HILLARY NEVER SAW THIS DAY COMING!! Ex Secret Service Just RISKS IT ALL To RELEASE THIS TO END Her!! Subscribe My Channel: ...


Kelyan Bell: Smoking gun you might say.....

LEC Elle: Bill & several ran and hid for 36 hrs after Trump won, and she went on a drinking brawling tirade. Pretty sure many things were broken. Her abuses, like Biden's, kept quiet until now for 30+ yrs. There's a killery dead list dating back to AR.

William O'Connell: She will not spend a day behind bars neither will anybody else don't you people understand that people in politics have more power than you and I will ever have

C Miller: Excellent title! Good luck with your book. God Bless you and your family. A man of Integrity and hoesty.
Hillary is still the problem!
But I don't think much about Cigar Clinton either!

Carrie V: When will the public learn about her satanic rituals and the pedovores parties? Both her and Chelsea wear upside down crosses.

Daniel Kahawaii: Amen. You factored. Cry Sis for your SANK, you worry, CITIES.[complete with broken BLUE vase, BLUE thong. and black and BLUE eye] LOL HA HA Hawaiian feeling THE REAL Byrne. Thank You and Godspeed Sir always ANON all ways IN our hearts ANON our prayers All my love and aloha to ALL I LIVE AND ALOHA where we go 1 we go all for God, Country, and Humanity.

JUDY MORENO: That’s why Hillary, is call The Wicked Witch👹 of evil. Thank God🙏she is not the president.

Robert Ihme: Glad she never got back in that whole family is nuts

Buck Browning: The Hammer will fall heavily upon the Treasonous Leftist Rats..

Ricky Jett: I'm surprised he hasn't committed suicide yet.

iBiana Doubt: Crisis of Character, indeed.

Alexander Afxendiou: All satanic society members can't repent and all satanic society members go to the lake of fire for eternity ETERNALY DEPRIVED of everything except pain suffering TORMENT torture's and foul oder hahahahahahahahaaha

All Clones synthetic Humans Androids robotoids organic robotoids in vitro babys test tube baby's aka soulless chakraless abominations created by demonic cloning technology either cease to exist or go to the lake of fire depending on the kinds of energys they accumulated LOL good riddance to bad rubbish

Meaning that so called ex secret service agent is still going to the lake of fire if not already there from being executed in secret and replaced with a soulless chakraless abomination ha

Dan Roley: Fox and Friends of Fox..maybe you can behave well enough to at least get Mr. President Trump to be fair to you in the distant future...maybe

Ricky Rick: He will suicide himself real soon .