Hero To The Republic For Which It Stands

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Christopher Kent: I think that every voter who voted for President Trump is a hero to the republic including. I am going to vote for President Trump again 2020. Dark to light. #WWG1WGA

Mark Potter: Who are AW & AJC??

All Well: Well done! An instant classic!

Corbin Hall: Trump train all the way!

Corbin Hall: Don't forget BCP. HERO to the Republic!

Ghost P.O.: What comes after [P]
Who has been the primary YouTuber keeping an eye on [P]ence
Joe Jones (Ghost P.O.)
Who received letters from the RNC asking if he was willing to participate in an electoral recount with his name misspelled
Jqe Jqnes
Post 836
Mission 6: Fiddler > Ghost-PRIME
I hope you are all ready


Traci F: Thank you for this excellent video. Your amazing have an awesome day. Love to the patriots and our hero's of this beautiful country. God bless the USA

Mitchie Tyler: Great video, Mike! I loved seeing our Heros!

Ted D: Nicely done Patriot.

zero2a100: Yeah guess what
People spewing left garbage are in fact left garbage .
We see clearly .
Your BB guns are down to 8 BB's.....left ...so shoot wisely......oh
An US patriots have the best armor.....military...an FULL ARMOR OF GOD !

Enthusiastic Gamer: Death to the Deep State for infiltrating every part of our lives and tricking us into believing slavery is freedom. They wanted us to work ourselves to death cause they wanted control and most of all. Fuck their depopulation agenda.

Lisa Rosamond: WWG1WGA!
Great video Michael. One of the best yet. Really appreciate the time and effort. And thank you for your service!
From Denver Co

SovereignMan Bryan Trent Turner: Made America Great Again!!!      #WWG1WGA!!!    Make -Keep - Made!!!     #BeBest
Honor/WARRIOR   =    Sovereignty NEVER Breaks, EVER!!!

                                                                                            BE BEST!!!               

Many have spoken of Health (sick) Care - Voter ID. Seek out Book/Reference Point = SOVEREIGN DUTY X
KrisAnne Hall - ISBN 9781499121148.                           Press: Liberty First.      See Quotes from Former Presidents+, et cetera.
Article 2 section 4.  This is what happens when one takes the "Constitution" out of "Law Schools." &   away from 'We, The American People.'  ...Justice shall be restored to We, The People.
Found reference source: "SOVEREIGN DUTY" 10 (X)  KrisAnne Hall!!!
Scanned ~ -I.17/33rds  full day since C-7/from comment yesterday ? spy my yesterdays post - "little-saint-James+."  <---Coincidence?
Babylon has fallen - #WWG1WGA!!!

Love & Kindness.






Think/Thank Creator God for Q+++. Yes 'We, The People' + "We Are United"!!!

Why & How did Q+++ become absolutely necessary?

Every single branch failed its duty to uphold the Constitution = We The People, all have to be rebuilt (underway).

We The People have a very special and divinely inspired ]]] FRAMEWORK [[[ to rely on to continue in our Honorable mission in re-establishing our Republic that has never been given a chance to work and now we know the reasons why.

The framers had "hard-won" wisdom to rely on in laying this/our foundation. These principles that our founders/framers/forefathers actually built America on were centuries in the making. We The American People have had the most significant blocks of TRUTH ripped from us - by design of an exceedingly [evil]-worshipping [Cabal & DS]. [They] made sure that We, The American People did not have or even know of these exhaustively detailed writings in Law.

Our power relies on one another but our true power will always be in what we rebuild our special and beautiful Country on, it cannot be shifting sand (we have seen the evidence of such an attempt, and almost didn't make it out alive) or maybe I should say In whom, we build our Country on, the rock of salvation. I called Him Creator God+(See Yeshua and The Messenger - Divine Spirit of fire/Lord to Quicken the soul).

Found Resource at: "SOVEREIGN DUTY X (10)"  (Lady) 'KrisAnne Hall' <-----bright clear mind  like Lady Kellyanne Conway???
Pure Fucking Evil will attempt to drag   O-P-T-I-C-S   to distract - Lets Breath, Pray, Kick Ass (We The People have eyes - ears+)+  [They] are counting on Honorable Barr being a Civil Officer???  Patriots are correct and N CONTROL ]]] FULL+[[[
Where Do We The American People begin? re: On June 28, 2012, the House of Representatives found Attorney General Eric Holder FUCKING - A - GUILTY of criminal contempt by vote = 255 - 67, because he wouldn't turn over documents tied directly to those "Fast & Furious" gun - running murders!!!  You may have heard of [Them]?

