Hong Kong Has Become a Prison

While the rest of the world has been distracted by the coronavirus pandemic outbreak from Wuhan, China, the Chinese Communist Party has ramped up efforts ...



Nem Gam Boi: well hong kong is a part of china, just poison those Democrats

Bryon Allen: All people was protesting all over the world till this plandemic cam around killing the same as the common flu that somehow stopped killing people.....

John Kelley: Freedom is not free.

Shrikant Shinde: It's 2047 already !

jhgj: Lots of BS here. Let's see if anyone removes my comments here despite the freedom of speech. LoL

Graham Vermish: Corinavirus was released to distract the world from the HK uprising and the populace Taiwanese leader too. Its always been the plan of the evil dragon.

Life_as_a_handicap: I criticize the despicable CCP every waking moment of my life. The vile Chinese regime should annihilate itself from the face of the Earth!!! It's obviously overdue!

Definitely needs to instill autonomy in Hong Kong this instant! Hong Kong is Hong Kong, same as Taiwan is Taiwan!! No SANE individual on Earth will want to have any connections with the detestable China, notorious for everything bogus!!!

Carrie Lam keeps licking CCP'S ass, wondering why she isn't getting infected by the CCP virus!?

yoorana rai: Bat pangulien thing was aswome..πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Rich Haupt: And just think here in the US we have Bill Gates , George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and many other fine individuals who believe they should control the world as they see it. Look who was invested in that lab where the virus originated.

Rich Haupt: I said all along the Chinese government was using the virus to do what they have always done without bad publicity.

Ruturaj Babar: You cannot be found on search tab.

Strength: Dear God, HK need your holy army!!!

Sgt Falcon: YouTube is the future mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China.

zycane: China uses Coof coof to completely take control of a region.
No one's even surprised.

Shadow Moon: New York Has Become a Hell of City . Yes because of the perfect President . Great Job Trump .......

Jason Specht: "China Uncensored" also is never shown in my autofilled recent search history (though accidental typos are), and the Autoplay feature almost never links to another China Uncensored episode.

shantanu sawant: This reporter sounds more annoying than Chinese exploits

Dean Tsou: Hey Chris, great show. Have you guys considered locals.com?

Wocky: Time for the globalists to end.

A B: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚love the sarcasm

MarineRX179: CCP: Advocating "harmony and peace"

Translation: We will blend anyone and everyone to our will through bribe, intimidation, threats and violence

holio: Google is tyrannical.

mansoor zameer: Down with ccp

kenji angeles: China is a fake liar and bully country ..

OverEasy Mode: Mao was the worst thing to ever happen to China. Death to the CCP.

chitranjan kumar: Free hong kong .hong kong should be independent

ocean west: bro , i always get auto unsubed from ur channel , youtube playing tricks

Vincent J: Free Hong Kong, people of the world. Don't let China destroy Hong Kong.
Please... πŸ™

Mukund Nanda: Fuckoff china fuckoff china virus

Ty Ranny: When you said "authoritarian regime" I thought you were talking about LA's mayor Eric Garcetti.

Alexandre: I wonder how Gokunaru is doing right now

Van Nguyen: Ivel cary lam tilpic

yinky: Wow what a propaganda. How much do you receive from the US spy or cia or whatever call liberty/democracy thinktank?

Justin00704: Hong Kong people don't give up democracy!

youngsu lee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlIj50ilzJQ

Brian Wong: Thank you for always being accurate!

B. Carlsen: At least the virus held off the wholesale slaughter of the population of Hong Kong. But, it's coming.

Kevin Lee: Indeed we are living in a big prison as a HongKonger, still having a little bit more freedom than mainland China. If you act friendly to the HK police, you can physically harm those who anti-gov. Police force would not arrest you but the protestors. We have had enough experience in trusting their lies, especially one country two systems where they have agreed under the Joint Declaration. Please distrust the Chinese 5G networking, distrust business suspicious with CCP's surveillance, speak out loud to disclose their lies, especially the CCP virus.

Protests, acts and voice against CCP are prohibited here in HK. Internet and media are our last window to shout out our wills. What we want is simply freedom and human rights.

East Star: HongKong should be declared as a independent country by US the Un is a fake organization......

tommy d: I thought it always was a prison


gwn: I can't imagine being in a position where you can see your expiration date so clearly.

Susan Hout: What is very bad, is America is doing the same thing now to its citizens, the evil dictatorship in control, plan another pandemic and want the same people in control of viruses and vaccines to do testing and cures - it seems both countries are under control by the Big Pharma communist NWO, and most mainstream news are so busy pushing fear tactics and playing partisan politic agendas while they heist the American economy and head toward blockchain and AI mind control, if humans dont stand up against this, they will become mind controlled slaves controlled by the evil rich dictators that can use humans as lab rats for ever

SK Chan: The problem is, China failed to keep their promises every time but no one cares to punish them! British is another party who signed the joint declaration, but they don’t care to stand up to China for hkers.

SV: The left is controlling Hollywood movies being china friendly , youtube needs us to be china centric too ?

Rexson VEVO: I still didn't get any notification about this video

SV: IF ccp were to take over hong kong eventually , make sure they get nothing !!!

SV: Hong Kong Freedom fighters might need to resort to terrorism against the the ccp terrorist regime.

SV: Only the world can strip off china's asset worldwide and stop them from becoming more brazen.