Heard It From A Friend Who [Grapevine] Early December

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SayNo 2Globalism: A perfect punishment for left would be four added years on top of a 2020 win.

J H: Maria is the only thing I love about Fox news today. She only seeks information, like Greta Sustrand. Side note, yes I love you Maria, you always look like you just got out of bed an hour before you went live. Touch up the eyes, hand comb the bed head. She looks Hot like that! Ok I'm sorry, I have been a bad boy. Maria is a great reporter.

Trump 2020: Why the hell?, are the Democrats allowed to slow walk every thing! Republicans always play by the rules! God Bless President Trump, and General Barr, keep them safe, from all this evil!

Amy Houghton: My children were never under oath, and I still knew when they are ere lying to my face. Just like I know these people are lying to us.

Kathleen Weber: Ratcliff has a Purple Tie on?

Mama Knows Best: Its a sham guys

Vallerie Fountaine: Impeachment is NOT going to happen...

Vallerie Fountaine: I'm gonna call them
FISA CRIMES from now on...
Cuz that's exactly what they are!!!

marie55: This is Awesome info! Michael....THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! WWG1WGA!! God is soooo Good! Shared!

Dill Pickles: How in the he'll did Lt. Col Vindman earn a Ranger tab?

Alma Lawrence-Fraser: Another day of Hearsay, parodies and coup attempt, another day of failing infrastructure and challenges for our Country, will it ever end?

Dianne S: America is falling apart and all our lawmakers are focused on is this "unreality impeachment circus"! And we are paying for it. :(

nastynate.2015: the entire house of traitor rats, needs to be removed, along with those traitor rhinos.. wen are they start stuffing people in 5x7 cells an string them up in the , they need to end this treason an sedition now.

Brenda Colman: John Ratcliff- Love the purple tie. πŸ™‚


hunter97850g: DEMO's Going DoWn! And TRAITOR REPO's!

hunter97850g: REO-Heard it From a Freind, Who Heard It From a Friend Who? Can WE Back Charge These DEMO's Out of There Wages? For a Witch Hunt?

Robert Conville Jr: This is attempted coup against President Trump! So many self serving TRAITORS in our government!

Cindy Dufala: Only 14 legislative sessions left in the year. It's Nov 19, 2019. No wonder they chomp at the bit to be on office, and hurried time spent while dealing with important issues, onky "serve" 138 days a year, then give themselves a raise, for doing what? Expect the govt to "shut down" AGAIN while these political hacks enjoy their holiday, and do secret deals in the scif in between "hearings." Wonder who us responsiblle for keeping the scif secure?

Melody: Nancy Pelosi is blackmailing schifty with a video of child abuse that had left the child dead,Anthony Bourdain was two doors down from schifty room and stepped out to see what was happening,this is why Bourdain was killed !

Melody: The deep state tried to poison our president this past saturday,he has had test run and he is ok,but his food taster is very ill !

Louise DPK Marais: The statement of hearsay evidence being better as direct evidence is just laughable this alone should tell people what a serious joke this entire farce is

Lucy Lucy: Laughing my a$$ off. But seriously, these people are stupid and evil.


Ronnel Vickers: Never seen lips move that fast,let them fly ,swim lips swim

Ronnel Vickers: With this lips she could be stuck to a mirror

Sheena Wallace: First ad I’ve seen for you in a long time


Evelyn Smith: Tired of the bullshit IG report due dates. Been pushed back since June now they are saying early December. Well Congress will be on vacation so probably not then either.

C P: These witnesses are not even good gossip columnist. They are a joke. We hold Schiff accountable for what he says. He swore an oath of office, and lying and continuously altering rules and procedures for his own needs is a violation of that office.

Marcia Simpson: Love Jim Jordan!!!!

Scott Myers: Tic tock tic tock....... WWG1WGA

Mary Lindsey: Hmmm, no notification for this one. Came across it 5 hrs later.

Sharon Riley: Hearsay better than direct evidence;Β  WHAT A MAROON.

Kristin: ROFLMAO 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚

Leigha Leeth: It's funny that that one Congress man said something about hearsay is better than first hand can we please check and see if that man was a lawyer at one point in time they go on hearsay and convict people because regular courts do not have jurisdiction stay still in court so they go on hearsay to convince people are

Randy March: I knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy that heard the impeachable wording of the phone call.Β Β  Honest

Randy Cochran: That is bullshit SHIFF(t) is under oath He made an oath to hold up the law of the land, the constitution, and he is Shiffing all over it, he should be tarred and feathered and ran out of our capital on a jackass

Calico Insite: *With the circus in full swing...
What is the [DeepState] distracting us from???

Kiki: πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ (NO THERE THERE ! !)

Mary C: They'll all be on Thanksgiving break Monday November 25th! One whole week, maybe they'll get served then.

Dora Tiscareno: TRUMP πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ...YOU HAVE MY

stonehillady: Heard trumps foodhandler is gravely ill, President went to Walter Reed, on Sat. they say they have poisons that act very slowly and they can totally depilate you in a few weeks. Pray folks, why couldn't it have been Schiffty and the others.

Cat Reinhart: The President was rushed to Walter reeds hospital Saturday with chest pain the report is they hit him with a beam go to David Hodges's report that they are going to black out internet and go after Trump please share if they find we know they will back off

Earl Meyer: December 11!!

Edward Bowers: I have been hearing that the IG report will come out the first week of December. Former witnesses were trying to make corrections to their previous testimony and Horowitz said no.

mark powell: Facts. What does that mean, never heard of that word. Signed Adam Schiff

Renee Peedin: WOW what a circus πŸŽͺ!!!! Waste of $ and ⏰

Mitchie Tyler: I am confused. Since the dems want to get an impeachment vote before the fisa abuse report comes out, why don't the white hats release it now? They've certainly had plenty of time to get their act together. I'm afraid maybe they're waiting to long.

My ShadowKungFu: Maria needs to get herself some lowcut V's.