Hawley says Dems are putting Mueller report, 2020 ahead of issues

Democrats want to talk about anything but the issues the American people care about, Republican Sen. Josh Hawley says on 'America's Newsroom.


kevin townsend: False. Republicans are the ones covering up Trump's criminal behaviors. No infrastructure healthcare just nothing. Mexico deal was done long ago. Truth matters

d d: The key issues are unfrastructure, immigration and healthcare and
to date the record shows that Trump has failed to
address any of these issues effectively. He has made ZERO progress. The infrastructure meeting attended by Pelosi and Schumer and Trump was sabotaged by a theatrical walkout by sulking president. He had promised to provide program outlines for infrastructure financing but he ran away from that respinsibility. . Whats up Trump? Show us the money! The ball is in your court. Blaming the democrats for holding up progress will not work.
They are waiting on YOU.

Tarrifs did not bring Mexico to the table. The agreement "solution" was already in place. Mexico simply agreed to send some more guardsme

Amber Holliday: It's still amazes me how 1 person becoming president can show the hatred, corruption, and etc of the opposite political party. They care 0 F's about America or the American people. I say none of these people get paid until this is over. I honestly believe they should be fired for not doing their job for the American people.

bridgett miller: This man is keep it real! ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘ Thank you for the truth! Plz open your hearts up Democrats plz we all need to be on the same page! This is a major crisis. Step up! TRUMP 2020 ๐Ÿ—ฝ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

juan sanchez: Make a referendum today and force congress to act.

You are giving money to criminal cartels.

John Johnson: Because they have no issues to run on. Same old tired message.

Banfield Flyer: Most in Congress are worthless at a minimum $174K per head per year. Get smart... vote em out!

grimmsterification: people need to stop voting for democrats, they do nothing but hurt our country

Stevenado14: Best senator.

Russell Jordan: Uhh thx for pointing out the obvious Holly did you think no one noticed Dems put everything before the people?

Chatla Suresh: Tariffs aren't threat. That's Mexico line and few Republicans line.

What's definition of Tariffs on China? No it's different with China!

However fact is both Mexico and China stolen USA. Will these Nations pay back to USA if you give a lollipop? NO. They lick lollipop and runaway.

Just Another Brother: The right is high on meth, if they think illegal immigration is going anywhere. This country was built on cheap labor & corporate America is still addicted to it...The wall is a wedge issue just to drum up votes- Southern strategy...

If these (bought & sold) politicians REALLY wanted to stop it, then they would aim their legislation at corporate America- fat chance! They are ones hiring them...The Stormin' Mormon, Mitt Romney, coined it self-deportation. The concept went nowhere. Reps or Dems have no true intent to stop it...

Immigrants don't TAKE jobs; they are GIVEN one...

Americans need to wake up to the hustle- all political theater.

Rust belt Crawling: Mexico doing more than the Democrats for America. priceless !๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
How about doing a report on Omar ? She should be headline news with her being married with two men at the same time !


Marty1970: Are there any laws that allow the people to hold Congress in contempt! Failure to exercise their duties.

Knight Oyin: I'm sick of all the talk and no action except from the President and I am so sick of the Democrats obstructing everything and refusing to do what is needed to better America. They must be voted OUT next election circle.

Sebastian Ortega: Democrats deserve to be arrest them

Polijuana Cracker: I voted for him. He's a white hat. McCastill had to go. I'd like to believe my vote influenced his win. Thank you Lord for the good guys - Let me be one of them.

Dave Dee: Firstly, the Mueller report IS an issue.
Secondly, the Democrats in the House have passed dozens of bills and Mitch is doing nothing in th senate.

you guys don't know this because you live in the conservative media echo chamber.

Mickey Andres: Dems proving once again they are the biggest threat to Americans interests and safety.

Nedda Her: Dems wide open borders and crime and disease against America People's Trump represented America great job Trump 20/20

Bad Fish!: We need to overhaul... the Democratic party - or dismantle it using a new Sedition Act! HUAC should be revived.

A. Osmond: It's now clear to me that the entire country of Mexico is a rogue state. They're run by drug cartels.

Michelle Moe: Keep up the good work josh, missouri is watching. Support our President, always

Daniel Schaeffer: Dear Senator Hawley: I live in Missouri, and you're supposed to represent me, so please. Stop lying. The House has created bill after bill, and McConnell does nothing. The president keeps lying about the contents of the Mueller report, and so does Fox. And so do you.

