Has Michael Avenatti been completely forgotten?

'Jeopardy!' contestants can't remember the name of Stormy Daniels' former lawyer. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX ...


Pep Norman: Apparently not, as you're running a story about him lol

John Renaud: A two legged greyhound has a better track record than Avenatti.

1CAV11B: 11/16/2019

Dear Tucker, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

misterdemagogue: The real issue is DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGE. Shut down all western countries borders until we can fix the problems brought on by the oligarchs FORCING immigration into all Western and European nations.

m.j. simon: Creepy Bill O'Reilly,.. Creepy Roger Ailes,.....Creepy Dean Cain,....Creepy Scott Brown,....Creepy Charles Payne,...Creepy Eric Bolling,....CREEPY FOX NEWS COOPERATION

William Duhamel: Who? Oh CPL.

Dean Johnson: it would have been awesome if some had answered "Who or WHAT is CPL" -- and even more awesome if they had then accepted that answer!

Heath Micah: hes not forgotten.
hes got a court date soon, theyll be expecting him

Vanessa Costa: It’s like FOX is hiding the story about Stephen Miller’s 900 racist emails.

Thierry L: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

c103110a: The Forgotten Porn Lawyer ! I love it !

All Seeing Egg: I had forgotten his name by the end of the video but Creepy porn lawyer stayed in my head along with his image.

PL TS: Nah he hasn't. We are just waiting on sentencing.

Damon S: He isn't trending on the left's social media anymore so they forget.

Ni Abdi: Trump is the creepy old man that raw dogged the pornstar , but yes Avenatti is surly a creepy porn lawyer and we must never forget that -_- laughable Tucker Carlson and his fans dem Führer stets zu Befehl🤣🤣

Kjeld Larsen: Who?

Marcus: Tucker the white supremacist is the creepy one...WAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

Shitpost Bunker: I miss creepy porn lawyer

Dave Gutknecht: CPL needs PRISION

G MONEY: Who???

Paul Krueger: Slow news day... or avoiding news of substance?

Ball Sak CH#2: I wonder how much stormy gets for a BJ now?

Michael Masoner: Michael who?

David Adrian: Michael Avenatti is a joke

House of the Rising Sun: We forgot about Avenatti because he was just a passing joke.

Chatla Suresh: Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti.

Mart Fildes: Hahaahahaha hahahah CPL tucker is the GOAT!

Justin Time: Who?

cat nerp: No. The dots will be connected

Regi Cheney: Who?

Deborah Scott: Joy had him all but elected!

Mary Lee: I've been looking for news in him.

Dalea Nolan: Yes when democrats find out someone on their side is a crook we dump them not hard to do.

John King: Pepperidge Farms remembers.

BigWasabi: He has a book out it’s being launched on CNN next months he wrote it with Porno Jim ( Jim Comey ) It is about “European woman “peeing on a retired FBI agent ( they mistake him for dried up Christmas tree) in a New Jersey Marriott hotel while being served Pasta by Basta Boy and a third dude FREDO , It’s HOT STUFF !

jason speratos: This is Boomer Porn

amateur match: Hilarious if somebody said who is the creepy porn lawyer

Tom Harestad: Tucker's interview with the Creepy Porn Lawyer was probably Tucker's best episode.

John Smith00000: The creepy porn lawyer is the best shot the Democrats have for becoming President in 2020!

Anthony H: No. We didn’t forget. He’s just another piece of trash the Democrats propped up to just be revealed as a piece of trash later on.

g taylor: time to let the memory of CPL to fade into history, lets not bring him up again please. thank you

George Vangordon jr: Who?

yoyo103 queenan: I'm becoming more and more convinced that the creepy porn lawyer killed Epstein😂😂😂😂😂😂

yoyo103 queenan: Hail to the chief??? President Creepy Porn Lawyer...any relation to sleepy, creepy Joe Biden?😂😂😂

ML Fitz: Avenatti turned out to be a crooked fool of biblical proportions. LOL

Alaska Haul: Yo tucker your the man I😅😅😅

A Stefani: Was your president that actually enter the porn lady.... And paid her off too

Billy Sunday: Pornstar upset someone used her like a pornstar

Roland Matters: So the correct answer on 'Jeopardy' was in fact Creepy Porn Lawyer.

Jhon Jhon: Don't forget the impingement 🤗🤗🤗