How Hong Kong and Anime Won Taiwan's Election

Tsai Ing-Wen and the Democratic Progressive Party has won a historic landslide victory in the Taiwan election, defeating the much more pro China rival Han ...


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Holly Word: Long live Republic of China.🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼

2fresh2funk: As a disabled American man who has been manipulated and tricked to be in China supporting a Chinese woman I appreciate you Taiwan

bee lotus: Hong Kong is part of China.🇨🇳🇭🇰
Taiwan is Republic Of China.🇨🇳🇹🇼
No matter what kind of hearsays it's the facts.
Taiwan DPP will not always be the leader of Taiwan. It's not permanent.

Milan Rloto: No to One China Policy from Philippines.

Nero Valquel: Pffttt.... here in the philippines, china dosent need to do anything big since our very own president is selling our country bit by bit.

Albert Moore: "Comment failed to post" Is the site being hacked? I'll try again, skipping much background.
PRC should humbly beseech the Republic of China to annex it.

The Republic of China knows how to run a country and get along with other nations. PRC doesn't. As an interim step, PRC should cede Hong Kong to the Republic of China. This will bring peace to Hong Kong. Am I wrong? Ask Joshua Wong. Perhaps a closely supervised plebiscite on the transfer should be held in Hong Kong. The parties should review the process of West Germany's annexation of communist East Germany when the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) failed.

If PRC won't go along, pull the plug on its banks and watch its economy go straight to Hell. Trump might be hesitating to do this for fear PRC will lapse into civil war among many warlords. This would not be unprecedented. But it's worth the risk. The Republic of China could take the lead in reorganizing China bit by bit. Tibet and Hong Kong might become independent or truly autonomous. The Xinjiang Region might become independent or unite with nations like Kazakhstan, with which it's culturally compatible.

Bully Boy: Not sure her being progressive will be any better.

Mr. Pancit: Anime: I have the high ground

cattry: please support or donate to HK protesters every bit helps

Princess Marlena: Whew! 😅

Aleksander: 6:20 seeing the isekai shows of the last few years I'm not sure if that's a joke or an actual game

Grace Collins: The combined populations of HK and Taiwan is around the same as Canada, too significant to ignore. Even HK's population is larger than any sovereign African Country and all have their own UN representation.

JamesThe GAMER: Anyone else curious about the anime?

Moonねむ: Finally

Abhay Chandra Singha: Thks supporters of this channel

Roff: Literally nobody:
Taiwan: let's create an isekai anime to overthrow china!!

WanderAbroad: Fascism “We killed 20 million people”
Communism “watch us kill 100 million”

Derp Fox: Did they just used fucking Isekai as campaign

Death watch: What! A world without my beloved Pooh bear?!

Dipa Abraham: Taiwan should not forget how they Ancestor FIGHT COMMUNISM in mainland china.

Lance The King: how hong kong and anime-
hold up
well then
us Filipinos
weve got the power of God, Anime, Kpop, Memes and Tsinelas on our side (slippers)

Dipa Abraham: Kill Commie

Sinha Sahab: China will come after Taiwan now...

Gensan Geek: Wow isekai is really the way.

David Kermes: Funny, I didn't see or hear anything about the Taiwanese election from the vaunted mass media. I guess the Chocolate ordered them not to report.

Sergis: That fucking Anime game title is too damn long just like MOST of japanese light novel title.

Kuro Styx: i feel bad for kuomintang

GameFuMaster: 4:47 great way to destroy trust in the public that actually likes their freedom.

TheCoolCarhd: You made my right hear deaf,let me switch to my left ear now - That was hillourse.

Shroud Dragoon: All thos with power gear to lose it and will do everything thay can to keep it.

Cc C: While the Chinese people are distracted, hopefully president Xi can successfully eliminate all dissenting voices in the ccp and transform it into his obedient servants and turn China back into a dynasty just like ancient times so he and his sons can rule over China for a thousands of years! Long live emperor Xi!

epic gamer: As a chinese in the us I am very happy that hongkong won

dan lo: patron sucks

Paul lantz: Thank y'all for supporting this channel

ballisstix: The kmt helping the ccp. How is the irony lost on these people.

Cookieschreiber: Do not trust China. China is asshoe

Ivan Karamazov: The Russians hacked the Taiwanese election.

Mertcan Erdem: Sided as always.

Catholic Monarchist: Unironically restore the Monarchy in China and get rid of the commie and democratic scum.

Daan Schlüter: Pretty sad how the Kuomintang is now shilling for the CCP

Theresa Burgess: Thank you!

Zenbeach Traveler: Hong Kong protest started because some guy killed a girl in a hotel in Taiwan. Was the Hotel at least not a cheap hotel??? Imagine how sad the revolution started, a little murder.

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Real Angel: Down with China CCP!Fu*K China communist party!China is Capitalism for the privileged.

Cre8-Health - Hollywood Health Coach: Chris you’re awesome because I’m also called chris

Decebal825: I wish we had Democracy in Australia too

Matej Games: The power of weebs is getting a bit out of hand

Tiamat's Chosen Daughter: I hope the Philippines take notes. Economy and political wisdom of the country is long gone, in fact its completely dead.

Andrew John Young: Thank you all