grabbag of hope? for anything trying to ease their sore buttoxes over 2016? Let them go forward,only let them know the legal fees going forward, will be comming out of their own paychecks..

Tracy Stumpf: How much longer are these Baby Killers going to get away with there collusion nonsence . Ripping off the Government funds . Like there is no tommorrow
They keep up with if we keep telling this lie the people are dumb enough to believe it . Ones that think it's ok to declare war on defenceless Babies will think it's nothing to lie and deceive many . How many millions are we going to allow these scoundrel satan pediphilles to squander. .

hoodeddragon: Most of these people are complete morons. Time to get them out

P J: Nadler goes way back, Manhattan.. He is probably the Guy who helped rewrite the "Tax " regulations that created the Real estate Depreciation crisis that cause POTUS to loose so much money back then.

Kimberly Bennett: Americans are awake to whats going on in our corrupt government. We are a sovereign nation and WILL NEVER GIVE IN TO SOCIALISM

Lloydering Q: Why are my tax dollars paying for treason?

Patrick McCreight: Sadly they are still 1 step ahead of most Americans. Still playing us to work towards the one world government agenda. And most of you smile, cheer and still play the same team game instead of playing for America.

Tim Bucks: Lock Nadler up.

99MM: Dems just dont like the word NO and they dont like losing.....they are like the little kid whos crying for candy at 11pm on a school night.. NO MEANS NO!! give it a rest an let the president do his job. think of how much more he could do without these people up his arse 24/7

Travis Tubbs: Nadler is corrupt!!

garym48expat: Oh, you're a moron!

Ban Evil: President Trump why are you waiting to completely pull the plug from the bottom of the swamp? Enough "Is" Enough

drummmer05: Trump needs an exec. order for Term Limits, effective immiediately!!! ;
what's insane is that ANY body can be allowed to make a career out of politics, for 20, 30, 40 YRS!!! my lord, Reps. are supposed to represent the People.. their districts.. & the Gov't needs FRESH people, atleast every 10 yrs!
dont' ALLOW this corrupt , dishonest, gov't lifestyle to continue!!!
Max 2 or 3 terms, then back to normal life folks!!! ;

Stephen Lee Brown Sr: Nadless says it's very clear that President Trump obstructed justice, but he won't say how.

Tony Davis: The DNC needs to be disbanded. They have cried and have betrayed the American Trust.

john mcdonald: What do you expect when you put a bunch of "rectum babies" together.

greenback001: Make America Fake Again! BIDEN 2020

greenback001: Make America Fake Again! BIDEN 2020

mo met: Trump is antiestablishment...my goodness. Trump is antiestablishment. You guys dont see this , people love being slaves. Im telling u some people love being slaves to the system. He doesnt act like your typical president....exactly what us needs.

failed: wow that Jerrold Nadler guy must be getting some crazy baby foreskin ketogenic tips from his nutritionist, that clip of him in 1998 looks like he ate Jerrold Nadler.

If i was rich enough to drink a diet high in baby foreskin i would live to be 1000, it also cures AIDS just ask Magic Johnson

Jessica S: ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Time to take these NAZIS out.


Al Wright: The Liberal meltdown is epic

The Storm: The Dem traitors are gonna rot in prison for the rest of their lives!

Chuckles: Pretty soon, the Left will prevent conservatives from entering shops to buy food

tamimerkaz: Ugly Nadler and the rest of the Trump hating deranged Democ-rats are going to deeply regret going against America's Attorney General. They're poking the wrong bear.

maria maria: jerri - what happened you aged like a bowl of rotted fruit

Steve Scott: NADLER AND HIS CIRCUS NEED TO HELP RUN THE GOVERNMENT, YOU are paid work with Trump admin. To build a Wall, to keep illegal aliens Out of the USA!

??: The democrats will use widespread voter fraud in 2020 to try and retake power. That and lies is their whole platform. Even Stevie Wonder can see that.

Jennifer Christensen: Nadler should recuse himself, because his son works as a lawyer whose firm is doing their damndest to work against President Trump. If that isn't a conflict of interest I don't know what is.

RideoutMr: And they are all so physically repulsive!!!!!! & with one foot in the grave. Term limits NOW!!!!!!

Orange Punisher: Did Nadler finally get his eyebrow trimmed???

conn cann: folks get your familys out of the military after trump.....democrats will target white people in the military...remember obama allowed iran to capture our white sailors....they do not care....time for draft after trump...

Luis Covarrubias: Im leaving politics

k bar: Is he trying to restart the Mueller report?

PeaZzz: Please vote in 2020. We need at least 4 more years to clean up this mess.

marielucie masse: those who want to investigate M Trump must be investigate first

muster seeds: Dumpster crapper party loser.

Realitycleans: the "left vs right' paradigm is the key to controlling a population. wake up sheep

Plato Emerson: Pig Trump thinks he is above the law. Pig Trump lies, cheats, and steals. IMPEACH Pig Trump, he is a sick and vile con man. Pig Trump is GUILTY of obstruction.


Sam Lewis: When Nutty says enough is enough you know it's not enough. The guy is about as thin as crudey water.

Sagres d'Amor: What I despise about Nadler is he never listens. He's a fat swamp toad.


Angela Short: What has Nadler done,to enslave himself to Clinton's, He's like a court lackey, he doesn't even sound convinced himself of what He's doing , He's like a man ,lost in a dark room ,groping the walls to find a doorway out , Bet he doesn't sleep well at night , Probably has nightmares of Nancy and Hillary and Bill , and lots of chains clunking like the ghost of Clinton's past, what goes round ,comes round , Sowing and Reaping , Oh Dear me,,!, ani angela nz messenger AROHA NUI Endsoftheearth

Curran: This is smart on there part the people on the left will believe this is proof but Donald Trump work with Russians and obstructed Justice because they want it to be true so bad but it's just barr and trump protecting everybody in this ridiculous investigations fourth Amendment rights. The Democrats have full access to the unredacted report but they cannot leak it because we would know who who is accessing information if they have it released to all of Congress they can leak it and have probable deniability. People on the left unfortunately will believe that this is actual obstruction and admission of guilt because they want to believe so badly. Luckily the people who are that far left we're already Democrat voters and Trump will not lose votes in 2020 from this in fact this will push center-left voters farther right towards Trump as they will understand this is all just political grandstanding and deception. Ps I'm Canadian so my opinion means nothing but facts are facts trump 2020

Dodge Guy: I don't understand how the dems can hold Barr in contempt just because he doesn't want to break the law. He gave them more than he should have and only 2% of the report was redacted. If they want to see the full report they can do it under security watch at any point. I don't see how the other 2% of the report could help them. The Dems are asking Barr to break the law. Typical for them to want to do something like this and then they will turn around and charge Barr for releasing it. Not going to happen with this AG, sorry Dems.