Hosts of 'The Five' thank fans for 8 years on the air

A look back at some of our favorite moments from the past 8 years. #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business ...


Karen Rehardt: Love you guys...even Juan, you bring a nice balance that doesn't make us look intolerant of other ideas...heres to another 8 🎉🤘🥰 good job guys.
Trump 2020 🥰🤘

GLENN Moto: No I don’t think they need to get rid of juan they just need to get rid of that poor ugly girl on the end

Tina Carson: Wow it’s been 8 years now.. 😳
Time just flies by the older I get.
❤️❤️❤️Love this show❤️❤️❤️

Retro dealer 64#: I hate that make up where in.Little Richie looking thing.

Michael Cortez: Juan Williams is a millionaire, congratulations.

sam singh: Congratulations...but this was pretty cringy

KINGxxMEAT KINGxxMEAT: I love this show I hope I'm watching the five until I meet the father! Thank you all!! Even you Juan!

Sam G.: Don't fire Juan like all these people are suggesting. We need our views to be challenged, else it will be just a big circlejerk.

Clayton McClain: Congratulations fantastic 5.

Frank: The 5 would be very watchable WITHOUT JUAN ......if I want negativity I would watch CNN ( where Juan belongs)

Minivan Traveler: Awesome show!

Angela Frazier: THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Happy Birthday Guys!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Captain Obvious: Who the heck watches this show? I can't stand Juan , I bet I haven't seen 5 episodes

wayne mcclory: Please keep a live split screen camera on Juan constantly so we won’t miss anything ! It’s so funny to catch his expressions as he learns something new (the truth,Facts) every minute of the FIVE ! Seriously he must be the best actor in the world, because no ones that Stupid.

Timothy Dardar: Can't wait till they kick Juan off the show then we will have something to celebrate

Iam N.: Attention, Citizens! Fake News will not televise this event! 'Gratz! 5 💫

The guy that shot drake The guy that shot drake: Yes celebration 🎉 of 8 years lying to goofy Fox News viewers

Danny B: Emily's legs, WOW!

gratefuljr: The 5 Morons!


Suzanne Nall: I faithfully watch the FIVE every day. I truly love the show, but I have managed not to throw a shoe through the TV because of Juan—— he is a nice man, but I he refuses to give President credit for anything. LOVE Animals are great!! I wish sometime Eric and Bob could be on—-/ miss them!❤️

NightIIJester: Congrats guys! whispers ditch Juan cough cough. Nah he's "entertaining" for his counter (reality) opinion.

Pyrolight: Listen Juan drives me nuts at times too, but quit pissing on him. Without him is would be a conservative echo chamber. It is amazing Fox is willing to have someone who actually has opposing views unlike CNN and their "Republican".

Fox is the best because they are not all a hive mind. Never wish for that to change.

Joey Chapman: I miss Kimberly Guilfoyle she was thick

Chuck Reid: Won't watch until the Rubber Faced Black Contrary Bastard Juan ... is Gone....!

c g: Juan and Jesse should do a segment called J-Dub brothers.

Dan Rode: 4 nitwits against 1 person. Yippeeeeeeeee!

Duke of Norfolk: It’s official, I’m totally crushing on Dana now! Just saying.🇺🇸

TheGOPforlife: The Five is unwatchable, just can’t listen to all the Democrat talking points and very tired of Dana having it both ways all the time with her opinions leaning left. Never hear an original thought from anyone on this show.

dandsw97: Congrats 🎉

David Adrian: Juan Williams: Guess what! 😂😂

johnhalley974: Great work folks...Love the 5

ramms mutter69: If you want to thank us. Stop the left take over of FOX News.

Notmy Cupoftea: Happy Anniversary to the gals and guys of the 5!
🌹🍰☕ 🌹🍰☕ 🌹🍰☕
🌹🍰☕ 🌹🍰☕

Taylor Curtis Braz: I know that you enjoyed having my viewership. You're welcome.

mme duvennet: Okay Barbie Perino the beach blond hair I can see that you had it done since yesterday my question is how does your hair not fry and fall out with so many lifting products I know what I'm speaking of as I do hairdressing 4 stage Productions your hair is gorgeous but I have a feeling there must be some extensions in there this isn't a criticism it's just an observation most clients could never process their hair as much as you do

Cecilia Heyl: ditch juan!

Akinlolu Oderinde: Guess what? The most disliked of the five; scrub that. The only disliked of the five is the only one thanking the audience. Kinda ironic?

bruno 416: great!! now can juan...

Dan Russell: Juan has to go

Peter Rezba: Happy Anniversary .

Steven: Not especially funny

Steven: Fake cake drop

Georgia Jawaid: Happy anniversary to my favorite show, "The Five." Makes me happy to see all of them, especially Greg Gutfeld & Jesse Watters.

Michael Baucom: To those griping about Juan: yes, he's an asshat, but that is his role, the leftist foil to the moderates/conservatives on the rest of the panel, otherwise, it would just be another run of the mill panel show. The show is designed to cause friction. Now, a different leftist to replace Juan? You'd only get one even more irritating, in all likelihood.

P-Impmon: IMPEACH Trump

Almost Lancelot: The ninth year will be here before we know it! Please do us all a favor and give your loyal viewers the best present possible for birthday number nine by firing Juan Williams.

Esteban Henriquez: Congrats, guys! Out of all the Fox News shows, both The Five and The Greg Gutfeld Show, are my favorites. Here's to 8 more years to y'all. 🤟🏼🇺🇸🇵🇷

Jerry Metzler: Lose Juan

None Yourbiddness: Lol even a cringe gabfest beats cnn.....