Tonya Reynolds: I love Josh Hawley

MYESSYALLYAH Cbssjr: Everyone who works on American news is about to be executed. That's the new American law. You can't be trusted to be left alive.

Sandy Mccormick: Don't release anymore, get the ones who have been released find them and get them back to MEXICO! !!!

LINDA NOVAK: I truly hope independents and uncommitted voters see the democratic party for what they are - un-American and a danger to the Republic and vote for Trump in 2020 and continue with support of the Republican party in subsequent elections.ย  Only then when we control Congress can we trulyย MAGA!

Decadant Dog: The Democratic party is the most vile organization in America!

melistentome: Mr. Hawley seems to be a very intelligent guy. I'm going to keep an eye on him. He should step up and be more verbal about the tasks ahead, and open some doors to getting things done for the people.

achaasejr: What exactly are the Issues progressives concerning the Mueller report smothering? Is is the Congressional attempt to get rid of Social Security? Or could it be get rid of Veterans benefits or Disabled Veterans Benefits? Maybe it is Wall Street's funding of more war? The US is beginning to look like the 1930's Germany.

John Tatum: When Mexico is helping our country more than the Democratic Party, one realizes that the Dems are our enemy. Democrats have gone too far again...they are shameless.

Frank G: Mexico to the table, HOW ABOUT COnGRESS TO THE TABLE. There got to be some LAW against congress not working , you can't stand around for months an get nothing done and take a check.......


Mike Hodgetts: Democrats want to protect themselves from Donald J. Trump !
He is a treat to their existence ! This is why they hate him and his family.
Trump has actually helped the people the democrats pretend to help and has taken away their pretense.

Democrats no longer pretend to care about protecting our country from the Chinese, Russians, or other enemies
or protecting our citizens from violent crime or illegal drugs or competition for low paying jobs.

Democrat politicians care only for POWER and other peoples MONEY !
Illegal aliens and voter fraud are democrats last hope for having POWER !

Ever notice how the democrats go crazy when anyone tries to stop, or even restrict voter fraud ?
They must have people ignorant enough or dishonest enough to vote for them.

As many legitimate voters are leaving the party dominated now by the extreme left, its future growth may only come from illegal aliens and other election fraud!

In 2016 the Electoral College barely saved us from disaster, thanks to the wisdom of our founding fathers.

allen springer: Most extremely stable genius supporters on this commentary were the same dumb asses standing front and center at the trump sheep rallies with their idiotic red hats screaming MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO is paying for the wall. Trump made fools of them all and Kim Jong un made a jackass out of him. The noble peace prize is in the mail.

VanHerusan: Congress is more concerned about impeaching Trump.

Bill McCabe: We need a new congress

Ross Meldrum: The only way to stop this asylum BS is to make it crystal clear there is no asylum for anyone ever!!

Snarkly Credible: Hey Trumptard search this clip. - Trump: Immigration Deal Should be 'Bill of Love'
Congress brought a deal to Trump and he refused to sign it.

Carrie Vogel: Trump is going to take credit for the American people's bowel movements next! I hope America wakes up from this nightmare soon!

Ghaz Man: I think the Democrats have an insidious plan to let illegal aliens vote, thus ensuring their election. I see no other reason to let so many in.

vrnc M: The Democrats can't beat Trump...So they send in the clowns ๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก

vrnc M: Next move... Democrats will exhume Nixon and try to get him to testify.

Ronnie James: Trump says that Mexico will be buying farm products from American farmers in this so-called new deal. Mexico officials says, they know nothing about such a deal for Mexico to buy from American farmers. Trump, the con man, lying again to the American people.

Charles Tupper: The Muller report is the issue. This president is above the law and I'll tell you this. If he doesn't have to pay taxes..neither do I..

Terry Lane: I'm liking Josh Hawley more and more every day.

Richard Schaefer: Rabid Green-Socialists should skip all the pretense and get on with the torches, pitchforks and burn all who disagree at the stake...Just like the good ol' days.

Robert Leidner: That is because they have no plan but the old plan , no agenda different than total control through โ€œ democratic socialism โ€œ. The we know whatโ€™s good for you , trust us type.๐Ÿง