                                                                                            Thou Shalt Not Pass!!!

       This is where we draw the line most Honorable POTUS (You have executive powers and privilege), Honorable FLOTUS, Honorable Family, Honorable Administration & Honorable Board!!!  This is why [They] want Honorable Barr most Honorable POTUS/FLOTUS/Family/Administration/Board.  See Amendment 10!!!  It is We, The People's saving grace in this matter. We The American People see very clearly the plans of the wicked. [They] must be held here, as far as Honorable Barr or any Honorable Soldier!!! Active/Deployed or Active-Veteran/Homeland We The People will surround and embrace them from Private to General - Honor is the great equalizer, and [They] don't have it. To use a simile - like Guilt or Innocence!!!  We deserve to put innocent back into our terminology or remove innocence as an option all together (like it is/was now/yesterday)? If We The American People are not going to offer it then it can NEVER be accepted. Words matter, and I/We cannot think of many words as important as "Innocent," can We??? What are the unborn/new born???

The Bill for the "Bill Of Rights" has been paid.

Scrutinize please???

I/We love You Tiger and may the Good Lord comfort and sustain You as He walks with You through this realm together. May you not only feel the love of Yeshua but remember and feel the love of your mom and dad = they are with You most Honorable Gentleman Woods.

We Are At WAR!!!


I/We = You Have "Choice" And Nothing Can Take That Gift From God Away - We Choose Who & What We Serve = God or Satan, Good Love or Evil Sin. Nobody Can Make That "Choice" For We The People.  Choose This (everyday) Day Whom Ye Shall Serve.

                                                                                decimation = know your enemy!!!

Days to (FISA) Declass = You bet your ASS [DS] is Panicking = May You all burn!!! 

Q = We, have a very - very special seat in a special place just for you, unless you would rather stand (for a few seconds)??? We're gonna need more rope.

ThankQ for your wisdom and guidance for those that follow in your shoes Honorable POTUS for Honorable Behenna's Clemency - Mercy Fucking matters if/when ever available.

...And Justice For All - Amendment 10 (X) = We The People (first & last/final option - it's at the end of this Amendment for a reason).  See Amendment 10 (or the people), and then the exhaustive writings of the founders and return those writings to We The American People and We will/can insure/ensure that the travesty of our past will/can never be repeated, Please and ThankQ.

Respectfully, We The American People.

Enter soon - Huber, Horowitz+

[D] Party Cannot Have We The People = Militia rifles/shotgun (smallest of arms; My father left the to me)!!!
Specific reason = Protection of Family (Mother/Self).  I will stand/protect for/our land/home, Of course. 
Georgia Heartbeat Bill signed May 7, 2019. Honorable Kemp, great job Brian. FUCK OFF - FAKEWOOD!!!
Musk can be deadly, no friend of We, the people.

Patriots in ]]] FULL+ [[[ Control!!!

Look What America Is Speaking of Now - waiting vigil re-intro of Constitution back into mainstream. 'p-l-a-n-n-e-d'.
Act Congress = your employer's watching & listening.

DOB: 7-17-1968, 09:17, Atlanta(is), Georgia, Atlanta Georgia......IMF# 252-21-1100  =  Use and Go To Jail!!!

Define "Asperger's Syndrome+."

https://youtu.be/7JmprpRIsEY <----Mozart
Made America Great Again!!!  #WWG1WGA!!!      Make - Keep - Made!!!                 #BeBest

Evan Eichenberger: The sad truth is even our pledge of allegiance is kabalistic , a pledge is an allegiance to a feudal lord or the United States which is a British construct given to us as part of a treaty by the British king to provide us with a small amount of enumerated services, but this British whore took over America and now it is inseparable from the United States. We were much more free as trappers and Indians than letting these BAR lawyers of the crown run our once free country. I’ll take freedom over a golden chain around my neck any day.


Nathan Mark: Great refresher. Thanks.

Darrell Goodman: That bad smell is the Leftist Communists Demoncrats and I didn't know that 💩 💩 could be stacked up like that.

Mizzuz aWiggins: Dear God in heaven, I love this video! Keep the faith, Patriots....we don't quit! I We are Q and WWG1WGA. God bless all Patriot heros everywhere! We love you.

Ann Clouse: Awesome video man. I just seen another video about Joan Rivers daughter tweeting wanting to know if Obama murdered her h m m m m m m

Cheri Owens: You nailed it! Wow just awesome. So thankful for all of the Hero's that are out there, salute to you all. We are indeed watching history in the making, and I'm sure it will get worse before it gets better but when all of the truth comes out things should start changing. We will overcome what is going to come out.

