Howard Kurtz on media coverage of impeachment process

'MediaBuzz' host Howard Kurtz breaks down the media's portrayal of the Democrats' impeachment process versus the IG report.


Timothy Ryan: Enjoy the Impeachment trumpTards- Youve Eaned It for sure..

Nicki nurse: If trump is not removed from office, our democracy is over. The facts are indisputable that he has broken many laws. He has admitted to it. If he can admit to crimes but not be removed, he is a dictator. And every cultist, who loves "HIM" more than America shares responsibility in destroying our country. Shame on all of you. Reality check: Trump's business resume: This does not at all include his criminal record.
1991: Trump Taj Mahal. (Bankrupted)
1992: Trump Castle Hotel & Casino. (Bankrupted)
1992: Trump Plaza Casino. (Bankrupted)
1992: Trump Plaza Hotel. (Bankrupted)
2004: Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. (Bankrupted)
2009: Trump Entertainment Resorts (Bankrupted)
2015: Trump international golf club In Puerto Rico (bankrupted)
2019: American farmers( bankrupted)
Trumps FAILed businesses:
Trump airline
Trump ice water
Trump the game
Trump casino
Trump magazine
Trump mortgage
Trump steak
Trump travel site
Trump comms company
Trump tower Tampa
Trump university
Trump vodka
Tour de trump
The New Jersey generals football team
Trump on the ocean
Trump network
Trump radio show
Trump media
Trump foundation (fraud)
American communication network( pyramid scheme)
Now United States of America

Melody Shingara: The Dems imploded their own party lol replace them with the Independents!

Adam wiggins: So is it obvious to the public who the Deep State is now⁉️
All these news companies who are blatantly lying have MAJOR skeletons they’re trying to keep in the proverbial closet.

wattsup1004: Let's Make America DemFree Again.

Jonny Rambo: This week’s script.....nobody is above the law even the president......dickheads...Hillary shills..

paul castle: The Dems actually believe their own B.S. , 3 years and the TDS is so deeply embedded.

Joe OConnor: Partisan impeachment is a farce and is political bias

kyzercube _: McConnell's statement taken WAY out of context. These articles of impeachment are by default DOA. The real question is whether or not McConnell and the Reps want to do exactly what the Dems did to them in the House or just straight up DOA it. THAT is what McConnell was referring to when saying his decision and the President's decision will be the same.

J S: Time to rid America of the Democratic Socialist party forever !!!!!! Especially the criminals in the media !!!! Ship the disgusting libturds to china for the good of America.....

Steve Quayle Podcast: Big victory for trump in 2020.

bobothecreepyclown: A reasonably balanced, if carefully edited story, and maybe Kurtz has grown a pair? Perhaps he too despairs the dismantling of the Republic by the Trump crime family.

Tuxedo Cat: I predicted many institutionalisations in Nov 2020

Perpetual vera Dapaah: I have no respect for this Tobin guy, he gets a girl pregnant and forced her to have an abortion.


Macca: The holes are getting deeper for the corrupt Democrats

Ronald Dumb: Boycott US and Russian social networks!

Blue -eyed: One of the few honest reports Ive seen by Kurtz.

27GTD: When you see excerpts of lefties like Toobin you know that they are downright LYING

kulik03: How about Fox' coverage of the impeachment hearings?

OH Yeh!: we are witnessing the dying quiver of the democratic party 2020


The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump: FAKE NEWS CNN HAS EXTREMELY LOW RATINGS

The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump: FAKE NEWS CNN, MSNBS JUST LIE 24/7

Bob Beckel: Fox News completely ignores the new media: One America News Network, News Max, The Daily Wire, Epoch Times, and many more. Now why is that? Why is it in Fox News interest to ignore the up and coming competition? Fear? Denial? Cowardice?

Trueminati: Left Twitter thought they where going to win in UK lol

North of the Rio Grande: Media and Democrats funded by the same organizations. What happens when you find out that both are funded by foreigners?

GrammaG1863 Henry: How about this..delusional Demonrats impeach a innocent duly elected President in a communist style hearsay with no truth, facts or evidence no crime just politically biased opinionated fools while their delusional complicit propaganda media was their cheering section.

roselyn rajoo: Something is fishy here, You Tube video has low entry comments! Sue CEO Susan Wujkcici for blocking conservatives comments.

Alex Cooke: They call it the Clinton news Network. Back when Bill was saying I didn't have sexual relationships with that girl.

Just Angie: I called it. Mainstream wasn’t going to air or heavily edited it! I seen someone post today “The swamp is being drained and the alligators 🐊 don’t like it”

Todd Schroeder: Bad sick people including Howard

ge45ge Called: if you want a sample of capitalism, just look and listen to the dem's in congress, and globalism would be worse

Eric Zahn: Here's another talking to tell you what to think. You Redhats sure do require a lot of direction.

Robert 420: Somebody call me a doctor

Master Blaster: Whenever I see a villain in a movie I see a trump supporter. They are everywhere a dumb and so brain washed by fox news............God hates trump supporters.......

RABID CUJO CRAZY: to view document is not a problem with the following document. If you have any questions or concerns please visit the security logs.

Robert 420: If those snowflakes ever showed up at my house they would melt before they even got to the front door so Sally that's your bad luck

Ina Mart: Going nowhere.

David Adrian: The Fake News Media is the enemy of the people

Caped Crusader: 01:18 Liberals are not leftists for fuck's sake. They are the enemy of leftists. Everyone has conflated the two so hard that i don't think it can be fixed. Stop calling liberals leftists, its a dirty, filthy insult.

Caped Crusader: Nice cuspids. I like a girl with prominent fangs. It's a good combination of dangerous and cute.

The Sober King: Anyone else just watching this for the comedy

Make Racists Afraid Again: Trump *


G Sh: I was unhappy with the last stream of the full day with the sound and video glitches and the cameraman zooming in on the faces of others than the ones speaking.

Black Sheep: We cant let the party of hate and division get away with the damage they have caused over the last 3 yrs... dont skip this vote people

Dee Smith: Trump 2020

Jose Duran: The IG report conclusion was an effort to white wash the FB8 and the DOJ. The whole report lambasted the FBI, with the truth and corruption in its ranks a5 the top.

R D: DO NOT TEXT TRUMP 88022. Automatic cel phone wire tapping.

R2D2: "cycles of a nation"
History provides a road map of where the US is heading

It takes around 200 years for nations to complete this sequence:

1. from bondage to spiritual faith;

2. from spiritual faith to great courage;

3. from courage to liberty;

4. from liberty to abundance;

5. from abundance to complacency;

6. from complacency to apathy;

7. from apathy to dependence;

8. from dependence back into bondage.

BY: Dr. Ignatius Piazza