Fire&Ice909: Since our enemy wants a war, let's give them one.

moonflower: Berry is the anti-Christ I knew it then and know it now and killery is his flunky their souls smell from rotting

Elaine Fontaine: I LOVED THIS

Howard Holeman: Amen Michael.

ciws1127 phalanx: Release the UNREDACTED report to Congress. 600 Federal Prosecutors aren't wrong. The candy Orange Circus Peanut (with the mind to match) will either be impeached or indicted after he leaves office in early 2021. His end is near.

Dave Williams: Nice job, Daniel, lots of work went into this.

James Halloran: The YT [email protected]'s have taken down/blocked 2 of your videos today. Hit me on twatter if you want me to help you get the videos out. Same name.

Jeanette Silvis: Michael...I hope you will help me out with this.
I sent Governor Kay Ivy of Alabama an emai today. Here is a copy of what I wrote her concerning Rep. Rodgers comments:
Dear Governor,
It appears to me that Representative Roberts has proven himself unfit for office. As the parent of a "retarted" son, though I do prefer the term intellectually disabled, I have serious concerns about Mr. Rodgers' ability to serve his constituency. Never in my life would I expect to hear an individual in American leadership mirror the comments and psychopathy of Adolf Hitler. This Alabama state representative stated...and I will paraphrase...that because an individual (Donald Trump, Jr.) holds views he disagrees with, that he is "retarted" and should have been aborted. As I am sure you know, Hitler murdered the intellectually disabled as they proved to be a drain on his socialist tyrannical global empire in the making. Representative Rodgers has proven, through his words and actions, that he cannot represent the needs of his most vulnerable constituents; nor, can he be trusted in a position of leadership. His comments were disgusting, and ripe with murderous intent. The take away from his comments were... retarded persons are not deserving of life. People who disagree with my opinions are not deserving of life. He has NO PLACE in any office where one swears to uphold Life and Liberty. He cannot be trusted to uphold the value and dignity of our disabled.
You must set in motion removal proceedings to eliminate this man's ability to represent Americans.
Thank you sincerely for your time and attention for my concern.
Jeanette Silvis

I hope you will join me...as I take a special offense to his comments and understand that the disabled are in desperate need of representation that cares for them.
Here are others you may wish to contact:
Rogers is a member of the Alabama Council on Crime and Delinquency, the Boy Scouts of America, and Alpha Phi Alpha. He has been on the board of directors for the Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Fourth Avenue Young Men's Christian Association.
I hope you will reach out to others for the benefit of those who lack a voice.
God Bless you.

pistachio nutmeat: Who are AW and WJC??

walk the talk: Blessings on You, Blue Eyes!!! You really do a Great Job on the graphics & music!!!

🇺🇸 WWG1WGA 🇺🇸

Barb Smigel: LOVE LOVE LOVE This, Mike~ Thank You!!


Alerde Pertian: Call me up.... baby..iee

Randall McInnis: Patriots turn now !

Lady Slipper: Dark to Light
God is on our side
MAGA 2020
The White Hats are in Control
Jesus is Savior of the world
Missouri salutes you, Mike.

blackfoot 6.5: The time has finally come to purge this king and queen BS... bloodline my azz..

Mustard Tiger: Let the HANGINGS BEGIN!!!!.

Sandra Van Lankvelt: Nellie O h r was working for the govt and fusion at the same time apparently collecting $$ from both ends amazing for sure.

Louis Collier: Good job!
We really don't care how often you post, as long as we are being educated.
Keep it up Patriot!
God Bless

Viper4 Gaming: To Michael and others at Patriot Hour. Im liking these types of videos and the ones you just narrate. Very powerful that way.....im really liking the style. All of you Patriotic youtubers should all be commended as hero's to our great republic!

Samuel Clayton: We got them by the short hairs.

roy rogers: Missed judge Janine Sarah Carter and Laura Ingraham

Torn80cj: 3:15? Tick Tock. Simply just a Movie? VHS? Weiner Lap Top Non Stop? How about a Q drop? Search "Alice" Search! Your Wonderland is going to be exposed. °°°[[[H®©]]]°°° Q+++

Roger Ram-Jet: That was another good one, thanks, God Bless America and the plan!

Reverend Christine: Like.

Robert Linder: I liked Nadler DC POLI-TICKS - he's a Tick-head as opposed to a D... head. Blood sucker is very suitable for him. This is Bob's wife.

rae balogh: Awesome you are getting real good at showing the truth THANK YOU ...WEG1WGA

Chooseyourownground: Really liked this video..... Thank you